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The van we hired was decent for the price. There was an issue with the heater on the first van that we had due to the leisure battery not holding charge, but this was swapped for another van and we were not charged for the repair of a tyre that was punctured in exchange for the hassle which was a reasonable compromise.

Stuart from United Kingdom
Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

Perdimos mucho tiempo en nordic camper. Mala comunicación entre ellos y ustedes. No aparecía el alquiler.
Al final se solucionó enseñando yo la reserva. Por lo demás todo perfecto

Oscar from Spain
Traveled to Iceland in Nov 2018 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

Great trip in the Dokker! good efficient service our heater broke down one night and we called the office late at night, then Robert arranged a mechanic to fix it the next morning he was very helpful.
A few negatives, the car was not taken great care of we had to go to the Dacia dealer to buy windshield wipers because they were very bad and dangerous to drive,There was a constant engine light on the dashboard, the mattress was dirty and covered in hairs! i would suggest washable covers, And a lot of light gets in when camping i saw other company vans had curtains maybe a good idea... hope to be back

max from Ireland
Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

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The 10 year old van with a strong engine and enough space when the bed is open, was all we needed for our 12 day holiday end of september in Iceland.
The red Renault van with the text "Happiness is a way of travel not a destination" was very recognizable in all the touristic places. Several people took pictures of it and started talking with us also because they saw us frying fish or making coffee the day before. We even had followers. When we stopped at a desolate place, some of them thought there was something interesting to see.
All together, my husband and I had a lovely holiday.
I must say that the car has a steering wheel vibration, now and then we had to put back the rubbers on the doors.
Thank you for your service

Marcia & Hubert Draulans

Hubert from Belgium
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a Renault Trafic Camper

Hi, my two person Campervan was fine. I enjoyed it very much. I had a problem with the heater on the last two nights, but this may be due to it being the very cold, start of winter. But I would recommend Northbound to my friends and family.

Karl from United Kingdom
Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018

We went down the road about 20 miles into the city, put the brakes on and the rear brakes were metal on metal. Real bad. Brought it back and your staff was real understanding and gave us a camper. Started bad and ended great.

James from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

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Nordic campers is an amazing car rental company. It provided us an amazing experience in Iceland. We rent a Dacia Dokker camper van and it was perfect for two people. I am a photographer, which means I normally travel with a lot of gears and I found out that Dacia Dokker provided a comfortable space for me and my gears. It was cold to travel Iceland in Winter but luckily the car heating system worked perfectly.

Xiangyu from China
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

Not bad but i could have been better: there were some items that need to be repaired : window's blinds were broken, main door didn't lock properly and battery didn't charge full (only 50%)

LAURA from Spain
Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018

It was quite an old camper with some things not working properly and many scratches on the ouside. When we picked up the camper the light above the table in the living compartment dit not work. After we made clear that we wanted that the lights work properly, your employees managed to fix one of the two lights. We had to wait quite a long time. Also a warning indicator on the dashboard lightend up. One of your mechanics looked at it, hit something in the engine compartment and the light went out. But the same day it was back again. After consultation via e-mail with your company they assured that nothing was wrong and that I could ignore the indicator. On the first day the blinking light on the right side spontaneously broke off and was hanging on the wire. I fixed it temporarily with medical tape and later with stronger tape.
The cooking plate did not work properly: the flow of gas stopped if the knob was released...

Raymond from Netherlands
Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2018

We rented this van for our trip to Iceland, it was the first time we rented a caravsn so our opinion is from a beginer side. The frist problem we had was that the cover of the gas was broken and we had o change the caravan because we thought it was dangerous. The people from the company was nie and fast with that. The second problem was th security valve of the water, like it was cold it was on so we had to contzct again because nobody told us that could happen. We wer two days without water. And the third problem was that after two days and a half we were run out of gas for the kitchen and the heating, so we where two nights without heating and we never could to use the hot water. We paid 100 euros exta for the gas, they told we will have for the whole trip, and when we called they just told us to buy more. Inhave to say that the company solved all the problems very fast and they were available 24 hours...

