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About, a leading camper van rental service in Iceland, offers a unique and flexible way to explore the country's stunning landscapes. Their range of vehicles, from compact campers to spacious RVs, caters to various travel needs and preferences. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, provides 24/7 road assistance, ensuring a safe and hassle-free journey for their clients.

Northbound's reviews of highlight the company's reliable service and well-maintained vehicles. Customers appreciate the freedom to explore Iceland at their own pace, with many praising the convenience of having a comfortable place to sleep after a day of adventure., through Northbound, offers a unique way to experience Iceland, combining transportation and accommodation into one convenient package. Whether you're chasing the Northern Lights or bathing in geothermal pools, makes it possible to create your own Icelandic adventure.


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Submitted 18. Sep 2023
Personale molto gentile, furgone comodo sia per viaggiare che per dormire (noi eravamo in 3 e siamo state molto comode). Consiglio l'assicurazione full
Erica rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 14. Sep 2023
The Dacia Duster from was good . The service from was very very good. The sleeping bags were up to the needs AKA they were confy and warm. The camping items were fine. I especially loved they gave me two gas canisters.
Graziano rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 12. Sep 2023
Duster performed well on gravel and f-roads. Fuels economy was also ok.
Argo rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 19. Sep 2023
Very Good
Hallo Ivar, wir haben zwar einen Renault gebucht, jedoch haben wir dann einen Nissan NV 200 Diesel erhalten. Das Fahrzeug hatte schon 266.000 km und einige Dellen - fuhr jedoch zuverlässig mit geringen Verbrauch von 4,7 l/100 km. Wir hatten einen Converter mitgebucht , jedoch erst später gemerkt, dass dieser nicht mitgeliefert wurde. Von daher fiel uns auf, dass der USB Anschluss im Cockpit nicht funktionierte. Die Campingausstattung war in Ordnung. Bei Außentemperaturen um den Gefrierpunkt haben wir nicht gefroren, dank der Standheizung. Der Nissan wurde unser Freund und für einen Road-trip auf Island perfekt. Wir würden bei immer wieder buchen.
Sylke rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 07. Sep 2023
Hi, the car took us on the journey we needed to complete. However it was disappointing that it had a huge crack in the windshield for our safety but also because the previous users would have had to pay for the damages that weren't repaired. I assume they will be using our insurance payment to repair the damages which is quite disappointed. We were given a vehicle that during the course of the 10 days we hired it; needed a service, battery change for the keys, back light check, tyre pressure check, the zips were broken for the storage, there was a flap of plastic underneath the car from previous damage, the heater was one setting and was far too hot and the fridge didn't cool our food. When you hire a vehicle that is worth more than my accommodation for an entire month we expect it to be checked for our safety and comfort and we didn't feel this was the case.
Ahmad rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 02. Sep 2023
Old car from 2016, Km 223.390. They said it was a 2020 model! The condition of the car was bad, The tent was difficult to close down. The tent was leaky, on the right side. Clothes and 1 Sleepingbag got wet. The sleeping bags could have been warmer. The windshield wiper was worn and should have been replaced. We were surprised to see that a "camper" was basically a car with a box of kitchen utensils and a box with one cooking stove. At the office, they recommended us not to drive F road through water as the "full cover" insurance did not cover of water damages or damages to the chassis. And we could se, that the car was in no condition or had the height to drive over river at the F roads.(We could have rent a normal vw California) The pick up at the airport was terrible. We had to leave the grandparents 83 and 80 years old, outside the airport, they were told, that they would be pick up with the next car. But at the rental office, we were told to drive to the airport ourself to pick up the grandparents. They had to wait 40 min outside with all our luggage. On rainy days we had to book rooms at a hotel. Several more things to say but these are the most important things.
Gitte rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 06. Sep 2023
It was old, rusted and rickety, but It bring us trough Island reliable.
Susan rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 25. Aug 2023
Cracked windscreen on pick up & bottom panel fell off after 250 miles on good roads. Had a flat tire too & slow & grumpy on responding. Positive note, call out to fix bottom panel smooth. Disappointing but OK experience but expect more.
