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CampEasy is a leading camper van rental company in Iceland, offering a range of well-equipped and comfortable vehicles for an unforgettable road trip experience. They are known for their innovative approach and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

When you choose to book CampEasy through Northbound, you're opting for a supplier that consistently receives positive feedback for their quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Northbound's strong partnership with CampEasy ensures a smooth and hassle-free booking process, enhancing your Icelandic adventure.


72 total reviews

71 reviews for CampEasy

Verified reviews from our customers that rented a car from CampEasy

Submitted 06. Jun 2024
It was a great experience!!!
Anna-grace rented a vehicle in June 2024
Submitted 26. May 2024
It was fantastic. Camp Easy were very friendly, and helpful in getting us all set up. Also the support on the journey was welcome. Vanessa at Camp easy who checked us in and out was very helpful
Morris rented a vehicle in May 2024
Submitted 03. Jun 2024
Unbelieveable experience. Everything was as it should have been and more. Highly recommend!
Andrew rented a vehicle in May 2024
Submitted 10. May 2024
Enjoyed our 8 day camping trip around Ring Road! The only bummer was the WiFi not working that we really could have used at certain points.
Kaely rented a vehicle in May 2024
Submitted 12. May 2024
Very Good
Nice campervan. Missing the cruisecontrol.
Thomas rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 20. Apr 2024
Best Price for a Camper van and a car rental that a coule find on the web
Anais rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 15. Apr 2024
Staying and driving the 2019 Volkswagen Transporter from Camp easy was the best best car rental and accommodation experience that my girlfriend and I have ever experienced. The process in working with both Northbound and Camp East was very professional, to the point, and easy. The quality of the van provided was very nice and the time spent exploring Iceland was made very convenient due to all of the descriptions mentioned above. We would definitely recommend this experience to anyone.
Zachary rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 29. Apr 2024
My trip was amazing and the van was a big part of that! On a previous trip to Iceland, I had rented from a different company and that van and rental process was inferior to Camp Easy in many ways including the interior layout and quality of build as well as the tires and dependability of the van itself. Camp Easy provided everything I needed and their process was straight forward and done with honesty and integrity (no hidden fees or shady issues upon return). Northbound sent emails updating me on road conditions and high wind areas to avoid as I traveled for my two weeks which I found super helpful. I will definitely be returning to Iceland and intend to use both Northbound and Camp Easy when I do!
Holly rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 18. Mar 2024
We loved it! Everything was great! The kemper was well thought out and really comfortable for sleep.
Janis rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 12. Mar 2024
Silas rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 09. Mar 2024
Great service and easy booking
Marek rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 05. Mar 2024
Francesco rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 26. Feb 2024
Honestly, we were blown away with the services provided compared to the money we had to pay. The including of extra bedding, the tablet and just the amenities of the camper itself were an amazing value. Especially considering a lot of other companies are charging add-on fees for these items. (Especially something like that tablet). The staff was also very knowledgeable about the camper’s capabilities and conveyed everything we asked about very well. Amazing experience. Your company really made it easy for us to travel Iceland and the tablet really was really impressive. It could find literally anything we wanted to see, assisted with camping options and with contract information for everything. I’d recommend your company to anyone going to Iceland for a camping trip and, if we come back, I’d go straight back to you. Thanks very much!
Damian rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 22. Jan 2024
Everything was perfect
Glenn rented a vehicle in January 2024
Submitted 05. Jan 2024
Perfect car .. hyper convenient…very good service .. amazing welcome. I wish in vibrer I had some tire chaînes in case of strong ice like we had
Gregory rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 19. Dec 2023
Winter hire, great campervan based on a VW T5, I booked the Clever 4x4 X , X meaning 'experienced' i.e. an older van with more miles/ wear and tear, however you couldn't tell honestly, it was perfect for solo and would be great for a couple! The leisure battery and diesel heater was perfectly sized for the van, an hour of driving every day kept the battery topped up and the heater running all night (which was essential in the Icelandic winter). No electric hookup on the van, which I never felt I missed honestly, but if you were going for a very low mileage holiday or were staying on a site for a few days you may want to bare in mind. I slept great every night! There was one minor defect on the van, the main cabin heater direction switch was not working so I couldn't defog the windscreen 'easily', but with a bit of a wipe and a preheat it was fine. The defect would have been resolved had I reported it during my trip I have no doubt as the customer service was excellent! Everything else, booking, shuttle service from and to the airport, opening hours for pickup/drop-off etc was all exceptional, very slick and polished operation. I travelled with my parents who hired from Indie Camper and honestly CampEasy were night and day in comparison, that's not to say Indie Campers were bad persay, just couldn't hold a candle to CampEasy's polished service. Highly recommend.
Christopher rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 20. Dec 2023
Excellent vehicle, near new, perfect condition and well equipped for a good trip. Was seamless service from northbound and camp easy and the trip was fantastic. Thank you. Would use them again
Toby rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 26. Nov 2023
Very Good
we really enjoyed or trip and the veichle was perfect. we only had problems with the sink pump (it stopped working after 2 days) and maybe more different pans would be useful to reduce gas consume (at the end we were near to finish it). Btw our experience was really good, your support was quick and precise, we hope to come back one day. Have a nice day
Alessandro rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 29. Nov 2023
We were continuously amazed by how well conceived the VW was setup, except for one thing, which made me wonder whether I was haunted by a VW curse from the time when I traveled with a 1972 VW Camper whose heat exchangers were not working too well: It seemed to me that the heater was not installed in an optimal manner (unless there were other considerations I was not aware of). Namely, there were two blower outputs into the cabin, and they were both located under the bed, one of them directly directed at the back door, which must have had very nice and warm nights! I would have been more efficient to have had a prolongation of the pipes carrying the warm air towards the front and have the outlets towards the sliding door. This way, we would have benefited more from the warmth that instead was partly wasted on the back door and the underside of the bed. It was especially critical the last night, when we were in Fossatún and the temperature went to minus 9. Again, other than that, it was a fantastic trip for us, thank you!
Betina rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 13. Nov 2023
I’d like the car, simply, but a bit smaller then I expected. The car has some experience, but still in very good condition :-) Staff of Easycamp was soooo nice, friendly and simply awesome. Thx for that!
Vojtech rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 17. Oct 2023
I originally went through northbound as a third party supplier for campeasy as they let you put down a deposit and pay the rest at a later date. I could not be happier with this company and will 100% chose them again. CampEasy was also an excellent company to work with, the van was comfortable, cozy and was perfect for our 2 weeks in Iceland. Customer service from northbound I cannot fault, they literally replied to any email or request within minutes.
Molly-jane rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 24. Sep 2023
The camper we rented from Campeasy was perfect for our needs. The vehicle was well maintained, included everything we needed, bedding was very warm, heater worked well and the ability to cook inside was a great perk. The ability to plan your trip online and have it uploaded to the tablet included with the rental made it very convenient for navigation.
Clive rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 06. Sep 2023
Nestor rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 31. Jul 2023
Isabella rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 28. Jul 2023
Good vehicle,the safety switch on the clutch pedal is not working or there is none wired in the vehicle starting circuit. I know , us automatic transmission driving people need to be trained but it’s a little modification that would be great.
Andrew rented a vehicle in July 2023

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