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Submitted 28. Nov 2022
Circle Car Rental did not give me this car. I specifically requested this vehicle intentionally- as it is the same as what I normally drive and the seat works for my back pain. The replacement car was terrible - too small for my body and I spent the week riding around in pain.
Scott rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 28. Sep 2022
Wonderful. The vehicle was nice. The N1 tag which was suppose to give us a fuel discount did not seem to function or we didn’t know how to use it properly so an explanation of how to use it might have been helpful. Employees were good. Could have used a better explanation of where the shuttle to pick us up at the airport was though since we were waiting at the wrong door for an hour and the help desk at the airport was no help. Lol. Overall a positive experience though.
Michelle rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 26. Sep 2022
Jens rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 08. Sep 2022
It was great once we figured out was was causing a constant chime sound going off within the vehicle every few minutes.
Daniel rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 01. Jul 2022
Got an upgrade to an Hyundai Tucson. Was nice even it wasn’t a 4x4.
Florian rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 09. Jun 2022
Hello. We did not get the 2022 Suzuki Vitara. We were given a different vehicle. When we arrived at the airport it was very confusing as no one was there to pick us up. We called Northbound and the agent was amazing in getting in touch with company and keeping us informed. She made me feel reassured everything would be ok and it turned out as such. Company called and we figured out where to meet for pick up which was at departures instead of arrival. Not mentioned in email. It was a little confusing as reservations said Circle car rental and it was Lava we rented from which is fine and will know in the future. Everyone was wonderful to work with once we got past that and we were happy with our vehicle. I would definitely rent another car through you with Lava. Minor issues in the beginning handled professionally and courteous goes a long way. Jolie
Jolie rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 30. May 2022
Very good
Wassim rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 30. May 2022
I already sent an email to you regarding our first day bad experience Our rental car experience didn't commence well. First we were misguided on the rental voucher where to wait for the shuttle bus. What was the reason to wait for the shuttle bus at the departure entrance instead of the arrivals? We were not informed about this in the car rental voucher. We wasted over an hour until we found exactly were the shuttle bus is. We had to call several times to the office. The representative didn't clearly informed us to wait outside the departures because normally like all other car rental companies you wait in front of the arrivals. Secondly after we finally got the car, after 45 min drive a strange noise started coming from the rear. We thought that we had a puncture and when we stopped in a safe place to check, we found that the right rear wheel was completely loose with even one missing nut from the wheel. We were very fortunate that the wheel didn't came off at 85 km /per hour as otherwise this could have caused a major incident with serious consequences or fatalities. I can't understand how the wheel was left loose. Imagine you have to take all luggage out from the boot to check for the wheel spanner and you find nothing. We waisted a lot of time because the car didn't have any jack or box spanner to tighten the wheel. We were desperate and annoyed because we couldn't do anything. We tried to stop two cars similar to our model but these were also rental cars and without the tools. When we called the car rental company we were told that we had to wait for another 45 mins. After waking at 4.00am in the morning to travel to Iceland and we still had another two hours drive to reach our accommodation we didn't expect this to happen. Finally after stopping another car we managed to get the box spanner to tighten the wheel and continue with our journey. I called the person who was on the way to assist us to turn back not to waste his time. Apart from the loose wheel the car was good. Regarding the plug in hybrid if you don't charge the battery it will not be fuel efficient for long distances. There are not enough charging points were to charge apart that you have to wait and loose time until charging. We managed to read the manual and started to charge it at our holiday home and find it ready in the morning. An apology is only the reply we received.
Joseph rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 20. May 2022
While the pick up instructions left a great deal 2b desired, after getting a handle on that, the young man who picked us up was outstanding, very personable and friendly. I'm sorry I don't know his name, he was relating that he was over from the UK for the summer if that helps. At the location, the gentleman helping us was also very kind, we appreciated his strong grasp of English. He processed us quickly, gave helpful directional and return information, and got us on our way. Car was clean, appeared well kept and maintained, and we encountered o mechanical or operational issue. To note, we were give a 2021 Hyundai Tucson, 63,000 Mi, but it suited our purposes just fine. Return was a bit more difficult. The young man who checked us in and the driver who shuttled us 2 the airport seemed a little disinterested. When I walked in and stated my purpose he said "go put your suit cases in the van". Not a huge deal, but a little unexpected I guess. He Drop this off in a good location and did help us get the bags out of the back. There was another couple taking the shuttle back to the rental office so our conversation ended abruptly there. Overall I would say you guys did a great job-we were/are very satisfied and I think,with this being my first interaction with basically anyone in Iceland, it Helped set a nice tone for our visit. I did go on here a little bit but I wanted to give you my honest opinion in response to your request and explanation that you’re a new company. I certainly think you’re on the right track for what my individual comment worth, But suffice it to say that we would recommend the Lava/circle team to anyone coming to the area. and as impressed as we were with Iceland itself we will be telling our friends to make every effort to visit. Thank you for giving me a hearing and providing the space to do so. Bill Mullen
Bill rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 14. Dec 2021
Renting from Northbound was a very good experience. Communication was great, they responded in a few minutes and had a shuttle from the airport to the rental. Great car, very friendly staff and probably the most beautiful office of a rental car company we have seen.
Rebecca rented a vehicle in December 2021
Submitted 07. Dec 2021
Easy service. The car was great. Everything was perfect.
Ana rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 25. Aug 2021
Everything went well, smooth rental process, reliable car and good communication
Remy rented a vehicle in August 2021

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