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Submitted 02. Sep 2019
Highly recommend renting a car from this dealer. They were agile and met up to the appointed place and time. There was the Marathon in Reykjavik this weekend and the dealer helped us with all the convenience since the city was closed. Recommended!
Ole jørgen rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 26. Aug 2019
Cernko rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 23. Aug 2019
The service was good, we liked the car. It was a very positive experience.
Vincent rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 15. Aug 2019
we got hyundai i10 instead but its okay.
Kasidej rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 26. Jul 2019
We were given a small Toyota and the car was great. It was very busy at check-in,but we didn't have to wait too long. It would have been nice just to have been given a small map for exiting the airport, but only large maps were available for a fee. The car return was fast and efficient, it was not at a peak time. The staff were very friendly!
Henry rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 23. Jul 2019
We hired a 4x4 for 10 days from Northbound and had no difficulties over the course of the rental. The staff were helpful and patient.
Roger rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 28. Jun 2019
Steven rented a vehicle in June 2019
Submitted 20. Mar 2019
James rented a vehicle in March 2019
Submitted 21. Mar 2019
We've been given a car in the same category (Hyundai I-20, automatic). The experience was good, easy and quick pick up of the car and easy drop off on our last day. We got all necessary information from both the car rental company and Northbound. I'd definitely recommend to use Northbound is you travel to Iceland!
Alicja rented a vehicle in March 2019
Submitted 22. Feb 2019
Northbound is fine... but Geysir Car Rental? Let me tell and you decide. We had a car breakdown near Geysir Hot Spring Area and they didn't send a mechanic, asked us to find volunteers with cars/cables nearby. While talking they asked where we were from...As if this was related to the situation...After 4 hours, they finally sent the mechanic, after several phone calls which most of them they did not pick up.It was really hard to reach them on phone & mail. They did not call us back - not even once to check on us. I mean, if we had been in the middle of a road and not near a touristic area, probably we were frozen waiting.I can't recommend Geysir Car Rental company to anyone having experienced such an incident.
Pelin rented a vehicle in February 2019
Submitted 29. Oct 2018
Great rental experience with Geysir and Northbound. Really easy to pick up and return in central Reykjavik meaning no need for buses to rental locations. Super friendly service and a quality car that was perfect for our trip (Golden Circle).
Dee rented a vehicle in October 2018
Submitted 12. Oct 2018
Service was quick and easy. Car ran great! Great value.
Alexander rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 06. Sep 2018
The car itself was very good and trustworthy. I had a small problem that i had with the car and the guy in the office took it very seriously. Other then the small problem the car and the services were really good.
Tomer rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 27. Aug 2018
New car, good on gas mileage.
Antonio rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 30. Aug 2018
Easy process and reasonable price plus great customer service on site at the airport.
Christopher rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 19. Aug 2018
It was smooth and easy! Since I had done everything online beforehand, I basically just had to sign some more papers and present my valid license and then they gave me the keys. The facility was nice with guest WiFi and chargers for me to use while I waited to be assisted.
Emily rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 27. Aug 2018
When we arrived Geysirs premises, it was rather caotic inside. The staff were anonymus, we could not recognize them. And when we at last understood who were the staff, they seemed to have a lot of time doing nothing for the many customers, who had qued up. No general information was given. We waited more than 1 hr. getting our car. The second day of the hire, we punctuated on a mountain road. The car showed to have no spare wheel, only a simple sealing repair set which not could help us. We waited more than 2 hrs. for the roadside service. We got very good help Next day we were offered another car from Geysir, a Toyota Landcruiser, which we had to pick up outside our planned route. The car was allright and equipped with a neccesary spare wheel. We got no inspection form for the New car. The car was very suitable for Our purpose. Northbound should revue Geysirs routines for handling customers. The staff should be recognizeable wearing "official" clothes, and when customers has to wait, they should inform them, and increase the staff capasity.
Einar biørn rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 09. Sep 2018
Easy pick up and drop off. No issues with the car, straightforward car rental.
Dekker rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 07. Sep 2018
Dear Northbound I choose you, due to the best price. I found the service at northbound very fine, but I do have a couple of comments to Geysir car rental. First of all I was charged the partial payment twice, both when I booked the car, and payed the remaining amount when I picked up the car. I got the money back, but of course this was still a small point of annoyance. I tried to point out this to the guy at the rental service, but his level of engagement didn’t show that he cared. In general the guy was not very engaging and most of all gave the feeling that he didn’t want to be there. He didn’t smile at any point. Except for these things I’m happy with the service, and would defiantly consider using your company again.
Charles rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 26. Aug 2018
Very good experience. Easy and convenient
James rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 09. Aug 2018
Great little car, very easy to get around in the city and comfortable enough to travel in.
Michael rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 01. Aug 2018
Very good experience! Car was pretty new, (Toyota LC150) onl y 25.000 km. Fast pick up and drop off! Helpful employee I don't put 5 stars on rating just because tires were really too much worn, expecially front ones. They also were old (I can see many fissures in the rubber) and not quality tires (made in China). Apart tires, great experience and great price. I will rent again from Northbound surely.
Fabio rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 22. Aug 2018
Everything went very smoothly! I also appreciate the great service with cancelling my first car order to upgrade to a different vehicle. If I come back to Iceland I will 100% use Northbound again
Sanjay rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 29. Jul 2018
Our car rental with Geysir was exemplary. The vehicle was a new automatic Hilux which was in perfect condition, and drove exceptionally well on the F roads, in addition to other rough Icelandic roads. Having a 4WD not only gave us access to beautiful places, but gave us confidence and safety on some of the more slippery dirt roads when driving in the rain. This was my fourth trip to Iceland, and I will be straight back to Geysir for my next rental.
Damian rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 28. Jul 2018
The experience was great. After making the initial booking I wanted to add another day to the rental. Runar was in contact with me from the start. My request to change the rental period was processed within an hour or so and I experienced no issues on arrival in Iceland. The service from Geysir Car Rental was also ok. We were given a bigger car (Dacia Logan) instead. The car had a couple of more damages than listed on the agreement. I took lots of pictures and videos of the damages when I picked up the car because I had read many stories about rental companies making a fuss about every little thing. But since I had the standard insurance package I was somewhat lax about reporting these. At the time of return I was again expecting them to make an issue about those previously existing tiny dents but I had no issues what so ever. The payment process as well as the service was smooth. I would recommend it to anybody planning to explore Iceland by road.
Fizza rented a vehicle in July 2018

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