Jose from Spain
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018

Excellent service at front desk. Fuss free, trustworthy and worth the money. Great first time experience.

wei jian paul from Singapore
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018

We had an amazing time in Iceland and the van we rented suited our needs perfectly. Staff were great, very efficient and in less than an hour after landing we were on our way. We had everything we needed in that little van and were really surprised by the comfort and space we had. Also great on diesel, although it wasn't our first choice. We had a Dacia Dokka, if you want fancy bells and whistles pay more for the frills - but if you want good service and a cracking van that will go for miles and let you see this beautiful country then I would highly recommend.

Kathryn from United Kingdom
Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

The camper was great! It took us all the way around Iceland with no problems. The camping stove and cooking setup was simple but very functional and convenient to have. Moreover the sleeping space was ample, comfortable and warm. There was plenty of room for all of our things.

Michael from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

Excellent. Our RV was perfect for our family. Even though it was an older model, it was appropriately priced, in good condition and exceptionally clean. We had several questions that were responded to in a timely manner. I plan to book again on our next vacation.

Mary from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018

It was good! The staff were wonderful and incredibly helpful as well. Great experience!

Catherine from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

Overall our experience was great. We had a rough start getting into a motorhome because of a few minor mechanical issues in the first 2 that we tried, but the guys made up for it by getting us into a great camper with everything that we needed. Also, even though they got extremely busy while working with us, their sense of humor and laid-back attitudes made the whole experience as easy as it could have been.

Dustin from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018

Free Cancellation & Amendments

Service was ok - we were picked up, but the Nordic Campers sign was barely visible. They should make it a more clear one. Communication was pleasant and sincere. The office and its surroundings did make an untrustworthy impression. The car was clean and in good condition, fully equipped with all the necessary camping equipment, bedspread, pillows and even blankets as a bonus. There were some drawbacks: front tires were almost slick, but on Icelandic roads with such a coarse surface it did not cause any problems, the steering wheel alignment was off by a couple degrees and the most annoying - the wiper blades were so damaged that using them was of no difference. Interestingly enough, I could not find a blade with a matching attachment head in 6 different gas stations. All in all - a strong 4 out of 5. I would definitely recommend Nordic Campers to friends.

Jolita from Lithuania
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

The service, the camper and the experience was perfect with Nordic Camper!

Alain from Canada
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

Overall was OK. We got the motorhome and we didn't have any problems. However, the interior have some issues, like plugs didn't work, shower curtain hang was broken, some storage doors were difficult or impossible to close.

Bogdan from Chile
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018

Amazing , the Camper helped us to be mobile and enjoy our trip. Nordic Campers was the right way to go.

Bernardo from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

Overall staff were very friendly - Caravan was in good condition, with all utensils that we needed.

We had to wait a little while for collection at airport, and also to collect the vehicle from the depot.

Our camper wasn't available, so we were given a free "upgrade" - perhaps not ideal as this was a motorhome, meaning that we doubled our fuel costs for the trip compared to the camper we had ordered, and had a bit of a rockier ride when the winds picked up - That being said, it was very comfortable, so I guess it was more positive than negative.

Michael from Spain
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a Renault Trafic Camper

My boyfriend and I had a really good experience with the Dacia Dokker provided by Nordic Camper. We had very fast check-in, very quick check out, and the personnel was so nice that he gave us a lot of extra indications for spending a good journey in Iceland. The car was less than 2 years old, the heating system and the seat warmer highly appreciated (even in September), the mattresses were comfortable, all the cutlery and gas stove included and pillows included. The service is ready to pick up the phone and pick up -drop off - check in and check out 24h a day 7/7, which is very comfortable when traveling in a foreign country with different obligations with flight etc. We had such a good experience, I just highly recommend travelling with Nordic Camper!!

