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Submitted 13. Aug 2020
Perfect little Aygo, took us all the way up to the north and back. Perfect service, left my wallet in the car at delivery, locked it and threw the key in the box, but within 10 minutes I was helped out . Much appreciated and well done.
Monique rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 22. Aug 2019
Good service. Quick. No issue at return.
Amelie rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 22. Aug 2019
Gervais rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 13. Aug 2019
We were not informed, that our booked car was not available due to an accident they day before. We got ‘slightly’ smaller car for 40€ less. But the smaller car was too small for our intentions so we asked for a swap. We were offered a bigger car in Reykjavik Downtown. So we had to re-arrange all our plans to get the car. The new car was a Ford Kugar in a very bad shape!!! Front tires extremely worn down to a minimum (which I told on return, but the assistant only asked if it was flat, if not, there wasn’t a problem). Seems like there is no rain, no wet roads, no aquaplaning on Iceland? The whole car was squeaking form inside. The fuel usage was enormously, 11l/100km while normal driving at 90km/h maximum! Half a fuel tank lastet for about 150-200km. Rear brakes where squeaking and making scratching metal noises also a lot. We choose intentionally a local rental company to support local rental companies. Never again Geysir Rental!!!
Frank rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 26. Aug 2019
We had a Ford Kuga Was alright, enought space and easy to drive.
Rahel sarah rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 17. Aug 2019
Our experience was very good. The procedure to take the car was quick and easy. The car was ok and we had a very good trip with our Nissan Qashqai. The only problem we faced is the fact that we could not find Arctic Car Rental offices (despite the fact that the name appeared on the shuttle bus that took us from the airport) and we were told that is now GEYSIR. We advise you to inform customers about this change. Moreover I want to say that your price was very competitive.
Federico rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 25. Jul 2019
It was ok. One problem was that a building taking care of arctic rental did not have "Arctic" sign at all. So, it was a bit confusind to find right building. Car was a bit weared, it had engine Light on and something was maybe loose in front suspension. But, car was a budget car, I guess, so kind of ok for me as I am very experienced person with cars. Someone else could complain...
Tomi rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 05. Aug 2019
The car was very good. The right choice for the highlands.
Jens rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 30. Jul 2019
Jiri rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 15. Jul 2019
I was overall happy with the customer service provided and I ordered an I20 or equivalent but I received a Fiat Panda which in my mind is not an equivalent car to an I20. Much smaller. I raised this with the person who served me to be only told it was an upgrade! Service and communication was good though so my only negative comments was the car I received which in my mind was not an equivalent.
Kevin rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
Great customer support and service on my recent rental from Attic Car Rental. The car was exactly what we requested, clean and full of gas. Everyone was super friendly and and the pick up and drop off process was quick and efficient. I'll be renting from them again on my next trip to Iceland.
Jordan rented a vehicle in June 2019
Submitted 23. Jun 2019
Hi, we were satisfied with the car, and the service.
Jacqueline rented a vehicle in June 2019
Submitted 08. Apr 2019
Efficient and good value. Nice car in good condition.
Kenneth rented a vehicle in April 2019
Submitted 14. Mar 2019
We had an upgrade to a Jeep Renegade instead - it had everything we needed (including a heated steering wheel!)
Claire rented a vehicle in March 2019
Submitted 24. Feb 2019
Overal it was a pleasant experience and we are very satisfied with the car and friedlyness of the staff, the hand over of the car and the return of the car was quick and easy. A few points to improve: At the airport you cannot see artic signage on the noticebaord where all the rental car company are listed nor had the shuttle bus driver any idea where your company was located only after we enquired with several people. By that time the bus was full and we where left out in the cold and had to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus. Another annoyance was the orange wrench which showed up when you turned on the car together with another sign. I asked your staff and they mentioned it need some service to change oil at 31.000 km and the car had only about 23.900 km. Later when we checked the information booklet it said it was the tire pressure which we could not reset nor do it at the gas station. Either they didn't have the the tool or it was looked somewhere. We where a bit worried as we drove through isolated roads and areas. It would be nice if your staff would fix this kind of problem before rentign it out or hand out another car to your clients.
