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Submitted 28. Jul 2020
The experience with Geysir Car Rental was amazing. Your empolyee Gunnar should get a promotion.
Max rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 01. Sep 2019
This car is incredibly uncomfortable for a person who is 5' 1" in height. However, it was clean and functional with the exception of the wind damaged and repaired passenger door which did not function well. Your staff seem unhappy with their jobs and don't seem to realize that they are representing Iceland to visitors. One went out of his way to give us advice on driving the Golden Circle which was great and appreciated. However, the one who received the car back ahould have greeted us nicely and given us a brief overview of the steps involved inthe returns process when we arrived. He really was not friendly at all.
Christine rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 02. Sep 2019
Felix rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 02. Sep 2019
Generally, all was good: the rental got us around Iceland over 2400 km. Some details, however, were irritating. The walk to the shuttle was a bother with all our luggage, in the rain. Other rentals had a representative and car available to the rental office. The actual rental office allowed for pushy renters to check in ahead of others. The standing desks and paperwork were uninviting. The agent could have helped us get to and find our car rather than vaguely saying where we’d find it. Tight, tight lot. Early on road problems ( leaking rear tire pressure required constant refilling; warning lights in German on a Japanese car; unrealistic solutions, like returning the car from far north). We managed on our own. Curt return, “Take everything out of the car and come back so we can go out and check the car for damage,”. Seemingly little problems, unresolved, left a sour taste and poor memories of an otherwise wonderful country. You are the first and last place to make an overall impression.
Andrew rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 17. Aug 2019
Loved the ease of the pick up.Great wee car for running about in.Nice and clean and easy to drive. Perhaps a quick point to make,probably a good idea to call the customer if the car they are renting is still on the way back from the airport.My pick up was at 10am but the car did not arrive until 1030 No big deal but you did have my number and I would have just adjusted my schedule accordingly.
David rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 19. Aug 2019
I am satisfied of the service and all the staff is very kind. I will rent from northbound for sure in the future.
Giovanni rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 14. Aug 2019
Service was great , car was clean and met our needs.
Wendy rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 01. Aug 2019
We ended up with a Suzuki swift. Worked out just fine for us
Lisa rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 28. Jul 2019
Great customer service, on time delivery and return, and reasonable prices although the car had cracked windshield that was concerning to us.
Victor rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 20. Jul 2019
The car was great! The only improvement I’d suggest is programming GPS with a “home” location for the drop off location.
Lynne rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 09. Jul 2019
We paid for GPS, but at the time of rental nobody gave it to us. Next day, we had to go to the company in Reykjavik to get it, and wasted a lot of time. Also, there were electrical problems with the car, but there weren't any other cars available.
Paulina rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 16. Jun 2019
Did not got the promised car. Was a Suzuki Jimmy. Not really the same class as a Vitata. Would not recommend to anyone.
Philipp rented a vehicle in May 2019
Submitted 24. Mar 2019
The car was fine, but we had a very hard time finding the shuttle to Orange Car Rental and also the rental building itself because the company is now called Geysir and there are no Orange Car Rental signs anywhere. The phone number we were given to call was also wrong. I would recommend Northbound update their information for future renters to avoid this issue as it was quite frustrating.
Rebekah rented a vehicle in March 2019
Submitted 25. Mar 2019
We got a Ford Kuga (Upgrade) and it was great
Erzsebet fanni rented a vehicle in March 2019
Submitted 16. Nov 2018
It was a great trip, a great car, great views, and great people. We are all satisfied by the performance of the car, and also the customer service brought by Orange Car Rental.
Jian rented a vehicle in October 2018
Submitted 26. Oct 2018
Tim rented a vehicle in October 2018
Submitted 13. Oct 2018
We like the Ford Transit with automatic gear very roomy good enough for 9 passengers with luggage . Very good customer service . They satisfied our request for changing winter tires in Lake Myvatn .
Michael rented a vehicle in October 2018
Submitted 04. Oct 2018
Hi, overall the car was OK but I have to tell you that the people we met in the office were very arrogant and rude with us, specially at the beginning. Please fine below the details: - The car didn't have a rear shelf, we complained about it. First they said this car never comes with a rear shelf. However we saw a few car with it. Then we told them about it and they took one from another car and gave it to us. - The presure of the tyres was not the correct one (we got the light). They changed it after we came back and the message light about the pressure was ON during the whole trip. - We tried to change the car because we didn't feel safe with these lights and also because we got a different car than the car booked - However they said it was not possible - After a few kilometers another service light was ON, we thought it was because the car passed 20000km - Nobody said anything about it and we were scared about the whole trip. Please let me know if you have further questions. Best regards,
David rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 26. Sep 2018
We were given a Dacia Duster and not the car advertised and i wouldnt say that it was a similar spec swap either knowing the cost diference and standards of the 2 cars
Matthew rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 30. Sep 2018
They actually upgraded us up to a Dacia. Guess they ran out of Jimmys. Excellent service. No problem with the car.
David rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 25. Sep 2018
Great car. Enough space for all of our bags. Drove well and comfortable.
Kirin rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 24. Sep 2018
Everything was fine!
Thorsten rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 15. Sep 2018
Good service provided by your staff and the car conditions are great. Keep it up
Kwong rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 18. Sep 2018
Orange upgraded the car to Dusty and it eas wonderful. The car worked really well alk the time we were using it. The only problem we had was tires pressure were unbalanced on all 4 of them which was quite dangerous. Luckily we got them fixed by a petrol station assistant. The rental process was easy and returning the car was hassle free. I love hiw it was handled. Overall it was great
Faizah rented a vehicle in September 2018
Submitted 26. Sep 2018
Our overall experience was very positive and went pretty smoothly. Northbound did an excellent job of answering questions, following up quickly with responses, and assisting any needs we may have had. Upon arrival, the Orange/Geysir shuttle service was different than what was listed on the rental voucher, which caused some confusion and delay. We were instructed a representative would come and get us, while we ended up having to take the airport shuttle. Thankfully, Northbound responded quickly and we were able to get onto the correct shuttle and to the rental facility. The Orange/Geysir vehicle was sufficient for our needs, but definitely a bit more worn than we had hoped, which we did not fully realize until after we had left the rental facility. There were many more scratches, rock dings, and dents we had to have looked over and annotated by the representative before we left the facility. Their initial review of the vehicle annotated only a few of the dings and scratches. Upon leaving the facility, and getting used to the vehicle, we realized the tires were pretty worn, the wiper blades were quite worn, the emergency brake did not sufficiently hold the vehicle on hills, and the driver's seat adjustment mechanism was loose. We understood that this could easily be due to the conditions of the Icelandic roads and the environment the vehicles are driven through. The realized condition of the vehicle did not cause any issues, other than being more worn than we had expected from a rental vehicle and having to be careful when parking on a hill. The return process was pretty seamless. The representative commented how thorough we were about annotating the dings and dents before we left, and how there sure were a lot of them (they all were present on the vehicle before we accepted it and no new ones were put on while we were renting). Ultimately, we were happy with out experience with Northbound. The price was excellent, far cheaper than we could get anywhere else, the vehicle was sufficient for our needs and got us to all the beautiful locations we wanted to see and experience throughout Iceland. We absolutely loved our tour of the country and will highly recommend friends and family to visit Iceland. We will definitely point them towards Northbound for their vehicle rental needs, based on the price and customer service, but may suggest they try to find a company other than Orange/Geysir to ultimately secure the rental vehicle through.
Cory rented a vehicle in September 2018

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