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Cheap Campervans, a family-operated business, is highly regarded by customers for its range of quality vehicles, including 4x4s with rooftop tents and fuel-efficient Dacia Dokker vans. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in the reviews, with customers frequently praising the excellent service, the reliability of the vehicles, and the overall value for money. The friendly and helpful staff, ease of booking, and prompt responses to queries are also consistently highlighted.

When you book your Cheap Campervans rental through Northbound, you're choosing a supplier that is well-loved by customers for its high-quality service and vehicles.


57 total reviews

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Submitted 11. Jun 2024
The 2019 Dacia Dokker from Cheap Campervans was a great deal and worked well. The one week rental cost less than two taxi trips in Iceland. Pickup from the airport is confusing as you have to find the representative among many others at the airport exit. It is best to phone the booking number once you arrive at the airport exit to confirm a pickup time. Also, Cheap Campervans rents camping gear, so get it all in one place to save time.
Edward rented a vehicle in June 2024
Submitted 11. May 2024
Fenja rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 27. Oct 2023
The camper van worked just fine for our needs. We were comfortable in it for a 2 week trip. Everything went very smoothly with northbound and cheap campervans. We were very happy with the great deal we got too!
Shauna rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 28. Sep 2023
Viviana rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 12. Jul 2023
Alessandro rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 20. Jan 2023
Excellent service, on time and no problems with car. It was a but if a tin can but comfy, warm and reliable. Can't fault it
Michael rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 14. Dec 2022
Fabulous, we were picked up from the airport exactly on time and taken to the hire depot, to be shown the car amd go through paperwork. Everyone was super friendly, offered hot drinks whislt we went through it amd was given thorough and helpful advice. The Duster was a fab 4x4 to get us around the south of Iceland safely and comfortably. At the end of the 5 days we returned it back and shuttled back to the airport. I would recommend this company and would use again.
Helen rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 13. Oct 2022
Súper easy to book the car, the service was exceptional, any email they answered almost immediately. You're on the good way, keep it up. Pura Vida 🇨🇷 from Costa Rica 🇨🇷
Oscar rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 22. Sep 2022
Very good service! Everything ok. Best price I could find.
Javier rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 15. Sep 2022
Our experience was fantastic! they recieved us with a coffe cup and cookies, so cool!
Jorge rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 06. Sep 2022
Great rental. Came with almost everything you would need for 2 weeks. Has some electronic issues, but Jon resolved when we returned.
Leona rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 13. Aug 2022
We loved the freedom of the campervan and being on the road in Iceland. We chose this version as it was the 'cheapest', but looking at other vans which were slightly larger but didn't seem to offer much more space, so we were happy with our choice. The downside was there was no where to sit in bad weather apart from the driver and passenger seats. The wifi in the van was excellent, but the satnav needed updated as it didn't recognise some roads. We were collected from the airport, given instructions and were on the road within an hour of landing and the pick up location is close to a supermarket. Staff at office were very helpful
Martin rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 16. Aug 2022
The windscreen of the car was dirty in and outside, so we had to stop and clean as the rain sets in. The gearbox light was on orange all times and the wire of the right rear brake was not fixed properly. There was a spinning noise with speed between 60 and 70 km/h, otherwise the car did the job without any brake downs. The staff was very friendly and helpful.
Christoph rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 12. Jul 2022
Everything went as expected with the rented car.
Giedrius rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 09. Jun 2022
It was an amazing campervan with a complete equipment. We dos nota have problems to rent It from website and all the employments are kilndly. In their shop, they have all that you Will need to enjoy your Road trip. I Wil repeat with them this amazing experience
Ivan rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 01. Jun 2022
It was a great experience my road trip around Iceland with car from "cheap campervans" The renting is really cheap, almost the half amount from the other companies!
Georgios rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 25. May 2022
We were very pleased with the van. Easy to maneuver and very fuel efficient. Comfortable sleeping
Richard rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 23. May 2022
Martin rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 23. Apr 2022
Excellent vehicle and excellent service, staff very helpful and freindly.
Christopher rented a vehicle in April 2022
Submitted 19. Mar 2022
Sadly the rental car was not in the best condition. The rooftent was very hard to open and close and one of the engine warning lights was on when we got the car. Also one of the supporting pistons inside the tent was fixed with duck tape. It broke completely during our journey. The service support we got through cheap however was amazingly fast, direct and uncomplicated. All in all the trip was filled with challenges we luckily overcame. Service was great, but it wouldn't be needed if the car was better. In my opinion some tools like a jumper cable should also be in all cars during winter.
Joscha rented a vehicle in March 2022
Submitted 28. Feb 2022
The car was amazing. I never once felt in danger while driving it regardless of whatever conditions Iceland tried to throw at us. The Duster also gets 65mpg which is totally unheard of in America so I have nothing but great reviews.
Sean rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 13. Feb 2022
The car was really very practical and absolutely sufficient even in hard winter conditions. The winter tires did good job on roads with snow – only one icy mountain road we could not make. Driving was really funny – equipment very useful – sleeping area quite fine if you are not more than 175cm. Highly recommended car type and rental agency – especially price 4 value was perfect.
Markus rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 23. Jan 2022
Hi there, car was perfect for all we did. The team very nice, special nomination to Benjamin and Ann. Thanks for all.
Enrique rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 17. Jan 2022
I had an excellent experience with Cheap Campervans. The vehicle was clean and included equipment was in excellent condition. Best customer service I have experienced from a car rental company ever as they went out of their way to accommodate my requests after working hours. Highly recommended.
Joseph rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 19. Nov 2021
Perfect van life
Apolline rented a vehicle in November 2021

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