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Submitted 05. Oct 2021
The rental camper we requested was not available. The company Nordic Rental planned to give us a six person camper, which was quite a bit bigger than what we had asked for. They also told us that, because of high winds, we would be waiving the insurance we paid for if we decided to take the camper van and recommended against us renting it. It would have been very helpful to know the risks associated with winds this time of year before getting to the rental company. Additionally, we had ordered a wifi hotspot that they were out of. The motorhome was generally not in great shape (check oil light turned on when we drove away), and upholstery had rips, etc. We ended up returning the motorhome and asking to switch for a rental car due to the condition of the motorhome, it being larger than what we had reserved, and the high winds. It was a difficult start to our trip. I would not rent again from this agency.
Meaghan rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 04. Oct 2021
It was a really bad experience, they give to us a 6 person motorhome when we are only two person, because they say that IT was the unique avaible and we don't want it. Furtheremore they give to us two bottle gas almost empty when We pay for 1 full bottle gas, and they said that they don't Have It a full one. In addition, at first they give to us two bottle gas more empty than two last ones and we Have to ask for the New ones, so IT was a desaster at all.
Sergio rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 04. Oct 2021
Nordic Rental is a SCAM ARTIST and there should be a criminal investigation! I watched several couples get the same treatment. One honeymoon couple was in tears!!! My experience was terrible. Wrong car, wrong equipment, had to put $3700 deposit or forced to take $50 per day add on insurance. My car broke down. NO ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE!!!! Never deal with these scumbags!!! Terrible Terrible Terrible I currently am disputing my rental charge because I returned the broke down vehicle within 5 hours of renting it. I want my money back!!! I only kept the Ford transit for 5 hours and it was broken down on the side of the road for 3 of the 5 hours. One hour driving to Rek and 3 hours waiting for Nordic to call back and 1 hour to find the REK Nordic Office and return the junker to its owner!!! 5 hour rental $2000
Russell rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 02. Oct 2021
I was disappointed about their service. checking out the car at their office took 1.5 hours since there were many customers waiting and the employee was unable to handle all tasks. they brought us the camper and inspected outside and handed a key to us. That was all. I wanted to rent an inverter for USB charger but the cost was more than double price of the other renter and we gave up. There was no guide or explanation of how to use the things in the car. No instructions on how to use the car. it took about 15 minutes to get the answer to find out whether it was gas-run or diesel-run. The inside of the car was not clean. the sink was dirty and covered with lust that we decided not to use it at all. The broken refrigerator was not removed and was just taking a space there. There was unpleasant smell of urine in the car from the beginning and we couldn't figure out where it was coming from. The plastic tank underneath of and connecting to the sink was filled with waste water and we guessed that the smell could be coming from there (maybe somebody peed in the sink before). The plastic covering of the side of driver seat was broken and was not fastened by screw. It fell off from the seat once in a while and i was watching it all the time not to loose it which was annoying. The dashboard maintenance indicator showed engine sign from day 1 and we were concerned that there might be a maintenance issue with the car. That worry was with us all along the entire trip and we wish that they checked the engine before they rented it out to the customers. One day, we went to a remote campsite and there was no kitchen facility and we had to lighter. The lighter we found in the kitchen utensil's box provided by the Nordic car rental was not working and we had a lot of trouble to get the lighter. we contacted the owner of the campsite and, thankfully, the owner brought one from her home. Our experience with Benz Vito wasn't too good. I think that was not the car itself (it was a good car) but the Nordic Car Rental who didn't care about it.
Steven rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 20. Sep 2021
We booked a Renault Camper from 2008. We expected a somewhat worn down camper van but is functional as described in the advert. However, after a couple of day travelling it turned out it was a unaceptable car: we got a van with moldy curtains, moldy drivers cabine, the cooking gear was incomplete and the gas stove was not working properly, the heater did not work, the sliding doors were not working properly at any time, the sliding window (drivers side) was not working at all times, ... When we noticed all these mayor and minor shortcomings, we were too far away to change the car and we offered to keep the car for the whole two week trip. We got 50 % discont in the end and mixed feeling if this was a good deal.
David rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 13. Sep 2021
Not all rentals car company are made equal and this one is for sure on the worst side. The airport pickup was done in a van on really bad condition, that’s the first bad impression of the company. On vehicle Pick up the receptionist were being rude to simple client’s questions and request and on the long wait on the queue I have seen at least 3 costumers leaving with a really bad impression. At pickup simple things like need of gas for the system were not explained and does not sound correct to rent a motorhome without gas as it cannot function on many of its futures. Motorhomes should be always be rented with gas included, not as extra. Fuel tank was told to be 6/8 when it actually was empty on with reserve light on, and the feeling is that this is a tricky scam as the receptionist had no clue on the actual diesel tank status. Just want a number to complain and charge extra later on delivery or to keep some extra diesel if client didn’t manage to plan / use correct amount of fuel. Fuel policy should be pickup and delivery with fuel tank. Overall the feeling that we had was to go out of that shithole as quick as possible. The function of the motorhome was explained by an employee with very poor English skills who could not communicate properly the futures. The car had bad smell, smoke smell, bad was broken, water pump was not working and overall it was very dirty. Then the car was replaced with other one which was functioning better but was still full of issues like ventilation system only working on maximum with high noise (4/4), passenger widow not opening, electric mirrors not working, stove cover and storage cabinets with loose closing vibrating a lot when driving, gas hose leaking. Maintenance and cleaning of the car is done very poorly. I do not blame employees individually because on the time I’ve spent on your office it was clearly a working culture, it is responsibility of the management to ensure employees know what they are doing, are respectful with clients and have a minimum knowledge of how to deliver and communicate a service to client. Right now the company looks rotten where everyone does the minimum and the end result is terrible, it can be seen on all aspects from airport pickup, reception, car delivery, communication, car maintenance, and cleaning of both the office and the car.
Caetano rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 31. Aug 2021
The car was not available on arrival. we had to stay one night in a hotel to pick the car up on the next day. Sadly also the next day it was not available. In the afternoon the next day they gave us a replacement vehicle.
Niek rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 16. Aug 2021
old car , but clean. *locks didn't lock (at night), while driving open and closes sometimes *car used lots of oil (13 liters / 2500 km , normal is 1 liter/10000km), i had to buy extra oil on the road, and waiting to get a refund for this 3000isk *not al the mentioned kitchensupplies were there (cuttingboard, glasses,...) *car was dented everywhere and missing pieces , windscreen was sandblasted and was difficult to clean
Bert rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 21. Aug 2021
The 2016 Dokker was adequate for our needs but was certainly on the lower end of quality. The sleeping area was a plywood platform with thin patio furniture cushions. The electric heater was built to face a small compartment underneath the sleeping platform so it only heated up a tiny space instead of the entire van. The camping gas was nearly empty although the booking stated it included an extra full canister. The staff at Nordic were not going to give us blankets or a "camping box" (dishes, utensils, fuel/burner) until we showed them our booking which listed these as included. Service at Nordic was chaotic and people were reporting about a 2-hour wait time to pick up their vehicles when we were there. If booking a vehicle from Nordic, screenshot everything to be included at the time of booking because this information is not available in any of the receipts after booking! Northbound, the service that we booked through, was very easy to deal with when we had to make a couple of changes. We asked to add an extra day to our booking and the Northbound agent spent all morning trying to reach Nordic with no success, so we appreciated that we went through Northbound rather than dealing directly with the rental company. I would book through Northbound in the future but would avoid Nordic and choose another of the companies they deal with.
David rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 30. Jul 2021
It was an extremely frustrating experience from start to end. We were to be picked up from the airport. After waiting for more than an hour, they show up and will only take two of us to the rental office while my 3 kids had to wait for the next pickups. Once in office, we had to wait 2 more hours only to be told that they don't have our motorhome and the dealer they were getting it from didn't get it as they had planned. So we were told to wait more until someone else returns their motorhome. After an hour more, they finally get the motorhome. It was a beaten up version of what was expected. The seats had big spots from previous spills so much so that no one would sit on that. We were given sheets to cover them. We were to check the motorhome to see if everything is working but we couldn't check anything. Water was not running in the taps since it needed the battery to be charged which will happen at night when we plug it in the electrical outlet of a campsite. The stoves were not working since they were on gas and viola, they do not provide you with any gas cylinders. We were told to buy our own gas cylinder from an N1 station, something that cost us $100. The freezer was either on gas or electricity/battery but since there was no electricity, the battery was discharged and no gas, it wasn't working. Now for the body condition, the windshield glass had huge cracks going in from both ends and the rest of the windows also had the glass cracked. It was a hazard condition to rent but since it was 1pm at that time, six hours since we landed and we had no other option and no where to go, we had to take the rental. The stove remained in a bad working condition throughout the rental. Sometimes one of the burners would light up after trying for a long time but the three burners never worked at the same time. It was the nastiest experience after paying top price for the rental.
Omer rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 25. Jul 2021
I should say first that all the people we encountered at Nordic Car Rental were very nice and patient. However, it took way too long (several hours) from landing at the airport to finally driving off with our camper van. They appeared to be overwhelmed with the number of people arriving to get rentals, causing long waits to get picked up at the airport (my family and I had to separate and go in two separate trips), and waiting again at the rental counter. Waiting aside, the real problem was with the van itself. Even though we were 'upgraded' to a somewhat newer model, the van had a lot of problems. 1) The main door could not be closed completely. As a result, we had to put up with incessant beeping warnings telling us the door was open. When it would rain hard, water would also leak in through the cracks around the door, and also through a hole in the roof, getting parts of our sleeping area wet. 2) The passenger door also developed problems to the point where we stopped using it for fear it would break off, and instead, had everyone load in from the driver side. 3) The tires were all low on pressure, but one tire was dangerously low. After putting air in the tires we were thankful that the pressure seemed to hold. This is an obvious thing that should be checked before renting out any car! 4) One of the wiper blades appeared to be bent and was only making contact with half of its length. Luckily, I was able to reinstall it, and managed to get it to stay in place for the remainder of our trip. Again, something that obviously should have been checked before renting out a car in Iceland! Its true I probably should have called and tried to get a replacement, but as we were already several hours away before the problems started presenting themselves, we were reluctant to turn back. Driving such a vehicle in Iceland made me nervous (what if the door flung open with my kids in the back!), and added to the stress of the trip. I feel fortunate the engine, battery, and brakes didn't have any such problems. While we saved money by picking an older model vehicle, I did not expect basic functionality and safety to be compromised.
David rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 29. Aug 2021
Don't book with Nordic Car Rental Campers! Pick-up lasted more than 3 hours. Already there we realized many customers complaining about serious technical issues with the rented cars. Same experience when we dropped the car. We wanted to rent in addition camping chairs and a table. Renting fee was highter than the price of new equipment! (around 80 EUR, other companies charged aroung 15 EUR). Therefore we did not rent, but were charged for table and chairs anyway as we saw it later on the receipt. No response on mails, no response on the phone. Still have not received any response to get the wrongly charged fee back. The camper itself had several issues: It was disgustingly dirty when we received it. After a complaint we finally got it cleaned. Doors sometimes locked by themselves, sometimes it was not possble to open some of the doors. Especially when the backdoor did not open we had to dismount the bed to get to the stuff in the trunk. Water to clan the windscreen was missing. Drive belt was squeezing. In total our worst experience after plenty of years renting cars all over Europe. If you have any chance - book with another company!
Ronald rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 12. May 2021
Overall good. The interior was good. The car and motor are too old and heavy.
Israel rented a vehicle in May 2021
Submitted 02. Nov 2020
it was mazing the experience with northbound nordic car rental campers!im living in iceland and always I thought to do that with a camper, and this car for two person its enough for 10 days , you can do it with other camper bigger than Dacia but with Dacia dokker it was amazing too , i recommend and I will do it again!
