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This was my first time renting with Nordic Campers and it will be my last.
The company seemed disorganized upon arrival and it took them a very long time to get us our vehicle. It seemed like our reservation was overlooked because my name was not on their list (they assumed I was another person that had a surname of oriental origin) even though I had paid a deposit already and had receipts with the time and date of arrival for confirmation. The people behind the desk tried to charge me more because of the new exchange rate amounts but the receipt already stated the outstanding balance owing so I informed them I would only pay that amount and the reluctantly agreed to it.

Their Renault Van was just an old and outdated van from their competitor Happy Campers with a cheap paint job to cover the old logo and the vehicle had damages that they did not seem to care to repair i.e. a dented in bumper in the front and a 4 way button that did not work...


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

We booked an campervan at nordic campers. At first we got a too small one which we hadn’t booked. After that we got a bigger one. But we have several complaints!
1. One tier was damaged before we got the van, but your engineer told us it’s fine. After 5 days we weren’t able to continue driving so we had to change it, but the jack was to small so we couldn’t lift up the car and we spend half a day looking for a suitable jack!
2. The water tank was leaking so the mechanic an came and fixed it, but after 5 more days it was leaking again and the whole floor was full of water.
3. When we got the camper, everything was very dirty especially the facilities. There was brown dirt coming out of the shower outflow, the toilets were yellow and it was dirty on the floor.
4. The heater at the front seats isn’t working. We are only able to use the 4 level, which is very annoying especially if you drive a lot like us!


Traveled to Iceland in Apr 2019

Since nothing special happened at the end the experience was slightly positive. The best was the competence and clarity of explanation from your mechanic.
But then I have to say the camper was not definitely in the best condition being quite old and having a lot of flaws and damages internally.
The worst was the very high deposit I had to immobilize in my credit card that, summed with the rental cost, immediately saturated the plafond ("normal" credit card has a plafond of 5000€) and I was forced to buy additional insurance to halve the deposit itself. Luckily I had an additional credit card that allowed me and my family to survive in an expensive country like Iceland!


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019

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In general ok but I must point out the below:
- the interior of the camper is not in a very good condition, to name a few: 1. The seat cushions are quite dirty; 2. The ladder to the upper bed did not fit with the holding slots, making the ladder useless; 3. The sleeping kits were handed over to me in a way I don’t feel they are clean (just grabbed by your staff from the garage, without proper packing). Concerned camper is PDU57, please check.
- when doing the booking I thought I have chosen the insurance package with the highest protection (I.e. driver does not bear any liability in case of damage, which is common with other rental company), however when I picked up the camper I was told that I still need to be responsible for the damage up to ISK25000, could this be changed in the future?
- during the driving the rear car plate was ripped off and at the end I was charged EUR70, with the reason “the car plate was dropped when I was renting / driving”...

Kwan Hang

Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019

It was pretty good for driving, but not for sleeping. Advertising it as a vehicle in which 3 people could sleep was very, very optimistic. The first nights we tried to do it and one of us had to sleep in a corner with half of the body outside the mattress. Also, we were promised that the heating system would last for about 8 hours, and in the best of the cases it was lasting 5. In the middle of the trip, after a short stop, the engine was suddenly not starting again. There was no way to reach the emergency line of Nordic Campers, they were only answering the phone when we called the airport pick up service. They left us completely unattended, saying the breakdown was our responsibility (afterwards even the mechanic said it wasn't) and that we had to pay for the transfer to the closest mechanic, which was hours away. In the end we could drive ourselves to the mechanic thanks to some locals that towed our car and made it possible to start the engine again...


Traveled to Iceland in Feb 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

My experiece was overall good!
We got picked up pretty fast from the airport (waited 15-20 min max).
The car was a bit older but we had no problems during our whole visit.
Our checkout was super easy too :)

The people that worked there were super nice and informative!! :)

I recommend renting form

We didnt have a VISA credit card so we had to put down a 1700 Euro deposit cash. We got it back 2 days after we returned the car, so no harm done. But its something to keep in mind if you rent from this place.


