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About, a leading camper van rental service in Iceland, offers a unique and flexible way to explore the country's stunning landscapes. Their range of vehicles, from compact campers to spacious RVs, caters to various travel needs and preferences. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, provides 24/7 road assistance, ensuring a safe and hassle-free journey for their clients.

Northbound's reviews of highlight the company's reliable service and well-maintained vehicles. Customers appreciate the freedom to explore Iceland at their own pace, with many praising the convenience of having a comfortable place to sleep after a day of adventure., through Northbound, offers a unique way to experience Iceland, combining transportation and accommodation into one convenient package. Whether you're chasing the Northern Lights or bathing in geothermal pools, makes it possible to create your own Icelandic adventure.


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Submitted 20. Mar 2024
The van given to us was a Fiat Doblo Maxi instead of Renault Kangoo we ordered. Didn't let us know why the change. I didn't choose the Fiat cause of the way you get it sleeping area was too high. Didn't gave an option to upgrade. The Van has a few issues, but because of our tight schedule we continue use it as there was no breakdown. 1. The right passenger door was already damaged, making loud noise when opening. The door has no detent to hold it, making it easily open by light winds. 2. After using the van for 2 days, engine light on. 3. The steering is alignment off. When in straight position the van will move slightly to the left. Pick and drop off was excellent. 1 thing i like about Northbound, is their customer support is the best. 2 thumbs up for Harpa, assisting me all the way. Even though, there's some bitterness from, i wouldn't blame it on Northbound.
Kenneth rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 11. Mar 2024
I got another car and that was very nice.
Margaretha rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 13. Mar 2024
Yes it was absolutely perfect, under every point of view. Efficient, not too big, not too small, good engine, clean and easy to drive. Simply perfect for me and my daughter
Laura rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 12. Mar 2024
Very welcoming, no deposit was the dealmaker for us. Very pleasant and professional received and the car was super comfortable!
Bart rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 09. Mar 2024
The car we had was really nice and fully satisfied us. If you rent the car in winter you should definitely consider that you need a camping place with electricity for every night as the car has no parking heater. But the external heaters which come along with the car did a good job! Also you should consider during winter, that the car doesn’t have 4-wheel drive, so you gotta drive more carefully around the island than with other cars. The Doblo itself had no flaws and was super clean. The only two small negative things to say about it have been that our gas bottles, which came along with the equipment, have both been empty right away from the start and that there is no real door handle inside the car which made it kind of hard to close it from the inside. But overall we were really satisfied and would recommend the car!
Luca rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 12. Feb 2024
The car had a problem with the right door of the car, but Rent.Is have been very helpfull and emphatic about that and i really apreciate that.
Luka rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 22. Jan 2024
Daniel rented a vehicle in January 2024
Submitted 09. Jan 2024
Using a campervan to travel around Iceland was the best way to see the entire country during our stay. I just wish we had went with a different rental company. To begin, they told us that we could use the camper battery to heat the van at night, while the engine was off and it should last 8 hours but it only lasted about 1 hour before the battery got below half charge, so we were cold the ENTIRE night, every night. Then, we would have to turn the car on to reheat the van in the middle of the night. One night, the battery of the van died while the car was still running (likely indicating there was something deeper wrong with the van). We called the 24 hour number to get assistance from the roadside assistance we PAID to have at our service and we were directed to find someone closer to us with jumper cables because they would have to charge more with it being after hours because it was 2am. So we just paid a local tow company $170 rather than use the 24-hour service to help jump our van. We were never reimbursed for this, when it was clearly an issue with their van and not us leaving the battery on when the engine was still running. To top it all off, a small crack was made in the windshield. We knew that this would need to be replaced but, again, we paid for insurance so no worries, right? WRONG! We were charger $870 to replace the windshield and told that you make the insurance claim later to get your money back. They said we would need to call back and request the final invoice to submit to the insurance and they would not just send it over to us. They had to make an ‘incident report’ about the windshield and this process to an additional 1.5 hours because they were busy and chaotic. Thankfully we allotted for extra time before our flight because this was not extra time that people normally would expect to spend dealing with a rental return. We also found traces of rodents living in the van at some point (hopefully not while we were in it) but the pillows had chew marks in it and there was chewed paper on the floor of the van that appeared to be a nest, along with fecal matter than we had to clean. I would advise you NEVER use this company for your rental needs. Please look into any other option for Campervans to see this beautiful country.
