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Submitted 06. Nov 2022
On the techincal side one issue that we experiencied was the lack of insulation. Both the walls and the roof got covered with water drops everyday. Therefore, every time we drove the water fell and got everything wet. Also was very unconfortable to move and stand as we got our heads wet. Also, the gas deposit was 2,5/8 when they gave us the van, and as half deposit is requiered for the heating system we had to change our plans in order to find a gas station and fill It. This time loss was incresed at the pick up (30mins delay) and at the kevlavik Office. At the Office we asked how to open the bed and had to wait while 3 different persons tried to open it (we were lucky to have asked because they did not gave us this information, they gave us the van in a huge rush without explaining this basics and would have been a problem that night). However the main issue that occurred was that one of the staff lost her personal phone and asked us to call her through our personal phone but didnt find It. We found It that night and spent many time that night and the next day calling and trying to Contact the Office to let her know. At the end she contacted us to our personal email through her own personal email, which is illegal according to GDPR general data protection regulation and totally not acceptable. We demand an economic compensation or will consider taking legal actions. We look forward to your replay, Best regards, Arkaitz Olabarriaga
Arkaitz rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 04. Oct 2022
the car it´s a little old but it works perfectly. The things to put in the windows for de night are broken. The system to make the bed it´s very good and the rest of the vehicule was ok.
Carlos rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 26. Sep 2022
Very Good
We named our camper van Big Red, since we can always spot it in the parking lot during our hikes. Big Red served its purpose of getting us from one location to the next safely and provided us shelter from the diverse elements of Iceland. It has the basic of everything that we needed during our 2 weeks rental, except a knife to help with meal prep (did a quick stop at IKEA and that was that). The minor annoyances that we had with Big Red were that the sliding door is difficult to close properly because the curtain will get stuck between the door and car during closing (nothing a hair clip/rubber band couldn’t fix), whereas the front passenger door does close but the sensor kept beeping to tell us that it’s not. Last minor annoyance is Big Red’s love for AHA’s “Take On Me” because it always plays my playlist from letter A whenever I connected my phone to it. That song has become our trip’s theme song for Iceland.
Victoria rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 16. Sep 2022
Overall it was a great experience however photos indicated there would be a fridge, no option to add a fridge in the additional extras so I assumed a fridge would be included and it wasn't. I found the booking process very unclear and difficult to understand exactly what was/wasn't included. On arrival the camper isn't issued by wild campers themselves but a company that issues vehicles for multiple different rental agencies. When I asked about the fridge they couldn't help me. On return there was only one person working. It took an hour to get the van checked in and us to the airport which was much longer than expected. Overall the van was great, great way to see Iceland and would highly recommend but a few things need to be fine tuned.
Sophie rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 15. Sep 2022
the car worked great for us. we didn’t do much cooking on our trip so we just drove and slept in the car. it worked great. loved the experience.
Genci rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 12. Sep 2022
They dont have dacia camper and finally we drive and autocaravan for the same price and was amazing experience! The only thing to say iys that be careful with limit of credit card, in spain is 3000€ and this company needs 3700€ so the only way to take your car is that you have to book insurance 39€/day more in order to pay 2700€ in your credit car.
Aitor rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 13. Sep 2022
I was not pleased with Wild Campers. The pickup at the airport was great, but once we arrived at the rental facility we waited over an hour to start the rental process. Once we got the vehicle nothing was explained to us on the operation of it. As we were trying to get things figured out we discovered that neither the 1 USB or the 1 automobile auxiliary power outlet worked. After reporting this to the staff prior to us leaving, they gave us a different vehicle after about another hour. The power outlets worked in this one but we had to try 3 different wifi hot spots before we got 1 to work. That was supposed to hang by the cord from the radio. We never did get the GPS to work, but maybe if it was explained to us we could of used the device we were charged for. Good thing we had smart phones. While on our trip we discovered that the air vents would not switch from defrost to any other position. The vehicle was missing the rear wiper arm. The sleeping bags were only rated to 60 degrees fahrenheit, and the cooking stove was not the one pictured. The wifi hot spot worked spotty at best, we used up many hours trying to connect to it every day. When we returned the vehicle the person then showed me that the horn is on the arm left of the steering wheel, and you can control the display in the console with the one on the right. This would have been useful knowledge on our trip to gage the mileage between gas stations. The blinds covered the windows about 50%, and no ventilation system. The drop off took around another hour to complete. I'm glad I got there an hour prior to the time I had booked. I don't blame this on Northbound but on Wild Campers.
Michael rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 12. Sep 2022
The camper that we received was a Ford Transit and it wasn’t manual as we payed for. The distribution of the camper wasn’t good for a living and the doors didn’t work well. The only good thing was the heating, it worked perfectly all the trip.
