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Thrifty Car Rental in Iceland is a popular choice for travelers seeking a reliable and affordable vehicle for their journey. Known for their wide range of vehicles, flexible rental options, and excellent support, Thrifty ensures a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Their convenient locations throughout Iceland make pick-up and drop-off a breeze.

Renting through Northbound allows you to take advantage of Thrifty's offerings with the added assurance of our Best Price Guarantee and Free Cancellation policy. The reviews from Northbound customers highlight Thrifty's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Many customers have praised the condition and performance of the vehicles, the ease of the rental process, and the value for money.

One reviewer appreciated the upgrade to a Mazda CX-5, while another highlighted the convenience of extending their rental period. The sense of security provided by Thrifty's vehicles, especially when navigating Iceland's challenging terrains, is a recurring theme in the reviews. Choose Thrifty Car Rental through Northbound for a worry-free and memorable Icelandic adventure.


373 total reviews

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Submitted 09. Jun 2024
Hello Ivar! Thank you for providing an excellent vehicle! We achieved excellent fuel mileage with it! As to the Thrifty staff, they were great! When the windshield cracked from the rock impact, they cleared us with no additional cost, because we had purchased the full coverage insurance. We are planning a second trip to Iceland, as our initial trip was interrupted by the hurricane force winds and snow. We will use Northbound for that trip as well!
Brandon rented a vehicle in May 2024
Submitted 03. Jun 2024
The staff at the Keflavík office were fantastic! When I arrived, I accidentally booked a manual instead of an automatic. They were able to help me change my booking so I could have a car I could drive. The car was very clean, very easy to use, and made my trip 100% more enjoyable. The staff also gave me tips on where to go on the island and what I should see. They really made the rental process very smooth and enjoyable!
Melissa rented a vehicle in May 2024
Submitted 06. Jun 2024
Muhammad umer rented a vehicle in May 2024
Submitted 18. May 2024
The car was in excellent condition and we enjoyed our experience save getting charged for an unfair fee. Be aware that if the gas tank is not 100 percent filled, you will get charged, even if it was only 7/8 full at pickup.
Andrew rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 14. Apr 2024
The auto was fine and served our needs. The pickup process at Keflavik airport was a bit confusing. You stated in an email that we would be shuttled offsite to the auto. We finally figured out to look for Thrifty, not Northbound. Then the Thrifty representative was so busy fielding calls and reservations from customers who booked direct, we were pushed to the end of the queue. I did not realize you were a middle man.
Kimberly rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 04. Mar 2024
Great car, great service
Talon rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 26. Mar 2024
Great rental experience w/ Northbound. No issues at all. Very good pricing and car options. Smooth pickup from airport terminal and very short ride to the rental location. Very customer friendly and accommodating (were very helpful in reconciling a booking error I made). Will definitely use again next trip.
Roger rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 09. Feb 2024
We were given an alternative car instead (Mazda CX-5) which was clean, well equipped (studded winter tyres were really good in the snow & ice) and was exactly what we needed. Pick-up and drop-off were hassle free (shuttle bus to/from the airport). The company were in touch regarding the recent volcanic eruptions which was appreciated. Would definitely book with Northbound again.
Tom rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 24. Jan 2024
Everything was fantastic from start to finish. We love the car. It was comfortable and handled well and your service was fantastic we highly recommend you.
Gina rented a vehicle in January 2024
Submitted 20. Jan 2024
Amazing car .perfect for anyone exploring iceland .those studed tyres are amazing
Andrew rented a vehicle in January 2024
Submitted 25. Jan 2024
My rental car process was very smooth. Before including insurance coverages, I found the most affordable cars from northbound. I really enjoyed the vehicle as it got me across the south coast of Iceland and back, but my favorite part was meeting the employees. They were all so kind and welcoming- going above and beyond for me that I never would have expected. Next time I'm in Iceland, I would repeat this process over again!
Alayna rented a vehicle in January 2024
Submitted 18. Jan 2024
Our week in Iceland was fantastic, thanks to our 2022 Mazda rental! Navigating the country was a breeze, and the prices were unbeatable during our search for rentals. The complimentary airport shuttle was a convenient perk, prompting us to extend our rental by an extra day for just an additional 20 pounds! Without a doubt, we would choose to rent from here again!
Stefonie rented a vehicle in January 2024
Submitted 11. Jan 2024
They did an upgrade for me it was a Ford Kuga. Very quick and the staff were very polite.
Vlad rented a vehicle in January 2024
Submitted 06. Jan 2024
Shawn rented a vehicle in January 2024
Submitted 10. Jan 2024
it was a ford toug or something but yes very good vehicle in the snow
Scott rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 06. Jan 2024
The car we rented from Thrifty (through Northbound) worked out quite well. Especially since we were visiting during winter and had several days of snow (10"+) and strong winds.
Ryan rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 01. Jan 2024
Our booking was changed to a FORD Kuga, which was fine. Spacious, comfortable and ran well.
Anthony rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 24. Dec 2023
Instead of the Citroen C4 we got the Peugeot 5008 and I am not sure of the comparison, but the Peugeot was great. It had all the amenities we needed and it was great on the road. A problem we ran into was space. For our trip we needed a seven seater because there were 6 people travelling in our group. The person who sat on the third row seats were just suffering on longer drives. They had little to no space for their feet. Other than that the car was good. As for the car rental Thrifty the communication and customer services was good they worked with us when we were uncertain. However, and I do not know if it is right to review about it here, when we checked our bank statements we saw we got charged twice for the car insurance we got and after the holidays we will try to get in touch with them about it.
Georgi rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 05. Nov 2023
Very Good
Pascal rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 25. Oct 2023
Maria rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 10. Oct 2023
Everythig was great. Although, the automatic gearbox of the CX-30 is not efficient ...A lot of engine overspeed for very average performance (the automatic is not much better thant entry level vehicle). Anyway the rest was great as rated
Joyce rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 11. Oct 2023
Car is ok
Marco rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 09. Nov 2023
Thanks northbound for both such a high quality car that let me enjoy an incredible trip around Iceland and the customer service I received when I picked the car up. Everything was made exceptionally easy and the prices for what I got were well priced and competitively I loved exploring Iceland and mean to go back and will certainly be looking to hire from you again. The only reason pick up / drop off wasn’t perfect scores is I had a small confusion getting the number to call on arrival (I think as I booked third party) and was slightly nervous choosing the correct drop box at the end to return keys to as I was out of office hours return.
Jack rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 15. Oct 2023
Josianne rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 11. Oct 2023
We did not get the ordered car, we got a Mazda, still 4wd but smaller driver space and what was really bad, the GPS map navigation was not updated, several times we found ourselfes in the middle of no-where. The gas was only 3/4 full when we picked up the car and at return we had an agrrement that we just returned the car(before 6 AM) and tokk a taxi to the airport, but the taxi didnt arrive so the shuttle had to drive us at 6 AM, but suddenly someone should go through the car and we arrived very late at the airport with unnecesary stress. Another thing, the thrifty car rental adress is not on any map and very hard to find, we tried tha Car GPS, google maps and apple map. Last time we rented a Car feom you on the faroy island thing whent much more smooth!
Ole rented a vehicle in September 2023

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