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

Free Cancellation & Amendments

I think the motorhome we hired was sub standard and would not have been acceptable in England.
There were many faults with it on collection such as toilet door would not open without much effort. All blinds were torn or stuck in position. The block out screen for the front would not fit so I had to use a sheet.
Overall I was not very impressed with the quality of the van.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019

My husband and I have traveled many times by motorhome from Canada to New Zealand so when we decided to holiday in Iceland we thought the only way to see your beautiful country would be to do the same. We arrived at the airport where we were told we would be picked up, which we were, after waiting for an hour and two phone calls later, this should have been a warning sign that we were not dealing with professionals. After arriving at your premises the paperwork was done quickly and efficiently but then we were informed that although we had hired a vehicle with cooking facilities we had to pay an extra 100euros for the gas to use it, ok we had to pay. We were then shown the motorhome and how it worked along the the explaination that the bathroom door had been broken but there was a knack to closing it and he showed us how, also the toilet was a bit smelly but if we kept the seat down we wpold not be able to smell it...


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019

I coudn't get this car in Nordic Camper . When we arrive to piick it up, the car was not ready. A crap, old and very dangerous motorhome was ofered instead of the high roof. With no options, we have to take it. We have to drop it the next day because of the danger of driving this car because is slides in te road at every movement of the driving wheel. The third place for my child was unsafe and I will guess to say that ilegal (at least in Spain you can't drive with this dangerous place) A old, dirty hig roof was ofered this day, but engine problems made us take a trafic camper (not ofered at the begining) with no hig roof at the same price than the hig roof, when we know (and told to the employee atvthe moment), that this vehicle was cheaper than the high roof. But again, we doesn't have no optios. The renault trafic had good engine, but all the doors were in very bad conditions...

Alfonso Carlos

Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

Some feedback about our experience:
- the car was in quite bad shape outside, lots of damages and scratches all over
- the car was not clean inside
- the rear door lock was missing some bolts, so it was a bit difficult to lock
-the drivers door handle was not working correctly (some spring broken/missing inside?)
-side door was damaged, so needs a lot of force to close it
-in contract fuel was marked 75%, but when we started the meter was showing 40%. We went back and they corrected it.
- the plates were quite ”wear out”
- in airport we waited some 30-40 min and not anybody with any ”Pick-up sign”. We need to call them and wait some time.

BUT our overall experience of Iceland was VERY good and also car was working despite of all the above negative notes!


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

The experience with nordic campers was terrible and i've written the an e-mail about it.
They didn't pick us up at the airport as they ought to, they didn't show us anything about the car but simply handed us keys. The car was in very bad condition, not even close to what the pictures had given the impression of. Not entirely pumped tires, backdoors unable to open, sidedoor-pulls screwed on and half loose, seats and beds were loose, steering wheel was not aligned and gas stove did not work properly.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

The campervan served its purpose very well. It is not a 4x4, but we felt safe driving everywhere, including gravel roads. In total we drove around 2500 kms in 13 days. We were traveling with a 15 month old toddler, he was in his childseat between my wife and I, and we had just enough room.

The tires were winter tires, and we did have one flat tire, which we had to get repaired. These were not in the best condition, and the 4 tires were all from different brands - so that could have been better. I called nordic campers, and they could provide with assistance when we had that problem.

We had a sink in the car. After the first night we noticed it was leaking, so we had to go back to get it fixed. In the second to last day (day 12 of 13 total rental days) it started leaking again.

Thank you for the car and for the assistance, during and before our trip!

Estuardo José

Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

It was a Ford Katamarano


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019

Easy booking incl. additional services likes insurance, WiFi router, bedding, although not always clear what is really needed if one is not familiar with travelling with a motorhome in Iceland. Easy pickup and return with friendly staff on site. The motorhome was an older model as described in the booking process, but all worked fine. The only thing what made us nervous were some control lamps of the car which indicated errors but were probably only reflecting problems with the sensors, and uncertainty about the battery's charge status. Kind shuttle from/to airport or whereever needed in Keflavik.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019

Great for the trip to iceland, low gas consommation,


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

An incredible experience with a serious and friendly company that from the first day helped us in everything we needed. 100% recommended!!


