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Affordable Campers, based in Iceland, offers a range of well-equipped camper vans, providing a cost-effective and comfortable way to explore the country's breathtaking landscapes. They are highly regarded by customers for their excellent service and reliable vehicles.

When you choose to book Affordable Campers through Northbound, you're opting for a supplier that consistently receives positive feedback for their quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Northbound's strong partnership with Affordable Campers ensures a smooth and hassle-free booking process, enhancing your Icelandic adventure.


27 total reviews

27 reviews for Affordable Campers

Verified reviews from our customers that rented a car from Affordable Campers

Submitted 27. Sep 2023
Great car and great rental company! :D Affordable Campers is a really good company. They really care about their customers and want them to have a good and enjoyable experience. Totally reccommend! One negative thing: Even though the car was a 2018 model, it was without doubt a really "cheap" and plain model. (Example: No heating in the seats, no bluetooth..) FM sender, and AUX was provided, so it was not a problem. :)
Kristina ulla rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 04. Sep 2023
...great experience and care. I was completely satisfied
Boris rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 24. Oct 2022
Overall Excellent. Car worked perfectly. Very friendly and helpful customer support. Very fast, easy and good communication.
Casper rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 19. Oct 2022
It was perfect Very comfortable and everything worked out great
Daniel rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 28. Aug 2022
The van was excellent. Had everything we needed and nothing we didn't. Cooler box and heater worked great. They e really thought of what you need when camping around the country. The gents at affordable campers were super helpful and efficient. Thanks for the great trip!
Michelle rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 17. Jul 2022
Nice personnel, very kind and available. The campervan has everything we needed for our two weeks roadtrip. We appreciated they've given priority to the bed, allowing to use all the vehicle's space for the night time. Comfortable and affordable! ;)
Giulia rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 01. Jun 2022
Rented a Volkswagen Caddy Camper in May 22, car was absolutely reliable and did not have any issues during journey. Guys from Affordable Campers were transparent and helpful, before journey everything was clearly explained (insurance packages, functionalities of car etc...) and I was given useful information that saved some money (where to buy fuel, where to buy food & drink etc...). Given the size of cars in their list, I would definitely recommend this rental company for single travelers or for travelling couples. Price of camper car was one of the bests in the time of my trip.
Jiri rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 31. May 2022
The provided car and transfer service was great. Car had everything that we needed for a 10 days trip around Iceland, including fridge, cooking equipment, independent heating, sleeping space with mattress, pillows and blankets . Despite the others companies, these VW Caddys have very low fuel consumption, which is well appreciated considering the fuel prices on Iceland. It is a smaller company, having just around 15 cars, but they have fair approach and the owners are such a great guys!
Tomas rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 20. Nov 2021
Best customer services provider in the area! Stop by this place if you want to rent a camper van for your adventure in Iceland.
Son rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 09. Nov 2021
Awesome car, everything worked perfectly, guys from Affordable Campers pick us up and drop of at desired destinations in Reykjavik. Car was equipped well and even had winter tires with spikes which helped a lot! Totally recommend! :)
Jakub rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 02. Oct 2021
Excellente compagnie de location. Affordable campers sont vraiment au petit soin avec nous. Je m'étais trompé dans les dates de réservation, biensur je l'ai vue le jour même, au moment de récupérer le van, ils ne m'ont pris aucune commission supplémentaire , ils sont très arrangeant. Je recommande vraiment cette compagnie, sérieux, à l'écoute et sympathique. Avant de partir en trip, ils nous donne les "bons sites internet" pour la météo, route, volcan, camping... Ainsi que quelques astuces. Merci beaucoup grace à vous on a passé un. Merveilleux séjour dans ce si beau pays. Benjamin&Jessica
Benjamin rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 19. Sep 2021
It was very nice. A easy way to travel around iceland and experience the landscape. What we missed was a oppertunity to cook food. They gave us stuff to do that but the guy who showed us how the gas works forgot to put off the gas so the gas was empty when we wanted to cook food. But thats the only thing to complain about. Otherwise everything was good.
Alexander rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 28. Sep 2021
Daniel rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 21. Aug 2021
I loved my campervan!!! So easy to use, super comfy bed, great gas mileage!!
Marcia rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 17. Aug 2021
Everything was great: the car was in good condition, with everything we needed and the Affordable Camper’s guys are really kind and helpful.
Emanuele rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 23. Aug 2020
We had a wonderful week with our Caddy Camper EX! A great car, top service, super nice guys from AC, and an unbeatable price-performance ratio! Highly recommended and our first choice on our next trip to Iceland! Keep it up and thank you!
Torsten rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 04. Aug 2020
Mjög góður bill, æðislegt að keyra hann og gott rúmpláss. Aftur á móti gleymdi skutlarinn að ná í okkur á réttum tima, áttum bókað 9:30 en hann kom kl 11. Svo var kæliboxið fullt af grænu sulli/vökva ofaní þannig við vildum ekki notað það.
Díana rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 13. Aug 2020
The service is good, but the car is old, whose mileage has over 180000 km. So the car always broke. It’s windows lost control, the battery always broke that I can not set up the car. In half of the trip, the car alert us for maintenance. I think that such a situation shouldn’t happen. The company should check it more frequently.
Yunrui rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 13. Aug 2020
Excellent service from Affordable Campers. Very good communication before, during and after the rental period. The car is not the biggest one but we had no problem at all with the mechanics.
Denis rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 29. Jul 2020
We were very happy with the interface of the website, the responsetime of Affordable Campers and the general feeling if booking through Northbound.
Rasmus rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 26. Jul 2020
Hans dieter rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 06. Nov 2019
Affordable Campers was Excellent. I have only one minus for you: there was the information, that we will have a car at the airport or we will be driven by someone from and to the airport. But it was a bus. And the car waited for us in Reykjavik not Keflavik. We had to change our plans and the route and the place to sleep. Nethertheless generally it was ok.
Monika rented a vehicle in October 2019
Submitted 21. Oct 2019
We had a very good experience with the Caddy. Everything was well maintained and worked perfectly. It was very nice to drive, even on terrible roads (not F-roads). The reason for the 4.5 rating (and not a 5) was the over-night heater. It worked well, but it couldn't maintain a constant temperature. It was a bit of an up and down between too warm (lowest setting) and too cold to sleep with a blanket (when the heater rested). We were never cold, but that's the only point of improvement that i could think of.
Alexander rented a vehicle in October 2019
Submitted 01. Oct 2019
Love it! It felt like home after a few days. Very comfortable to sleep in AND to drive.
Bryana rented a vehicle in September 2019
Submitted 16. Sep 2019
Superb experience, they gave us a free upgrade to a newer model than the one we booked, they are nice people to deal with. Before we took off on our trip, we got some useful tips for driving and Icelandic life in general. The car was in excellent shape, we felt very confident driving it around Iceland, it had everything we needed for a care-free camping trip. I would definitely recommend Affordable Campers to anyone thinking about renting a campervan for exploring Iceland. Birgir and Robert are both very helpful and will make sure that your stay will be enjoyable, the company has a very friendly vibe. Best regards from Slovenija!
Davor rented a vehicle in August 2019

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