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Submitted 02. Dec 2022
Great car. Easy to pick up. Reasonable price.
Jiann lin rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 21. Oct 2022
The car was perfect, exactly as described and had all the additionals stated on the website.
Luis rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 24. Sep 2022
Great car. Very easy to drive with nice features. It was great to travel all around Iceland.
Aaron rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 24. Sep 2022
What a surprise “do you have a personal insurance?” The cost rise from more than 700 to more than 1000. I never see that in other countries. Please made a “all inclusive mode”
Claude rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 04. Oct 2022
Hello We strongly DO NOT recommend renting a 4X4 from FARA in Iceland. We have only had problems and fraudulent practices from this agency. The wait at the airport to pick us up and bring us to in the garage is long. Only one person to do the registration and the papers for more than half an hour, without seeing the rented car. We had 2 people in front of us. After having done the paperwork by taking the most complete and most expensive Premium insurance and having paid, we are offered a jeep with smooth tires: refusal on our part, then a jeep with a big impact on the windshield: refusal . Finally, we are offered another jeep. We leave, the car does not exceed 60km / hour. Call from the agency asking us to bring her back the next morning. The agency admits the car has a problem. He offers us another jeep, but we have to change the tires and change the oil, hence a wait of more than 2 hours. The papers are redone with the invoicing of the gasoline for the 40 kms done the day before with a car that did not work!!!! During the stay, a tire punctured: no spare wheel!!!! Premium insurance does not cover tires or repairs !!!! Repair by a garage indicated by the agency, which comes without spare wheel or tow truck, impossible to seal the tire. He returns two hours later with a tow truck: cost of the operation 2 repairs!!! The car is taken to a garage indicated by the agency to change the tire. The flat tire was mounted upside down! which could explain that it is punctured. Late in the evening, the garage says that they have to change the 2 tires because the Icelandic legislation requires that the 2 front tires be identical. We ask to change only one tire and that the garage asks the agreement of the agency the next morning for the support of the 2nd tire. The next morning, the 2 tires were changed. Impossible to leave if we do not adjust the 2 tires, but the garage assures us that the agency will reimburse us for the 2nd tire. FARA refuses reimbursement for the 2nd tire. This agency is unreliable, has fraudulent methods and abuses tourists. TO FLEE
Francis rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 18. Sep 2022
Great car, nice amenities like heated seats, heated steering wheel, Apple car play, multiple drive settings. Averaged 34 MPG over 10 days and 1500 miles.
Jeremy rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 22. Sep 2022
Yes. Car was in great shape. Customer service with Fara was very good.
Jessie rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 14. Sep 2022
Fara was great to work with! Jeep was an excellent vehicle choice for Icelandic roads.
Cassandra rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 30. Aug 2022
The car in general is good. Very comfortable, clean, and easy to drive on paved roads. Some points to take into consideration: - The Mitsubishi Multimedia system has some Android Auto issues and often stops working. It's not a big issue and is not a problem that Fara Car Rental could solve, but it's important to mention. - The car is not so appropriate for some roads, and Fara was very clear about that. If you plan to do more off-road and take some bad roads, consider getting a big 4X4. You can go with the Eclipse, but you are taking more risks. About the staff, pick up and drop process, I'm very impressed with how friendly the staff was with us.
Rafael rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 27. Aug 2022
I had a great experience with Northbound and would choose them over and over again. They were quick to reply and very helpful through the whole process.
Adam rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 30. Aug 2022
Luc rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 17. Aug 2022
It was a Mitsubishi hybrid and it worked well! Aisha was extremely helpful. Everyone was very nice -even their mechanic, who shuttled us because they wanted to get us to the airport ahead of schedule for our departure :)
Janel rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 23. Jul 2022
Арендовал автомобиль на 4 дня, все понравилось. Цены хорошие, ребята работают тоже хорошие.
Dzmitry rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 18. Jul 2022
Kino rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 23. Aug 2022
Straight forward process. Pickup was easy as could be and dropoff went without a hitch! Would definitely recommend again.
Larry rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 30. Jun 2022
Pablo rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 27. Jun 2022
Allison rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 24. Jun 2022
Asimina rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 30. Jun 2022
We ended up receiving a Mitsubishi Cross-Eclipse which is the same size and category vehicle. We had a great experience, the staff were very courteous, service was great, and the vehicle was almost new. We ended up doing the entire rind road and spent 11 days doing a lot of driving, and the car was comfortable and reliable. I would highly recommend Northbound and Fara.
Roy rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 27. May 2022
My whole experience with Northbound great. Fara took sometime to check us in and give us a rental car as there was some computer problem and information were not transmitted from Northbound to Fara. However, Fara did allow us to keep car for an extra hour to make up the lost time. They did provide excellent airport pick-up and drop-off service.
Mohan rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 31. May 2022
Hello. My name is Daniel and I rented a car with this company (Jeep Renegade) I PAID to take it outside the established hours. I call to be picked up at Kefkavik airport and they don't pick up the phone and I get an answering machine. After calling a dozen times, we decided to go to the Hotel the 5 people with the cost of traveling to Reykjavík, where we were staying that night. The next day I call during office hours and now they pick up the phone and tell me that they will compensate me financially for what happened because of the company. With the rental, I contract the PREMIUM insurance (includes everything), the car suffers a breakdown, I call and they tell me to take care of it and then they will pay me (because I am 700km from Keflavik). I arrive and return it and they tell me that everything is fine. And they tell me that to receive the compensation they will contact me. No one has sent me an email, nor has anyone called me. I recommend not contracting with this company, they are very unserious and deceive you. In a serious and honorable country like Iceland, these companies give a very bad image.
Daniel rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 25. May 2022
Fara rental company is reliable. The employees are very friendly and thorough. The car that I rented was really great, with wifi that eased navigating Iceland.
Carlos rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 30. Apr 2022
Fara was an excellent company to rent from. The whole process was smooth and easy. Before my trip I reached out to extend my dates and they willing to help me out. On site every was lovely and easy to talk to. I would definitely rent from them again.
Jeanne rented a vehicle in April 2022
Submitted 04. Apr 2022
Car was perfect. It made our vacation that much better knowing we had reliable transportation. Thank You
Gerald rented a vehicle in March 2022
Submitted 31. Mar 2022
Great service
Matthew rented a vehicle in March 2022

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