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Submitted 11. Dec 2022
It was great. It had everything we needed from a car at a great price.
Graham rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 10. Nov 2022
Tha car is perfect to travel in Islanda
Elena rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 07. Nov 2022
Outstanding service. Collected from the airport immediately, car was in perfect condition and very easy to deal with staff. Will use this service again.
Daniel rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 24. Oct 2022
Perfect. Everything worked as planned and detaiked in the booking instructions. Couldn't ask for a better service than this! Car was awesomne too!
Guillermo andres rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 17. Oct 2022
Was upgraded to an automatic Toyota RAV4. Which we enjoyed. It did have a few annoying features, although they’re obviously nothing to do with you. I would have liked to have been told two things on pick up. Firstly no-one explained what to do in the event of an accident or breakdown. Secondly how to use the N1 fob. We obviously worked that out for ourselves, but it would have been nice to have it explained prior to leaving. Everything else was excellent. The car was clean. Staff at Lava were friendly and efficient. Would definitely use again.
Graeme rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 23. Nov 2022
When I arrived the 2017 Dacia Duster was not available, so I got an upgrade and this was excellent - a 2022 Hyundai Tucson Plug in Hybrid. The service was also excellent and I know, where I will book my car next year. Thanks a lot and till next time!
Jutta -antonia rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 13. Oct 2022
Hello got a Suzuki Vitara for the same price instead of the Dacia. was fine for me. It would have been a small briefing with the most important functions nice. Unfortunately not getting. Since I get along very well with other cars, it was no problem for me. But not everyone is as interested in cars as I am and then has a hard time with another car.Otherwise I was very satisfied with the car and price. In my opinion, what absolutely needs to be changed is the tyres. One day there was a snowstorm and the Vitara had summer tyres. In my opinion, all rental cars should be purchased by your company with all-weather tires. The tenants drive safer. And there should be no difference in purchasing. Greetings Christian
Christian rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 15. Oct 2022
The car was great! We didnt get a dacia duster but an Suzuki Vitara(?) which was an upgrade for me since it was an automatic. The only deficit was, that the USB Port was kinda loose. We used it to navigate via Android Auto but it kept disconnecting when driving over just little bumps. That was kinda annoying. Other than that, we had a great Time with the vehicle!
Martin rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 22. Sep 2022
Cuando dejé el vehículo se me obligó a pagar una sanción de 35.000 ISK por fumar dentro del vehículo. En ningún momento lo hice, nada más un par de cigarros con la puerta abierta mientras tomaba un café. El precio de la sanción, justa o no, me parece desproporcionado, teniendo en cuenta además que entregué el coche en perfectas condiciones y lo cuidé como si fuera mío. Absolutamente desproporcionado. Fue imposible conseguir una rebaja en la sanción.
David rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 04. Oct 2022
Thanks for a great experience in Iceland with the Dacia Duster rented via northbound. We got a good car - a few years older made it cheaper for us, but it worked perfectly. The Dacia Duster was the perfect car to explore the highlands with several of easy and medium river crossings and also slept over in the car (as we both are only 1,75m long). Pick-up and drop-off (including the transfer to the rental company) were really easy. We would definitely choose northbound again. Thanks!
Kristine rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 21. Sep 2022
The car was designated for inspection and had to be rechecked shown trough a green number on the license plate. Also there were some issues which were not speaking well of the rental company.
Felix rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 24. Sep 2022
The car was okay. It’s the cheapest 4x4 you can get. So don’t have to high expectations and the car will do what it has to do. Only thing I didn’t like while driving the car was that it really pulls itself to the right side of the road. The wheels weren’t properly lined out.
Youri rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 13. Sep 2022
Smooth experience, nice car and helpful staff. All you need when traveling away from home.
Nolwenn rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 24. Sep 2022
Pneus usagés, mais pas que (portière qui fermait mal, signal lumineux de mal fonction, capot mal fermé, 260000km au compteur...). Nous avons crevé rapidement et ce cas est évidemment non couvert par l'assurance. Au retour, malgré la preuve de pneus trop usagés, il nous a été dit de faire une réclamation par email, sur lequel bien évidemment il nous a été répondu que la crevaison n'était pas prise en charge. Ne pas louer chez ce loueur si vous envisagez de rouler sur des routes F en Islande, si on vous donne une voiture comme la nôtre, vous êtes quasiment certains de crever. A l'inverse, pour une utilisation sur route uniquement, pourquoi pas, mais la sécurité de la voiture laisse à désirer.
Kevin rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 10. Sep 2022
everything perfect. Thank you
Christof rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 28. Aug 2022
Everything went very 🙂, Lava rental was perfect and a dacia duster is a great choice to drive true Iceland.
Edwin rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 30. Aug 2022
Actually rented the Suzuki automatic, which was great
Randall rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 19. Aug 2022
Adrian rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 17. Aug 2022
Still waiting for an answer to the problem we had. We got a nail in one wheel and not only did they never give us any solution and we had to renounce to several excursions in our trip but for our astonishment they charged us for a new wheel
Enrique basilio rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 19. Aug 2022
Gian maria rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 04. Sep 2022
Worst Rental Car in Iceland 2 hour wait at the agency to pick up the vehicle. Vehicle broke down with a displayed autonomy of 200km remaining, no assistance despite the insurance paid. Vehicle with a hydraulic cable problem, non-functional handbrake downhill, twisted steering wheel, non-functional headlight, water infiltration in the car when it rains. We had to drive 4 hours to change vehicles at our cost. We were the first to arrive at the agency to drop-off the vehicle, and the last to be taken to the airport, we almost missed our plane. I will not recommend this rental.
Ilan rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 15. Aug 2022
Everything worked just fine. The car had no problems at all luckily, and the customer care was super: I was answered pretty quickly to all my requests via email and I was sent all the necessary info. The shuttle service from and to the airport was right on time. I would definitely recommend this rental car service.
Enrico rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 07. Aug 2022
economic and efficient car for the routes in Iceland. thank you. Pierpaolo Testoni (Italy)
Pierpaolo rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 03. Aug 2022
Ralf rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 01. Aug 2022
Everything was great, car was used but clean, ran perfectly. A few scratches and dents, but we were in island! When we picked up the vehicle only had a half a tank of gas, so returned it that way, and know issues there. Truly a hassle free experience, would use again, thanks for making exploring your beautiful country a breeze!!!
Corey rented a vehicle in July 2022

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