Laurie from France
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

We were really pleased with Nordic Campers. Their motorhomes have all of the essentials... Just add food. The Fiat model we rented was perfect for the two of us, drove easily, and had a great heater and kitchen. I'd highly recommend booking with Nordic.

Adam from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018

Marta from Italy
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

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Very good

Alexandru from Germany
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018

Airport shuttle was late, we waited 45 minutes. (Nordic Campers) Contact provided in the booking cannot be reached. We dialled like 3 times and no one picked up. When we asked them about the phone number (to check whether it is working or not), they explained to us that sometimes there's a queue, and they have yet to set up an auto reply bot advising caller on the queue.

Pick up process was ok. We were upgraded to the larger Renault Traffic, which we very much appreciate, although it consumed more fuel. The staff didn't care to explain how to use the car, he didn't even bother to walk out with us to inspect the car. We asked about heater (is there one, how to use it), and they can't even answer us properly. We had to figure everything ourselves. Even had our first night sleep without the heater, cause we only figured that out the next day. Pillows were provided but not blanket, we had to pay another 25 EUR extra for sleeping bed rental...

Jeremy from Malaysia
Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2011 Renault Kangoo Camper

It was challenging at start but ended well. We had to wait for more than 1 hour at the airport before pick up. We then were offered a motorhome with no bunk beds in the back (only one couch, a convertible table and the over cabin bed) for 5 persons! Moreover, the campervan had cracks on the window and a broken rear mirror. We eventually changed the motorhome to a bigger one for the same price, as we explained that it was impossible for our 3 kids to sleep in the narrow table bed (they are 185 cm tall!). The persons really was helpful and efficient changing the vehicle for us, and we then spent 10 wonderfull days of camping!

Stephan from Switzerland
Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018

Really the experience was not very good.

We arrived late to the Reykjavik airport, around 1:30 AM and Nordic Campers transfer arrived more or less in time.

Around 2 AM we were ready to leave and when we tried to start the motorhome (Ford), the engine was broken, that means that they didn't review the vehicle to ensure it was working correctly.

They provided us with another motorhome (Fiat). We moved all the luggage to the new van, and then we notice that the second bed in the dining area was very small (around 1.50 meters or less).

Nordic Camper responsible tried to convince us that it was fine and that we could use it as a bed without problems. I had to literally lay down in the bed to show that it was impossible to use.

They didn't have more motorhomes available and the solution that they give us is that we should drive with the new van to the nearest camping (at 3 AM), sleep in the camping and then return at 8 AM when they open the office to get a new van...

Diego from Spain
Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018

Airport pickup was late - we were unable to make contact with the company during this time
Staff - staff member going over rental paperwork was not friendly and said it was our fault the airport pickup was delayed
Emergency - we had an issue on the weekend in which we needed to contact the department nd the emergency hotline was not answered at all, we called 7 times over a two hour span. The regular line to the department took 3 times for an answer, we were lucky we were not in an emergency as this would have been an even more serious issue
The van - the actual van was wonderful with all the amenities we needed! The price was also ideal in comparison

Katherine from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2018 and rented a Renault Trafic Camper

OK. Some things on the van did not work or were missing which we only discovered once well on route (half the curtain between the driving bay and rest of vehicle; something to light the gas; and it took us ages to find a gas station that sold gas cylinders - there is no point renting a van without gas so a cylinder with gas should be part of the package; and to get the gas stove to work we had to hold down the buttons with something otherwise the flame went out; impossible to open vent above double bed because of missing handle; window blind on left side above table would not stay up so impossible to keep out the light which made sleeping difficult given short nights). There was an orange light on the dashboard that sometimes came on indicating the engine struggling or the disc slipping (?) - in 40 years of driving have never seen this symbol so spent a lot of time worrying the fan-belt or clutch was about to give up...

martin from Switzerland
Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2018