Jesus rented a vehicle in October 2020
Submitted 06. Oct 2020
João paulo rented a vehicle in September 2020
Submitted 01. Sep 2020
It was not the Ford, it was Dacia Dokker. So it was a little different than what we expected. Some features of the car are not very appropriate for this kind of use, like: you can not open the back door from inside; you have to change the seats before sleeping...
Klaus friedemann rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 19. Aug 2020
We have several complaints regarding the camper: The refrigirator did only work on gas and it was very difficult to start. Every time we should start it we used between 15-30 minuts. The blind curtains did not work. The heatet over heated so it smelled ekectrical burned. The camper door was very difficult to open/close. The key to the camper was half brooken. The camper also had a hole in the tavle and the plate to cover the gas was missing. So in total, I am not happy at all. I did expect something better due to the cost I paid to rent the camper.
Helle rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 31. Aug 2020
The car was great. We had no issues with the car. The only problem was, that there was nothing to hang clothes on.
Maximilian rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 15. Aug 2020
Everything West perfect
Leonardo rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 24. Aug 2020
I would say it was not so good, not so bad. First of all, we went to collect the van, and the one they gave us was not the one we asked. We asked F. Transit Connect with a special distribution in the back and they wanted to give us a Docker without the space more than the bed. The Docker was very new but the back space was less. As far as we told them we asked about the Transit 2006, they showed us the van... it was so old!! This van cannot be for rental any more!! It has problems with the gas deposit...So, we told them that if we have any problem, I will claim and show it in their web. At last, they reconsidered the subject and give us a newer F. Transit (for 3 people) that they have available so after the fight they do it ok. During our trip, the front wiper stopped working and we called to 24h service. They told us they agency will call us but they never did. We wait one full day more, calling again to 24h. The person at the phone was astonished and he called again to the agency to call us back (they never did). Meanwhile, 1 day waiting, we asked in the town we were if there was a car repairing place because we were almost sure that it was just a fuse, easy ro repair. And, after talking again to the 24h service, we agreed to repair it by our own, pay it, and give the invoice when returning the van to Nordic rental to pay it us. As it was not so much they paid us without any problem but never asked about nor give us any explanation why they never called us. So, as you can see, everything became fine but just because the subjects were not so important. So, rating not so good.
Ainhoa rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 24. Jul 2020
Go to Iceland. But don’t rent your car here. 1) We didn’t get the car that we rented. We got a way smaller car. 2) The car that we got had to be opened with the key in each door. 3) We had to pay 312 € in insurance when we came to Iceland. This was a huge surprise as we we’re not informed about this anywhere. The guy from Nordic Car Rental Campers couldn’t not explain why we had to pay for this insurance. This insurance we apparently had to pay even though we paid a deposit on 2730 €. 4) The gas can to the stove ran out of gas after one meal and two cups of coffee. We asked the guy at Nordic Car if we should buy an extra from Nordic Car so we wouldn’t run out of gas. However the guy insured us that there would be enough gas.
Sebastian rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 26. Feb 2020
I loved the camper! It was nice and cozy, and perfect for one person to sleep in (two of you’re both short and don’t mind getting cuddly!) I was travelling alone, so it was small enough that I could keep it warm at night. The only thing I found is that you need to let the camper heat up with the heater while the bed is still in “couch mode”, since the vent is underneath the bed and the heat gets trapped down there. Mind you, I went in February, so if you go in warmer months it shouldn’t be a problem. Anyways, everything was great! I loved this vehicle.
Anna rented a vehicle in February 2020
Submitted 13. Jan 2020
Ramiro rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 24. Nov 2019
we are moderately pleased with nordic camping. firstly the staff do not smile. then, during the first breakfast we realized that the stove was not working. then the second day the vehicle broke down we had to wait 22h at the same place before we come to replace the car. the second vehicle had not been checked before we were entrusted (difficult to open the doors and ventilation problem). what disappointed us the most is the fact of not having an apology or a commercial gesture.
Jérôme rented a vehicle in November 2019
Submitted 19. Oct 2019
Nice cars
Esteban rented a vehicle in October 2019

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