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Submitted 19. Sep 2023
My experience with Northbound was very satisfying. The car I rented was good enough and did the job where we needed it for which was getting us to Reykjavik and driving us safely through beautiful Iceland. Nothing more to tell about the car itself. I would recommend Northbound to other people because of the service that was delivered by them. I had never rented a car before so for me it was stressy to go through procedure of renting a car. But Northbound assisted me very well before and during my trip to Iceland. Nothing but love and appreciation from my side to you Northbound.
Gert rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 18. Sep 2023
Hello Ivar, I have been fine with the car i Rent. Everything went well so far. Hope no surprise afterwards. Bless Bless
Daniel rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 16. Sep 2023
It served the purpose i was hoping it would. Durable, comfortable and safe. I was never worried when driving on any road.
Lukas rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 27. Aug 2023
Very Good
The pick up of the vehicle was great. But the drop off little bit complicated as we were there on Saturday and didn't know what to do. So we left the keys in the post box, hopefully it was ok. But on the post box there were no single sign that of Key Car Rental (we saw it only abow the door). There were other rental companies and the boxes and they were labeled. I would recommend to label the post box and send this in the instructions. Vehicle was ok except there were no water for the washers and on reflector on the right side of the car was falling all the time. But overaly speaking it was fine. thank you Br Petra
Petra rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 27. Aug 2023
Very nice car rental! Just good all the way. Great car and good service, just how you want it to be.👌
Niklas rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 22. Aug 2023
The car was fun to drive and worked great on the gravel roads in the west fjords. The rooftop tent was really easy to setup and surprisingly comfortable and did a great job of keeping the light out making it easy to sleep. Bed Linens were mentioned in the rental overview but nothing was available when we picked up the car so we had to go and rent a sleeping bag.
Niels rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 10. Aug 2023
The car was great and good communication from Northbound. The pick up and drop off were not seamless due to Keycars offices being new and unsigned, and also them not telling us they would be closed when we dropped off (not a big problem, there was a key drop) but would have been good to know.
Paul rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 11. Aug 2023
Tommaso rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 19. Jul 2023
No Wifi, even though it was requested.
Marcos rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 01. Jul 2023
Very flexible service when to pick up and leave the car.
Per rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 21. Jul 2023
The pickup and drop off experience was the best I have ever had. First class! When I return again to Iceland, I plan to book with you again. Thanks for the great service!!!
Christopher rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 05. Jul 2023
Everything went very well with the rental. The car ran fine & was in decent condition (very clean but with a few minor scratches). The agent was flexible about the return place which was changed at my request. Overall, I would recommend this agency for car rental in Iceland. Thank you.
Nancy rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 07. Jul 2023
Florian rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 15. Jun 2023
thank you very much for renting a car, everything was super.
Dmytro rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 30. May 2023
Excellent condition for a vehicle with 190000km on the clock!!!
Phil rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 16. May 2023
Everything worked fine. Extended the rental period easily. Good customer service. Car worked fine, although first time I’ve have a rental car with 152.000 km on the Odometer… Impressive. Super value for money!
Jarl werner rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 16. May 2023
This was an amazing rental experience - our flight didn't arrive in Keflavik until after midnight, and all the car rental offices at the airport were closed. The rental agent from Key Rentals arranged to meet us at a Flybus stop outside Reykjavik where we could collect our car, despite the late hour, and he was super responsive to all my questions during the lead-up to our rental. The car performed beautifully around the Golden Circle, down to Vik, and through some mountainous terrain en route back to Reykjavik. I had zero issues, and moreover, it was super fun driving a manual transmission (I've never owned one, just had a little experience with a friend's, and the whole thing was a cinch). When the time came to return the vehicle, an agent met us curbside at airport departures two hours before our flight. Could not have been more convenient, and I really feel like we lucked out! I choose to rent a car on a whim, not really knowing whether driving ourselves around Iceland was the right move, and in retrospect, I think it made all the difference - we had one of the most wonderful, memorable trips, and in my opinion, having your own car in Iceland is the ONLY way to go. Will definitely rent a car for future visits, and definitely rent from Key Car rentals when I do! Thanks again.
Aaron rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 14. Apr 2023
Very Good
The car was confortable and really good for the type of roads in Iceland
Ivana rented a vehicle in April 2023
Submitted 09. Mar 2023
The car was delivered to us at the airport which was nice as it was cold and very windy. The car was clean and as advertised. We were able to stay in contact with our agent via text / phone to coordinate drop off. The whole thing was very efficient. Would definitely use your company again.
Roy rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 07. Mar 2023
It has everything needed! Comfortable car for long drives and a nice setting!
Ivan rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 09. Jan 2023
Everything is good !
Szymon rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 14. Dec 2022
It was a bit strange that the car's RPM was going up and down while in neutral. Contacted an agent and calmed me down about it. It was not a problem, but it would have been better if this was not a thing at all. Apart from this our experience was all great with the car and the customer service as well. I contacted both Northbound and Key car rental while the renting period and got a quality solution/answear really quickly. It was also great they communicated with eachother when needed, so i could get a proper answear all the time. We are satisfied customers.
Horvath rented a vehicle in December 2022

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