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Submitted 21. Sep 2021
Overall happy but a couple of warning lights came on during my rental. Car seemed to be due for a thorough service. Blue were good to deal with.
Trevor rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 14. Sep 2021
Agris rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 19. Aug 2021
Seamless service with a quality car!
Melissa rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 18. Aug 2021
Excellent experience with the car. It would have been helpful having some more explanation on the use of 4w block on the roads and please check wipers of car before renting because it is very important for a safe journey.
Elena rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 08. Aug 2021
Our car was a bit of a beater - scratched and dented all over the place, and the plastic covering for the trunk latch had broken off, exposing the mechanism. Also, what we thought was a stain or hardened resin on the windshield. It was a little off putting. I'd paid nearly $100 a day on the most budget option, although I knew car rental prices had skyrocketed.. Still, it worked and we had no mechanical problems. The Aygo is a small and feeble budget car, so we stayed on the main roads and drove conservatively. Seats were also quite uncomfortable, but in the end it worked fine for us. The gas mileage was good, so we could save on gas. Check in was fine, but Blue has a system I'd never encountered, where they tell you to take photos of any damage, then can discuss afterwards. This was a bit strange - especially because, as mentioned, the car we got was damaged on multiple areas. So we took photos of everything we saw. I actually asked if they wanted to look with me, given all the damage, but the check in woman said no, it was fine, just take photos. The return experience was the worst I've ever had. I've rented dozens of cars over the years, and have never had a problem. When we returned the car, the woman at the desk did an inspection... And that stain we saw on the windshield turned out to be a rock chip. It had been there when we picked up the car, but then they claimed we had caused it and insisted on us paying about $544. Since we didn't realize it was damage, we hadn't taken a photo on pick up. Obviously, since this wasn't out fault, we argued. It turns out they themselves never noticed or documented the broken trunk, so had to admit they hadn't done a thorough job themselves, and we didn't end up paying. I'm not sure if they were trying to scam us, or if they were careless, but either way Blue car rental is terrible, and I will never deal with them again if given the choice. They have a predatory business model where they try to find undocumented damage afterwards and charge massive fees - see other reviews on tripadvisor.
John rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 14. Jul 2021
All was good for our trip for a part of 4 on the Ring Road. Easy pick up in Reykjavik after two days in the capital and return a week later at KEV airport, saving cost of taxi to airport. JP - July 2021
John rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 14. Jul 2021
Excellent experience. Blue Car Rental had the best prices, and there were no surprises. The shuttle pickup at KEF airport was prompt, the staff was friendly and helpful, the wi-fi device worked perfectly for navigating, and things couldn't have gone more smoothly.
David rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 18. Jul 2021
The car was great and the customer support from Northbound was excellent. They went the extra mile to make sure everything was great. Amazing customer service.
Luciano rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 23. Jul 2021
Unfortunately, the vehicle needed maintenance on the radiator leaked. We called Blue Car Rental they wanted us to stay put until they could find a mechanic to look at it. When they could not locate a mechanic, they authorized us to move on with our plans. We had to refill the radiator regularly during our trip to avoid overheating.
Warren rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 09. Jul 2021
Our rental car treated us well.
Karen rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 04. Jul 2021
IT was absolutely pleasure to deal with this company as matter of fact they upgraded our car to suv for no extra charge
Benjamin rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 02. Jul 2021
We ended up with a relatively new Kia Sportage instead, which was great, but the experience with Blue was flawless. Little to no wait and their friendly reps explain driving in Iceland thoroughly, even mentioning the lone toll in the north. The windshield was cracked on the passenger edge, but it had already been documented. Excellent car and support for a reasonable price.
Ron rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 22. Jun 2021
Great & efficient service at Blue Car, the car it self was as I expected for its type & age. Return transport service to terminal could be improved especially during poor weather!
Stuart rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 22. Jun 2021
Excellent service, car was exact model that we paid for. Much cheaper than your usual U.S. car rental companies, and you’re supporting a local Icelandic company. Gravel protection included and is a must for driving in Iceland.
Laverne rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 16. Jun 2021
John rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 20. Jun 2021
We had the best experience with Blue Car Rental! Getting our car took at most 5 minutes, so quick and efficient. The car was so nice and clean. It drove great! No problems at all. Just a wonderful experience.
Jamie rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 26. Jun 2021
This is hands down the best car rental company in Iceland. They were very friendly, no hard sell on insurance ( yes, you should get at least the Ash and gravel as well as sand if they recommend it.) Great communication when we wanted to extend our rental for an extra week. Just emailed them and they said no problem, emailed back an extra contract for a great price, and we were set. Easiest rental ever. Will definitely use them next time.
Angela rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 08. Jun 2021
Good car, very good mileage.
Rajesh rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 06. Jun 2021
Easy to pick up and drop off and the duster drove well and handled all of the difficult roads that we used it on. The auto all wheel drive mode worked well when we needed it! Not the fanciest of vehicles but it worked for what we needed and the price was very reasonable.
Craig rented a vehicle in May 2021
Submitted 18. May 2021
Second time using Northbound and first time using Blue. Everything went seamlessly; car was excellent and service was smooth, even during COVID. Would highly recommend and will certainly be a repeat customer.
Halley rented a vehicle in May 2021
Submitted 22. Apr 2021
Uncomplicate, kind, walking-distance to the airport.
Gabriela rented a vehicle in March 2021
Submitted 29. Jan 2021
Kirsten rented a vehicle in January 2021
Submitted 29. Dec 2020
All went very smoothly with Blue Car Rental. Our car was upgraded, and we were able to change the drop off location to Reykjavik (from Keflavik) for no additional cost, which suited our plans much better. Very pleased.
Kit rented a vehicle in December 2020
Submitted 02. Jan 2021
Hey the Dacia duster used was just perfect for us, Clean, comfortable easy to drive and cheap! I need to rent a car once a month in Reykjavik so I will do it with Northbound again! Thank you
Rudy rented a vehicle in December 2020
Submitted 10. Nov 2020
Amazing experience and amazing car. There was a small issue about blue car couldn't find me in the system and i had to wait longer. But i was given a better car so im happy.:D
Martin rented a vehicle in November 2020

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