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2006 Ford Transit Connect Camper

Free Cancellation & Amendments

We were very disappointed with our Renault. The van is in need of many repairs. On the first morning we spent an hour trying to get the sliding door to close, the locking mechanism was closed when the door was open and would allow the door to close. We finally managed to get the door closed and then we’re afraid to use it for the rest of the trip. This meant we had to access the sleeping area from the drivers door. The drivers seat did not have a functioning headrest. The light for the instrument panel did not work, which didn’t matter much with 24 hrs of daylight unless you were going through a tunnel and then it is a major problem. The drivers door would sometimes open when the vehicle was in motion, this happened 4 or 5 times during the rental. Third gear did not engage very well, it made a grinding sound every time, compared to the other 5 gears which were smooth.

Other than the mechanical issues with the van, we had an amazing time! Iceland truly is a special place...


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

I found the car to be cozy and comfortable to sleep in. However, you need to include black out curtains for the front windows. I had no curtains for the front windows which made it very difficult to make the sleeping area dark in Iceland's 24 hour day light. I had to use a sheet and cardboard boxes. Please include decent curtains for all Windows.
The cooking equipment was great but I would suggest adding a frying pan.
The car was okay to drive.


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

Not happy with the motorhome. Many defects and broken pieces. One cabinet didn't close. It even has worn out tyres!!
I would not choose this company again.


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019

Well, it's of course e very small "camper" but for the price and for our needings was just ok.
We appreciated very much the inside heating system for overnight.
We didn't appreciate how the camper had been "cleaned" before we picked it up.


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

It was a tired old van, no stereo, no curtains, but it was a competitive price and it didn’t let me down. Can’t complain on balance.


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2011 Renault Kangoo Camper

It was a great vehicle, the whole process was very professional, with great staff to deal with.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019

The trip was a very good experience. Northbound was quick to answer questions. The folks at Nordic Campers were helpful, the fiat was a 2011 and worked well although many smaller items had been patched up numerous times and didn't hold anymore (retracting window blinds, bathroom door hinges etc.) the gear shift ball came off often and I had to learn and be aware of it at intersections or heavier traffic otherwise it would fall off and roll somewhere on the floor with no way to grab the shifter to change gears. None of these were big issues and I pointed them out to the clerk upon returning the vehicle so they have a chance to fix it for the next client. One thing though we were in for 5 days, we paid over a $100 for the propane tank and never came close to using much of it. It would have been nice to return it based on usage or how we found it just like you do with the regular diesel tank...


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019

The customer service was good when I took the car. All my questions were answered and they fixed some issues with the car before starting the journey. The car was a bit old but worked very well and we could complete the ring Road with any trouble, so We all are very happy with the experience. The heat worked very well and you can sleep with wide space in the camper. I recommend the experience with Nórdico Campers 100%!


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

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My experience renting from Nordic Campers was excellent. The service was fast and efficient. When I arrived to pick up my vehicle, they were adequately staffed and I was behind the wheel in no time at all unlike other rental companies I have used- every minute of vacation is precious so I appreciated this very much! There was only one snaffu - I had emailed in advanced to inquire about a cooler with my rental van and I was assured it was included. When I got in the car and was about to pull away I realized there was no cooler, but they quickly verified the cooler was included, got me one, and I was on my way. They took good care of me! Checking out at the end of the trip was equally as fast and efficient, no stress!
I got a great deal on the van itself, perhaps because it was an older model vehicle. As such, it had several quirks but thankfully it ran well and got me safely around the Ring Road...


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2006 Ford Transit Connect Camper

The camper was comfortable and easy to drive. Small camper so it had a relatively good fuel economy. One of the wipers was not in good condition which created some issues on rainy days but nothing dramatic. We really enjoyed our time with the camper and would recommend that to anybody considering travelling around iceland.


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019

when we arrived someone at the reception was so angry that we got suspicious and took the car very exactly - you really should take your time for that. The mechanic - Rafael - helped us a lot. Rafael was very competent and nice. The roof window was provisionally closed with a plastic sheet because the spare part wasn't there yet, but Rafael helped us secure it again so it wouldn't rain in.
The car ran very well and there were no problems. Also the return ran off, due to the exact acceptance, without problems.

Altogether the rental made a somewhat chaotic, but nice impression.

Greetings from Germany


Traveled to Iceland in May 2019

The camper van was bigger than I was expected (with high roof) which was good for comfort but bad for fuel consumption.
The curtains were too short or missing.
The vehicle was a bit old and noisy


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

Это был первый опыт путешествия на кемпере. Мы остались очень довольны выбором.


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019