Maria rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 11. Sep 2022
Tomasz rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 17. Sep 2022
The van is a good size to sleep comfortable and the heating for the nights is perfect. It’s a pity that when we picked up the van they forgot to give us the linen,fortunately we had our sleeping bags. I had to ask for the cutelry,they were included in the price. The van was very dirty with some sauce in the car pockets,so we had to stop and clean the van. When we brought the van back they asked me where the linen that they gave us was,I told the man that nobody gave me any linen and I had to ask for the cutelry. He said that the boy that gave me the van was 18 years old and he was a student,and that humans can make mistakes. I don’t think it’s a good answer.
Egidio rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 06. Sep 2022
My friend and I picked up the van on the 27th at around 10:30 and left the office at around 12 o'clock. The extra pack of insurance was very well explained which made me and my friend consider it and so we bought it. We requested an upgrade for a Mercedes but unfortunately it was not available. When we got to the van that we were given, we were very disappointed and very worried about our comfort (since we were staying with it for 10 days). The employer who took us to the van had no knowledge of how anything works, not being able to explain anything. As we were eager to start our trip, my friend and I concluded that we would be able to figure it out on our own. The first night, when we checked into our camping place, we noticed that there was no way we could block the windows in order to have some privacy. There was only a piece of fabric that we had to tuck in some place. The box with the basic tools for cooking was not in condition: the pots and pans were not adequate, there were no lids, the pots were too big for the camping sized heater and it would constantly fall off. Later in the evening we found out that the heating system would start as normal, but after an hour or two would simply shut down and not turn on again. I called the office on the 28th where I explained the heating system situation. They told me that where I was located had no mechanics available, only in Hoff. So I said that as soon as we arrived there we would call. We arrived very late, so we knew it would make no sense to call. On the 29th, in the morning, we called the office and after an hour the mechanic, called Svenn, arrived and the first thing he said when he saw the van was that he saw the van a couple of days ago and that it needed replacement. He did say that the problem could be resolved temporarily by keeping the gas tank above the "half tank"full. I also took the opportunity to complain about the side door because it wasn't closing properly and the wind was coming through. After that, we left Hoff. We did as we were told and only turned the heating on with a full tank of gas. It worked but only for half of the night. The next night we tried again and the same thing happened (again with the tank always full). We called the office in the morning from Hgalteyri explaining the situation and that we would like to see a mechanic about the heating system, as the nights were really cold and uncomfortable. We did not get any answer. Nobody contacted us. Like we had explained in the office on the first day, we had limited time in Iceland and wanted to make the most of our time there. During the day everything went fine, but in the evenings it was unpleasant and not enjoyable at all because of the cold. We arrived at the office on the 5th of september where we explained the situation. My friend and I were very disappointed with the service provided and the lack of attention given to the problem. Again I would like to express my discomfort and the lack of quality of the van, given the price paid. In total we paid 1844,80 € for 9 nights, making it 205 € per day. At this price we expected more confort, especially at night. I would like to know, given the fact that it was in your knowledge that this van was not in conditions, and that we were fully insured, why we did not get a substitute car. I request some kind of compensation for the very bad and cold nights we had during our stay. Again I would like to give some attention to the equipment in the van. A broom, cloths to clean the van and proper pots and pans are very important and necessary when renting a van. Working curtains are a must.
Marieke rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 12. Sep 2022
The motorhome served it's purpose, but it was just "OK". The emergency break on the motorhome did not work at all, which was dangerous when parking in a couple of tourist areas. The grey water drain constantly leaked no matter how we turned/tightened it. We paid for linen for 4 people. We got 4 pillows, 4 blankets, 4 bottom sheets. When we returned it we were told there should have been pillow cases and duvet covers...that would have been nice. None of the latches on the above cupboards worked, and only half of the curtains were there. So like I said, it served it's purpose, got us where we needed, and didn't break down...but the motorhome we had definitely was showing a lot of wear for the money..
Heather rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 27. Aug 2022
the worst rental experience of my life with wild campers. The vehicle was almost out of service: completely damaged, no additional thermal isolation, the gaz heater did'not work, the tires were dead, we had to come back during the stay to have them changed. This led to perturbate our stay a lot, but we received no refund so far. Also the emplyee at the reception was arrogant and impolite.. Only one employee when we had troubles was correct.. So in summary they provide bad value for money, but more important the vehicle was really dangerous to drive... So our advice: NEVER rent there if you want a nice and safe trip in Iceland. Talking to the other campers, there are rental companies like happy campers or ku ku campers which look much more serious and reliable.
