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Submitted 04. Jul 2018
This little car is very good to drive in the town, I found good parkplaces in Rayjavik. All fine to drive with the manuel car.
Waltraud rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 27. Sep 2017
The service was nice and it was easy to get connected via facebook (maybe sth. To improve because not everybody uses social media). Felt always safe with my car also on a stormy and rainy day. Will bookauch with northbound again when i am visiring iceland again.
Lea rented a vehicle in September 2017
Submitted 09. Nov 2016
great and helpful staff
Asleena rented a vehicle in October 2016
Submitted 05. Sep 2016
Iceland was extraordinary, we had an awesome time! RAS Car Rental has been very efficient and helpfull! I recommend it sincerely
Alessandro rented a vehicle in August 2016
Submitted 02. Sep 2016
I wanted to get the best out of my trip around Iceland and I think I got it. I visited the Gold and Diamond ring and some other places in the North west. Talking about the car, I enjoyed driving this car. I took special care of it when driving in gravel roads and its perfomance was excellent. I woukd like to complain about the poor information we received from the company. They did not advised us about the car locked automatically and consequently it produced a serious incident that disturbed our trip.
Maria amelia rented a vehicle in August 2016
Submitted 29. Aug 2016
Everything was ok with the car and we found the rental service really top level. Iceland was abosolutely gorgeous. Unfortunatelly I cannot describe extensively since just returned a bad earthquake struck Italy and I'm involved in the emergengy in durig these weeks
Antonio rented a vehicle in August 2016

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