Agnes rented a vehicle in February 2019
Submitted 18. Feb 2019
Actually was a dacia duster. No snow tires.
Carlos andrés rented a vehicle in February 2019
Submitted 20. Feb 2019
Renting through Northbound was not only less expensive than any of the other rental companies I found in Iceland, the vehicle was great, the staff was professional, and the entire process was convenient. I would absolutely recommend renting through them and will 100% be renting through them on my next trip to Iceland. Thanks Northbound!
Patrick rented a vehicle in February 2019
Submitted 15. Feb 2019
Excellent! Pick up to and from the airport was quick and easy. Staff were quick and friendly . We would definitely use them again
Nicola rented a vehicle in January 2019
Submitted 15. Nov 2018
Northbound and Arctic Car Rental were both great. I’d read hundreds of reviews from people having had horror stories with car rental companies around Keflavik airport and I honestly can’t see how that could have happened. Our experience was seamless. Arctic were professional and great value. Northbound provided a great rental comparison service and I will recommend this method to everyone. Only minor comment is that the Arctic Car Rental logo doesn’t show up on the many signs around the airport, only on the shuttle bus itself. However, they share an office with (or are possibly a subsidiary of) Geysir so just follow those signs instead!
Adam rented a vehicle in November 2018
Submitted 17. Sep 2018
Not Good: - The checking of the car must be improved before leaving it to customers. It is not normal to get a car with a tyre completely out of order. In our case, a tyre exploded 1 day after getting the car. It happens as we were at low speed, but it could have been much more dangerous at 90 km/h. We saw with the garage manager that the tyre was was really very worn. Good : - web site for booking the car - organization to get and return the car - agreement with garage in case of issue.
Herve rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 26. Aug 2018
We rented two Dacia Dusters for a week. Both were good cars andere Ideal for Iceland. We rented at Arctic. Good to know the pick-up is at the building from Geysir.
Sander rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 17. Jul 2018
Hello Runar Thor , I am very pleased that I was given the opportunity to express my opinion on the subject of car rental from a company ARCTIC. First of all, I thank the company that allowed us for the same amount paid to take the car earlier in 3 hours. I was supposed to take the car to the central bus station, but the landlady where I rented an apartment helped us call the company and it turned out that we would get the car elsewhere in another company called GEYSIR. On my first reservation I asked for a vehicle from the last two years and got a car with a mileage of 132,000 kilometers in my estimation a slightly older car. When I received the car I asked 2 first requests that someone would come and explain to me about the car even though I had an active license for the past 48 years and second thing I asked for an address where to return the car at the airport. When I left the city in the direction of our trip, I noticed an orange light on the central display, and since I was not a mechanic, I was a bit frightened, but since the bulb was orange and not red, I continued the trip until the evening we arrived at the town Hella. The subject of the orange bulb gave me no rest and with the help of the hotel I was in, they called the company and the company said it was a sign that the car should be treated soon. I think whoever gave the car should have let me know. In addition the car made noises in all kinds of places, because in my opinion I got a relatively old car. The trip ended after nearly 2800 km we were happy that everything went well with the car, because we were a little worried throughout the trip, Geyser gave us the wrong address to return the car in the field, but thanks to another rental company that helped and called where to return the car. We returned the car at the airport 25 minutes later, to our delight we received confirmation that the vehicle was OK. In summary: Apparently you have to pay more for a good new car. Please note that the people who give up the vehicle please do not send the renanl alone to the car, but always accompany the renanl to explain to mention the defects, because it shows a serious company that cares about the renants.
Eli rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 04. Jun 2018
It was fine, just what we needed.
Joanne rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 27. May 2018
Elrick rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 24. May 2018
Actually i didn't get the Suzuki Grand Vitara, instead we did get a Toyota RAV4. But it was a great car, we were able to go anywhere we wanted without any problems.
Joris rented a vehicle in May 2018

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