Jean-charles rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 30. Aug 2022
A notre arrivée, la personne à qui nous avons eu a faire s'est montré très désagréable et a insisté pour nous faire prendre une assurance très onéreuse car il a déclaré que ma carte n'était pas valide pour le dépot de garantie alors que je l'ai utilisé de nombreuses fois dans beaucoup de pays sans problème. Heureusement que ma femme a une carte PREMIER qu'il n'a pas pu contester. Après des explications très sommaires sur l'utilisation du van, nous avons pris la route. Le lendemain, nous avons retrouvé le pneu arrière gauche complètement dégonflé. Avec l'aide d'un résident du camping, nous avons réussi à mettre la roue de secours (les écrous étaient rouillés et bloqués. Le garagiste qui nous a changé les pneus nous a dit que c'était scandaleux de louer un véhicule dans cet état et qu'ils auraient pu éclater sur la route a tout moment. D'autre part, le système WIFI mobile qui était prévu n'était pas dans le van, nous n'avons donc pas pû utiliser l'ordinateur que nous avions amené. D'autre part, les portes latérale et arrière ne pouvaient pas se fermer de l'intérieur, ce qui nous a obligé toutes les nuits à nous faufiler par les portières avant. Heureusement, aucun problème mécanique n'est venu s'ajouter à cela malgré nos craintes. Le retour s'est par contre bien passé, la personne qui s'en est chargé ne nous a toutefois pas adressé la moindre excuse pour ces dérangements.
Jean-luc rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 24. Aug 2022
When we arrived for our 8:00am vehicle pick-up, our vehicle was not yet ready, and there was no alternative option available. We ended up waiting for about 4 hours and leaving at 12:00pm which meant we almost missed our scheduled whale watching tour in Reykjavik. The website reservation said that the vehicle included “pillow and linens” but at pick-up, we were told that the sleeping kit was not included. We managed to convince the staff to give us sleeping bags for “free” but there were no pillows. Other than that, the vehicle itself was great and had an electric heater which we used at night while we slept. Consider purchasing through Wild Campers or Kuku Campers directly since Northbound seems to be a 3rd party site.
Matthew rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 26. Aug 2022
It was a good experience, the car worked 100 % through the whole journey and we had great service at the pickup point.
Martin rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 23. Aug 2022
Elliot rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 31. Aug 2022
We did not receive a Mercedes Vito in the end but a Renault Master. It was a bit unexpected but still a nice campervan with a lot of space inside.
Julian rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 20. Aug 2022
It was a bit tight and it didn't fit both our 20 kilo suitcases. But nonetheless it was a very enjoyable trip.
Erika rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 22. Aug 2022
Terrible experience, we are still trying to get some kind of partial refund. The motorhome was in terrible state. Shower did not work, beds and wardrobes broken, 2 safety belts unusable (hopefully we were only 4 people to use the vehicle), grey water deposit imposible to empty, therefore ususable... and many more things... Now the company is "ghosting" me!!! I please ask Northbound to solve the issue and contact Wild Campers to get to an agreement as we have used for 10 days a motorhome as a "CAMPER" (no shower, no tap...) I believe it is the fair thing to do. [I have paid more than 6000€ for 10 days BROKEN motorhome, so you have an idea of how UPSET I am] @Nothbound, you have my email, please contact me to solve this issue. Thank you
Pablo rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 19. Aug 2022
Unfortunately, the vehicle was in terrible condition (heating system did not work properly, interiors falling apart etc.). The (negative) highlight came at the end, when a door handle with apparently preexisting was claimed to be a new damage after finally coming off on the first day - never again!
Daniel rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 23. Aug 2022
Our Campervan ran like a champ. We had small issues that were resolved right away. This is a bare-bones Campervan but it worked great. The gas mileage was pretty good. The customer service was excellent.
Bridget rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 16. Aug 2022
La camper estaba mal acabada, de una manera muy poco profesional. No tenia cortinas, el aislante de la puerta se salía continuamente, la calefacción del motor del vehículo no calentaba, la bombona del gas no estaba llena, el parasol estaba totalmente roto, la tabla de la cama no tenía ventilación y el colchón se quedaba húmedo cada mañana. Y además estaba sucia por dentro, con restos de basura de clientes anteriores. En definitiva, el acondicionamiento de la camper y las condiones, una chapuza. Nos parece un precio muy elevado para una camper en esas condiciones.
Amaia rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 08. Aug 2022
It took over an hour to sort pick up with very long queues at the airport, initial van was ok but broke down with starter motor that failed on day 3. So we lost half a day getting a better replacement. Staff were ok but not as friendly as many others we met on our trip around Iceland. A very cursory run through of the van
Kirstie rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 12. Aug 2022
The car was ok to drive and sleep in. But for your reputation something must bee done. 1. The bed-sheet must be washed, (-ours was used before....) 2.Could not open the side door from outside. The rails need lubrication. 3.The heater difficulty to start (success only 2 of 7 days). 4. Curtains of the side door was holed because of the door lock. The curtains too long. 5.The curtains at the backdoor was not hung up. The wire was not there.... 6. No fuel on the tank when we start the tour. You said it was filled up, and was to be delivered with a full tank. We did so, but no money back for the "extra" tank. 7. Loose metal bars on the floor, must be fixed. 8. The sofa cushions very dirty. - but otherwise everything was ok......
Eivind rented a vehicle in August 2022

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