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Submitted 27. Aug 2020
Good experience with Geysir cars rental, the car was clean but with little stuff broken. But it wasn't a problem for us. We used a key box to pick up and give back the Duster. Easy! The agency is around 7 min walking from Keflavik airport. We drive all around the road number 1 and Landmannalaugar. Everything was perfect. Thank's
Ludovic rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 23. Aug 2020
good experience with this funny but efficient car
Fabien rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 26. Jul 2020
A few days before our rental we informed if an upgrade to a 4WD would be possible but unfortunately we didn't receive reaction before our rental pick up time. When we showed up at the address were we would pick up our car it turned out the office had moved to the domestic airport (due to corona) and after a few calls we got a ride there. Geysir said this was Northbounds fault but Northbound said this was Geysirs fault. The Dacia Duster now wasn't available so that was a bummer. I must say things didn't start great, but we received a compensation from Northbound which we appreciated. I think we just had bad luck, but it wasn't quite what we'd expected.
Nikki rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 20. Jul 2020
General experience was very good. Booking via the website was straightforward and easy; prices were very good. There was some mix-up when picking up the car (in the confirmation it said we had to pick it up at Harpa, but it turned out that we were meant to pick it up elsewhere), but that was all sorted very well and quickly. Also the initial car had a problem with starting, but that can be understood after the covid-19 period where it may not have been used (much). That too was sorted very well. Contact on the road was also immediate and helpful. Pick-up at the end went smoothly.
Carien rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 09. Sep 2019
We did not receive a RAV4 - we received a Ford SUV. Pros - vehicle held all our bags and was comfortable. It got us everyplace we wanted to go. Young lady working at the office quickly changed GPS to English. Cons - tire light was on and the young lady working said it would go off and the tires were fine, it was because of the diversity of the weather. It never went off upon checking tire pressure at a gas station found right front tire had 24 pounds of air - yes TWENTY-FOUR instead of the required 44. Two other tires had 50 pounds and the other 36 pounds. We corrected the air pressure and everything was fine. GPS was a disappointment and not worth the money. We used my phone and a regular paper map. When we returned the car there was no on in the front area. I could see two men laughing and doing things on a computer in the back and one looked up and saw me but went back to what he was doing. After about 10 minutes he finally came out and asked if I was being helped and quickly jumped into action, did a quick check of our vehicle and said all was fine and got us on our way.
Deborah rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 04. Sep 2019
Hi Runar, we did not receive a Toyota, it was a Hyundai which was surprisingly pleasant to drive. the GPS we rented was not very easy to use and often created more frustration than usefulness.
Barbara rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 29. Jul 2019
Richard rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 12. Jul 2019
It was a nice experience.
Annick rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 14. Oct 2018
Our experience with Route 1 was fantastic. The vehicle was all by new, the staff were friendly and helpful, pick up and return super easy. The only one comment I have is that the Route 1 logo is NOT included on the shuttle bus sign from the airport terminal, so it's a little confusing (it's the 3rd stop), but other than that a great experience.
Blake rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 22. Sep 2018
Lubica rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 02. Oct 2018
When I came to take my car, I found out that there is no more Route1 company, and company called Geysir bought them. It was reallly wired.
Raviv rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 25. Sep 2018
Overall, our experience was good and I would use Route 1 again.
Alan rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 18. Sep 2018
Except from the fact that the actual rental company I dealed with was called Geysir Car Rental and not Route 1 (never read this name anywhere) my experience was absolutely great. I read a lot of bad reviews and stories about car rental companies in Iceland and I am very happy that it all turned out so well! Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend you guys!
Niklas rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 08. Sep 2018
We had a pleasant overall experience with our car rental from Geysir during the recent trip to Iceland. Along with the car we also purchased additional driver insurance and portable wifi. The portable wifi charger didn't work the entire trip and we were not able to use the wifi on our trip. This caused us inconvenience and me and my wife had to use international data and pay additional money for that. When we returned the car we mentioned it to the car rental staff and she said she was not able to do anything. She told us to speak with the car rental company supervisor or Northbound where we initially booked the rental from. Please look into this for me and we would like to get a refund on the portable wifi charges. Our rental Agreement # is 93950.
Nikhil rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 04. Sep 2018
My wife and I have just finished an amazing fly-drive holiday to Iceland. Our trip would not have been the same without our trusty Suzuki Jimny booked through Northbound. Great little 4x4, straight forward process, great service from Northbound's Support Gurus. All in all, very happy with the experience. Look forward to using them again when we return.
Max rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 16. Sep 2018
A little bit of a wait at the airport for our rental but to be fair, a LOT of people arrived at once. They were very helpful and flexible when changes were needed for the rental.
Jean-christophe rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 12. Sep 2018
The Jimny is a great vehicle to rent for two people. The back seats fold down and you can fit 4 luggages, no problem! Good for any road. The Jimny we had developed mechanical issues shortly after we left Route 1. We contacted the emergency line, Vala answered and she had a driver deliver us another vehicle within the hour! An inconvenient circumstance, but Route 1 promptly resolved the issue and even upgraded us to a Duster for the inconvenience.
Mike rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 01. Sep 2018
The car rental process was smooth, and the car was great, especially for the price!
Shashank rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 12. Sep 2018
Not good. Jimny too old, shaked on every bump. Battery week. Dashboard stopped functioning and needed repair. Also too small for our needs... my bad. But the jeep got us thru F208 road to Landmannaugur and 20 stream crossings. Wipers made too much noise. Radio was poor. For our last 8 days we traded it in for Suzuki Vittara 4-door which was great! Jimney 2 out of 5. Vittara 5 out of 5. Thanks to all Geysir employees who were wonderful!
Arthur rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 30. Jul 2018
Check in and out process was easy everyone was friendly and helpful. Facility was nice. Car was average. It was clean. It did make some strange noises which had us a little worried along the way and tape on the tail lights for an unknown reason but overall fine for what we needed it for. Thank you
Carrie rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 27. Jul 2018
Pick up and drop off was quick and easy. The car did have a strong odor inside (smelled like kerosine to me, though I'm not sure that's what it was) but it got us around.
Linda rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 27. Jul 2018
Great experience and excellent customer service!
Francisco javier rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 23. Jul 2018
It was amazing I like every thing in Iceland I'm very happy of car and the service of the company Thanks a lot Catherine Envoyé de mon iPhone
Catherine rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 17. Jul 2018
Really good, the staff were very helpful and clear in their instructions for the car. The car was very good and clean, although the steering pulled to the right hand side, but that didn't take away from an amazing time.
Henry rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 05. Jul 2018
Everything went perfectly once I fount the rental company at the airport. The signs to find "Route 1" were small and on a sheet with several other logos. The rental location was close, and they accommodated me when I needed to return the car before they even opened. The vehicle was great too!
Christine rented a vehicle in June 2018

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