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90 reviews for Ice Rental Cars

Verified reviews from our customers that rented a car from Ice Rental Cars

Submitted 01. Jul 2021
The car given was beat all to hell - but it ran perfectly, and we had zero issues. You get what you pay for in this instance - a car that works just fine, but is not very nice cosmetically. All in all - we were very happy with our experience.
Charlotte rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 12. May 2021
Excellent services
Ciprian rented a vehicle in May 2021
Submitted 13. May 2021
The people at the desk were welcoming, the papers were already done when i got there, it all went fast and i got plenty of info, enough to drive safe in Iceland. The price was good, i got an upgrade, and when i dropped the car of, it all went smooth.
Vlad rented a vehicle in May 2021
Submitted 23. Aug 2020
Everything was very good.
Ina rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 26. Aug 2020
We didnt got Jimny we specifically were looking for but got Dacia Duster which was disappointed. Also because we saw Duster 10.000ISK cheaper at your site and 20.000ISK cheaper at other sites so this was definitely downgrade for us. Also the car wasn't in good condition.
Marek rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 15. Aug 2020
Car was perfectly fine, service as well. The only concern/feedback I’ve got is about rental company signboards, and actual rental company name. It was different on the website and emails, different od the buildings, different in rental papers when picking up the car. Didn’t saw “Northbound” signboards on the building where I pick the car from which was not big issue at all, but didn’t find in as well when drop the car at the airport which was bigger concern as I wasn’t sure If I drop the car/leave the key in right spot. It was bit confusing especially when being in the rush to make up for the plane. Better visual/company name communication would be a great thing for customers :) other than that it was very good experience in general.
Lukasz rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 19. Aug 2020
suzuki did not work: no power and the door in the back was locked. The receptionist have changed the car. The shuttle was not available from airport to rental office and we waited about 40 minutes to starting the service
Giorgio rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 13. Mar 2020
Our dented car ran well: it suited its purpose if getting us to Reykjavík and then back to the airport. Would be nice if the people in the office knew what a smile was....maybe their fear of covid-19 has them seeming cold and unable to come around from behind the desk.
Jana rented a vehicle in March 2020
Submitted 03. Mar 2020
I took platinum care for peace of mind and I was happy driving. the only thing which surprised me AFTER payment was a list of exclusions fr total package, for example insurance excluded assistance and rollover and doors blown by wind. this was not mentioned. anyways the car was fine but had few dents before rental and bumpers were not in perfect state and driver door had some issue closing. I believe that this was because I took the full insurance so company did not want to give their best car. for 140eur per 2 days I would expect a bit more. regards northbound all was fine.
Tomasz wieslaw rented a vehicle in February 2020
Submitted 01. Mar 2020
Robust and safe car for Iceland in the winter with snow.
Reinoud rented a vehicle in February 2020
Submitted 09. Feb 2020
the experience is perfect,the car we got is actually better then the car we saw on the website,and the process of getting car is very simple and fast.
Bian rented a vehicle in February 2020
Submitted 30. Jan 2020
We got a Hyundai.i30 and this car was amazign. In really good condition. Really comfortable drive! Thank you. In 2017 we had a Qashqai for 2 weeks and it was also without problems :)
Jakub rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 08. Jan 2020
We were given a land cruiser and were happy with that.
Doug rented a vehicle in December 2019
Submitted 05. Jan 2020
Efficient service both collecting and returning the car. Shuttle bus to and from terminal was straightforward too.
Alexander rented a vehicle in December 2019
Submitted 28. Dec 2019
Did not get the VW polo as advised.
Andrew rented a vehicle in December 2019
Submitted 06. Dec 2019
Abdo rented a vehicle in December 2019
Submitted 30. Sep 2019
Really good! Very professional, picking up the car was simple. Returning the car was a little more difficult - they were extremely busy and it was quite a wait to return the keys and get the car checked over. Not their fault - it just shows how popular they are.
James rented a vehicle in September 2019
Submitted 09. Oct 2019
It was a good car and worked for what we needed
Coleen rented a vehicle in September 2019
Submitted 17. Sep 2019
Very suitable for the purpose it was chosen.
Stanislav rented a vehicle in September 2019
Submitted 01. Dec 2018
Hi Runar, in the end the vehicle offered was a Ford C-max, not really what I needed with 6 adults, 5 of whom in their 50's, but your staff were excellent, especially at 5 in the morning and switched to a Toyota Pro ace 8-seater that was perfect for us, exactly what I was hoping for. Perhaps Canadian vehicles are larger and I was not familiar with the European models. Thanks for your great service!!
Keith rented a vehicle in November 2018
Submitted 01. Nov 2018
Great experience with the rental . Amazing customer service.
Kate rented a vehicle in October 2018
Submitted 10. Oct 2018
Overall a good experieince. We had trouble finding the Ice Rental rep in the arrivals area. He was not wearing anything related to Ice Rental nor carrying a board with the company name. Checkin and out counter service was good. No problem with the car but the Garmin seemed like it required an update. We had to resort to using the GPS on our phone (so why did we pay for the Garmin?).
Jaswant rented a vehicle in October 2018
Submitted 31. Oct 2018
not satisfactory
Harish rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 23. Sep 2018
Margaret rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 18. Sep 2018
This was a very decent car. It “fits 7” but it doesn’t fit 7 and their luggage. So really the car fits 5 with minimal luggage. However, I can’t say enough good about the staff- they were incredible helpful and friendly.
Jaime rented a vehicle in September 2018

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