Richard rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 27. Aug 2023
Am so sorry to write down about what I expected to get and once I arrived to I got a completely different campervan where nothing worked correctly accept engine and breaks. I had feeling of renting a campervan from car demolition and quickly fixed to rent it out. BTW I didn't get what I booked and the customer service person didn't even like doing his job to explain how things works. I had a primum insurance and it might be handy to fix a lot of stuff in that car to improve its conditions.
Moustafa kamel rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 29. Aug 2023
Our car was fine, not so much clean but enough for us. Unfortunately we broke two tires but the insurance has covered every expense. The Custer support was brilliant and fast. Suggested
Elisa rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 20. Aug 2023
The van camping was the best way to experience everything. It was easy to drive and amenities were convenient. Wi-Fi worked amazingly fast. We were able to go when we pleased as close to the places we wanted to see. Best idea ever.
Zarah rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 23. Aug 2023
Very Good
Good car and we enjoyed the tent on the roof, quick and confortable. A lot of material in the car: kitchen items, fridge etc...
David rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 28. Aug 2023
It was a good experience but the condition of the car was not great. It had many scratches and bumps all around which wasn’t repaired. We also paied extra for wi fi but it didn’t work at all. Last day a rock hit our windshield and made a very small crack. Unfortunately we paied 800€ because we didnt have any insurance. If this much money is asked just for a small crack why aren’t they repairing the condition of the car. Stuff was very polite and paitent with us but this repirment price was deffinetly overexpensive.
Asli rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 20. Aug 2023
Yes, everything’s ok. We drive for something like 2000km and we like every km. The description correspond to the service and the minivan of
Marco rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 16. Aug 2023
Everything about our experience with was excellent. We were met at the airport (which was mayhem, btw) and taken on the short trip to the rental office where we were shown our vehicle, a 2022 Renault Trafic. It was very well equipped, convenient and comfortable. It had real pull in engine power and was great for overtaking up to the general speed limit of 90kph. The advantages of being able to stay and sleep on any of the numerous campsites around the island are many and it’s definitely the best way to get the most from a short visit. We slept very well on the comfortable bed, and the thermostatically controlled warm air heater was perfect. I wholly recommend using a camper van for a visit to Iceland, and could not be better.
David rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 16. Aug 2023
Marta rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 05. Sep 2023
I didn‘t get an Kangoo Camper, but simular an Fiat Doblo with nearly 160.000 km. The left sliding-door was always stucking…. But generally this car did a good job! What was really disgusting, is, that the bed-sheet was dirty - better not to think about the sleeping bags!! The equipment for cooking was only partially as described, a lot was missing. Nevertheless we had a beautiful time on a beautiful island.
Heike rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 18. Aug 2023
Very Good
Hallo, it was good
Marius jacek rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 13. Aug 2023
Very nice roadtrip with my 2 sons a week discover Iceland We adore it and everythink was perfecto in the van especially thé higher model because we 3 are tall !
Diane rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 23. Aug 2023
The experience with the car was great! The only bad thing was that the front window had a chip and one wheel only had four bolts. In the tyre change kit, the key to change the tyre was missing. Fortunately, it all worked out well!
Michele rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 07. Aug 2023
Tomasz rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 03. Aug 2023
Good car with every equipment (chair, table, gas, fridge..); only the Sun shades to close the windows at night are too old and ruined.
Valentina rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 29. Jul 2023
The Renault was very basic but clean and we had zero issues with maintenance or items that were supplied inside.
Kenneth rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 25. Jul 2023
Really good and well equipped car for driving around and seeing Iceland. I'd definitely recommend.
Andrzej rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 30. Jul 2023
Very Good
Johann rented a vehicle in July 2023

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