Madison rented a vehicle in January 2024
Submitted 11. Jan 2024
Passenger door was broken and we ended up having to switch vehicles the next day
Bryan rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 03. Jan 2024
Fue excelente en todo 7 días en Islandia y fue maravilloso ese vehículo en todo 100% recomendado gracias
Hanz rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 27. Nov 2023
Logan rented a vehicle in November 2023
Submitted 24. Oct 2023
Overall good, but there were some things that I think because of the price to value I will add in here. The vehicle smelt of smoke and the bedsheets had holes in them.
Meg rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 23. Oct 2023
We had a great experience! The van was clean and stocked with everything we needed, the staff was helpful and made sure we were prepared and answered all our questions.
Sara rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 23. Oct 2023
Its a fantastic car to drive. A bit thirsty though. There was a gas stove in the car, with an almost empty bottle. We asked at the Office Why it was empty, and they told u’s to either get a new one, or use the portable stove. They said a new bottle was very expensive, and it was cheaper to use the portable stove. I Think a gas bottle should be included when You rent a car like this. We would gladly have plaid a bit more, instead of being forces to buy an expensive bottle, that would last for months.
Karsten neve rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 21. Oct 2023
The vehicle was great. I think it should be worth mentioning that when filling out your information that you should put a number that you can be reached at and that you will be reached at this number. Then if you cant get ahold of the customer the email on file should be used.
Doreen rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 10. Oct 2023
Everything was good, thank you.
Ieva rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 13. Oct 2023
The car itself was very good. The camper, however, was not to our satisfaction: There were two sites where it was leaking when raining resulting in wet mattress’ corners on the “upper deck”. The front left corner of the camper had already been fixed with Duct tape previously. The heating system stinks so heavily of Diesel when used, that we stopped probably after 5 minutes of using it. The provided gas stove had a problem with the gaz bottle. Initially, we thought the problem was due to the almost empty bottle, so we bought a new one, which solved the problem for maybe 3 minutes and then the flame would go back to minimal activity again making cooking very tedious. The fresh water tank had a big hole in it, so we couldn’t keep a reasonable supply of water in it. The entrance door to the camper is not to be closed by key we were told (so you’re supposed to leave it unlocked), nevertheless, it locked up on us twice, one time we had a really hard time to get it open again (the lock must have engaged spontaneously somehow), which is really great when you’re out in nowhere and can’t get back into your camper. Yes, we could probably have contacted and arrange for a repair/exchange or whatever, but with a camper like this you’re off the beaten path and don’t want to drive hundreds of kilometres and waste precious time. The unit should be fully functional on takeover. Overall, we found the unit to be poorly maintained and for that reason we would not recommend to our friends. The lady who checked us in at the start and the shuttle driver at the end of the trip were polite and motivated, all the others, well, not so much…
Igor rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 12. Oct 2023
Hi. I would like give my opinion and tell my experience. The vehicule was ok. The problem was The cabin in the bed of The truck. They do not gave US a key for The cabin door. That is dangerous because when we left the truck anyone can get inside anda take whatever they want. The guy un The rental Office told us that we do not need close de door. Also, dishes, forks, spoons was realy dirty. Even the bed wear was drit and smelling swet.
Virginia rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 05. Oct 2023
Was excellent… !!!!
Cristian rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 03. Oct 2023
We rented a Fiat doblo maxi and it was perfect . The customer support is on point and they are available 24/24h. It’s been a good choise !
Luigi enrico rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 04. Oct 2023
Location avec tout le nécessaire cuisine ainsi que pour dormir. Bon prix Seule amélioration les explications du réceptionniste qui sont très brèves et ne montre pas l'utilisation de la tente de toit ni des conditions d'utilisation ou non
Gaelle rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 02. Oct 2023
The experience using this car were great. But your staff needs to be improved. The label and the guy waiting for us in the airport were not so clear. It was difficult for us to spot him and he was grumpy in the pick up and drop-off. We have also not been informed about the toll in Akureyri tunnel so we end up paying a penalty fee for this.
Orestis rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 30. Sep 2023
I loved camping in the car with I will come back again
Mohamed rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 26. Sep 2023
The camper was nice to be able to see the island. We enjoyed it. The camper we chose had a heater and a bed as well as a small cooler. We were able to get a spot and camp all over Iceland. Great trip. Great company.
Robert rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 28. Sep 2023
Very good and powerful vehicle. Spacious inside for both the ride and sleeping in. The windshield was cracked and that was a bit concerning but the staff assured us it was safe. Helpful staff throughout the rental period for any doubts we had.
Nuno ricardo rented a vehicle in September 2023

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