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Go Iceland Car Rental is a well-established service that offers a wide range of vehicles to suit various travel needs in Iceland. Whether you're looking for a small, mid-size, or large car, a 4WD SUV for rough terrains, or a camper for a unique travel experience, Go Iceland has got you covered. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the numerous positive reviews they've received on Northbound. Customers have praised the quality of their vehicles, the smooth rental process, and the excellent condition of the cars upon pickup. They've also appreciated the company's transparency and the value for money they received.

Rent from Go Iceland Car Rental through Northbound for a reliable and enjoyable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland.


373 total reviews
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Submitted 25. Nov 2023
We ended up with the Jeep Renegade instead which was a delight to drive around, the only problem we had with it was the electric side which was really slow to charge and an adapter was provided to be able to charge the car at any charging station.
Gideon rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 27. Nov 2023
I was satisfied with the car. At first it was a little bit of fighting as I'm used to drive a stronger diesel car and this was a petrol, but the learning curve was smooth and in the end I enjoyed the ride. The pickup was smooth, I was early on the airport but the earlier pickup was not a problem. The dropoff was a little bit tricky as there are many car rental companies close to each other and at first I could not find the adress but after a call to the staff I found the location. One note, you should be more specific about the deposit and the insurance as on my voucher it was mentioned, that no deposit is required at pickup but as I learned, I had to choose between giving deposit or buying a higher insurance. As I did not have a credit card with me I had to buy the insurance. On the other hand, the insurance was well worth it as I had a small crack on the windscreen from a gravel from a passing truck.
Roland rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 24. Nov 2023
The car was great and the trip went smooth.. however I need to point out 2 (quite important) things to improve: 1) when I booked, I used American Express as Credit Card on Norhtbound website, but 2 weeks before the trip, the Car dealer sent an email with the list of accepted Credit Card and Amex was not in there! So stressful as 2 weeks are not enough to get another Credit Card. Luckly, the car dealer accepted Debit Card too. 2) long queue at the car dealer (only one person doing all the check in and check out!)
Fabrizio rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 20. Nov 2023
Grzegorz rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 19. Nov 2023
Very Good
The Duster was a brilliant car, will definitely hire one again when we return to Iceland in the future.
Julian rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 17. Nov 2023
Tomasz rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 17. Nov 2023
Great vehicle , but what was even better eas a staff member noticed the company I booked with would be closed when I arrived and they helped me find another company and car right away!!
Andrew rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 14. Nov 2023
Hello, firstly thank you for your rental we thoroughly got to enjoy Iceland due to the vehicle we rented. you run a very professional service. Upon arrival, we received a prompt shuttle service and at the office we met a lovely lady who aas helpful, kind, and extremely professional we were very grateful for how effortless she made the process, the vehicle itself was of reasonable condition, and was clean enough inside, though could have been cleaner. It was the vehicle we ordered and we were happy with how it preformed. Before returning the vehicle we vacuumed, and washed the inside throughly as there was some sand from your beautiful balck sand beaches and put an air freshener inside. It was a late night (3.00am) return and I had a little difficulty finding the office, when I called the office for help I received a very polite and helpful guidance from an employee to get the appropriate directions. Just as I was about to leave I was approached by a very rude employee who was acusing me of smoking in the vehicle, this upset me greatly as it was a false accusation, I did have used cigarette ends in my pocket, so as not to litter in areas that did not have trash cans so I could understand and accept that perhaps there could have been a smell of cigarettes. I do not accept the attitude of your employee who spoke to me on the issue. I am a very professional person and conduct myself as such. Your employee was extremely rude, almost aggressive in his language and was overly dismissive towards me,speaking to me like I was a child when I politely tried to explain, this interaction very much upset me and I left your office feeling angry and belittled for something that was based on false accusation. The employee who drove the airport shuttle was very nice,polite and friendly and made up for the ignorance of the staff member I delt with in the office. Thank you for a mostly good service, I would not leave this one negative interaction stop me from renting with you again, the customer service received was 10 out of 10 other than this employee, it would be great if this employee could reach the high standard set by his colleagues in the future. Many thanks, Dave from Crosscare
Crosscare rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 04. Nov 2023
We were a group of four adults, touring the south west, it was a perfect sized vehicle for us. There was an issue with a rear seat belt which unfortunately wasn’t rectified.
Gary rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 05. Nov 2023
It was the perfect solution for us
Davide rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 06. Nov 2023
I am very satisfied with the car I chosen (Dacia Duster Manual). It worked perfectly on Icelandic roads, was very comfortable and in perfect technical condition. The service at Go Iceland is very professional. Before we picked up the car, we received a lot of helpful information about driving on Icelandic roads and safety. I can definitely recommend this company and I will use their services in the future.
Karolina rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 03. Nov 2023
Sein rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 02. Nov 2023
Davide rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 04. Nov 2023
Very Good
Sarah rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 30. Oct 2023
Hi, I have just a trouble with the rear left tire : it low pressure the day after we rent this car. I blew up regularly during the week, but I was oblige to change it with the spare wheel, the day before we return this car. May be it's a small puncture, may be a trouble with the valve, but I am responsible of that, and I don't want pay anything. Discussion with your employee was not friendly because he wanted me to pay the whole tire. He rents me a GPS, but it was already in the car ! Nevertheless, it was a very good car, clean, pick up to the airport at time and your country is marvelous Bernard Moyroud
Bernard rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 30. Oct 2023
The vehicle was very satisfactory. It is essential to have 4 wheel drive. Everyone from airport pick up to to check in and return we’re Very helpful and kind.
Timothy rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 15. Oct 2023
Bastian rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 06. Oct 2023
It was great. I rented the car for 10 days. It was very easy to use. The gas tank was only 25 liters so it was only giving me a range of 400km per full tank.
Alper rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 04. Oct 2023
Lucie rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 01. Oct 2023
La experiencia ha sido muy buena, nos recogieron en el aeropuerto y nos llevaron a la oficina, menos de 5 minutos, el conductor nos dio recomendaciones para ver las auroras incluso. En la oficina como llevábamos el seguro incluido, nos explicaron el túnel que se paga en Akureyri y listo, muy rápido. Nos dieron un Mazda CX 5 con 3 meses y 22.000 km. Muy recomendable,ya que el seguro se podía contratar directamente con Go Iceland y en Islandia conducir sin el es una locura, las piedras van dando golpes a todo el coche, nada más salir se nos hizo un pequeño piquete en la luna delantera...
Lucia rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 25. Sep 2023
Very good
Martina rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 24. Sep 2023
Fabian rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 02. Oct 2023
Nikolaos rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 27. Sep 2023
Very Good
Tomas rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 23. Sep 2023
Very Good
Adrian rented a vehicle in September 2023

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