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Thrifty Car Rental in Iceland is a popular choice for travelers seeking a reliable and affordable vehicle for their journey. Known for their wide range of vehicles, flexible rental options, and excellent support, Thrifty ensures a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Their convenient locations throughout Iceland make pick-up and drop-off a breeze.

Renting through Northbound allows you to take advantage of Thrifty's offerings with the added assurance of our Best Price Guarantee and Free Cancellation policy. The reviews from Northbound customers highlight Thrifty's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Many customers have praised the condition and performance of the vehicles, the ease of the rental process, and the value for money.

One reviewer appreciated the upgrade to a Mazda CX-5, while another highlighted the convenience of extending their rental period. The sense of security provided by Thrifty's vehicles, especially when navigating Iceland's challenging terrains, is a recurring theme in the reviews. Choose Thrifty Car Rental through Northbound for a worry-free and memorable Icelandic adventure.


370 total reviews

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Submitted 11. Aug 2018
Everything went very smoothly, though it would have been helpful to have had instructions about dropping off the car at Akureyri. It was pretty confusing as to what to do.
Ken rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 07. Aug 2018
Check in by the office staff for the Camper was a bit chaotic. Vehicle was missing an electrical cord and spare can of fix-a-flat(unit did not have a spare tire. It had a jack, but no spare, which makes no sense. Therefore we had to wait nearly an hour while these items were acquired. The explanation of operation of the various features such as heater, water heater, etc by the office rep was brief and a bit rushed. Luckily, our person from the office rushed off to do something else, and then one of the guys from the shop (forget his name, but he mentioned he was a former claims adjuster) stepped in to answer my operational questions. He took his time and made sure I fully understood how to operate the systems. He was great. I recommend having the units completely ready, and providing written instructions on how to operate the electrical, heating and other systems, since they often work differently with each RV. Each RV should also have a spare. If we had had a flat on one of the remote roads it would have ruined the trip, because that can of fix a flat would have never gotten us to the next town... Once we hit the road, the RV worked perfectly for us, and we were very pleased overall.
Todd rented a vehicle in August 2018
Submitted 17. Aug 2018
Very good. I think it was my fault, but I would have liked to have the pick-up at the ship pier better understood. I did not know where or when to wait for the pick-up . Everything went well and we enjoyed ourselves.
Paul rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 27. Jul 2018
Worked well. Large enough for 6 adults and luggage. Only downside was price. All car rentals are expensive in Iceland, but this was too much.
David rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 01. Aug 2018
Great service and great vehicle for a large family group. Have rented from others in the past but will only use Thrifty in Iceland in the future. Well run business. Kind regards Rod Gillis
Rodney rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 27. Jul 2018
Excellent, quick. Staff helpful. Car was perfect for our family trip.
Yael rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 26. Jul 2018
Very efficient and friendly.
Eyal rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 29. Jul 2018
The handover and return was very good; we got exactly the car we had indicated. The Volvo XC60 AWD was a perfect and very reliable car for our tour; in addition, diesel consumption was pleasantly low at an average of 7 litres per 100 kilometres.
Christian rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 14. Jul 2018
Great!! The people working there were very friendly and helpful. I really appreciated the ride back into town after I returned my rental. The car was perfect. Great condition, new, and so clean. Would definitely rent from them again!
Kathryn rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 09. Jul 2018
Cars were excellent and suited our requirements perfectly
Mary rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 22. Jul 2018
Just an okay experience renting from Thrifty. Rented a Citroen Berlingo through for 14 days. Perfect size for 5 people with considerable amount of baggages. Dealing with the front desk upon car pickup and return was a breeze. The reason why I rated only 3.5 was because, I think the adblue diesel additive wasn’t filled up properly and gave me a warning sign on the 10th day of driving. Luckily enough, I’ve already covered most of the mileage in our itinerary when the alarm came on. Interesting enough adblue is not available all over Iceland and only sold in certain locations. Made me worry at some point.
Ali rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 16. Jul 2018
very positive, the process of getting the car and returning the car was fast and simple. car was outside your rental office, no need to walk somewhere to get the car. also the car was great to drive (you upgraded me to mazda cx-5) and was easily handled Iceland F roads. this was by far better experience than I had last year I was visitning Iceland also and rented a car from avis I think... they gave me a damaged 4x4 car. it was a nightmare... with your company it was a very positive experience and will for sure for my next time in Iceland will rent from you :) thank you
Gilad rented a vehicle in July 2018
Submitted 04. Jul 2018
we drove with it around iceland and loved it. a great car. very comfortable and easy do drive even on long Strachan of road. it is a pity that the language compartment was missing on our way back, in reykjavik I booked a Ford
Jehuda rented a vehicle in June 2018
Submitted 27. Jun 2018
Generally good, but the sales representative (1) failed to include the damage inspection report in the documentation and this had to be requested; (2) did not explain the large deductible on the Thrifty third party insurance included in the rental agreement.
Robert rented a vehicle in June 2018
Submitted 24. Jun 2018
Jonathan rented a vehicle in June 2018
Submitted 20. Jun 2018
Leuna rented a vehicle in June 2018
Submitted 17. Jun 2018
Everything worked fine, happy that i had my car from Northbound
Tauno rented a vehicle in June 2018
Submitted 17. Jun 2018
Overall, the experience was good. We decided the night before to rent a car for the day. I went online, found your site, and booked a car. The only thing I wasn’t clear about was that pickups in the city are only at half past the hour. I think the site said “on the half hour” which I interpreted to mean x:00 and x:30. When the pickup didn’t come at 9:00, I called and learned it was coming at 9:30.
Philip rented a vehicle in June 2018
Submitted 20. Jun 2018
The car was great for my family of 5. We received a Ford Kuga, not the Citroen Berlingo, but it was great for what we needed. The booking process on Northbound was simple and fast. I chose all the insurances which made accepting and returning the car fast and easy. If I am fortunate to return to Iceland, I will definitely rent from Northbound again!
Kenneth rented a vehicle in June 2018
Submitted 03. Jul 2018
Excellent experience renting from Northbound. It was easy to get to the office from the airport and I really appreciated that the price we were quoted was the price we paid with no hidden charges. The vehicle was great very clean and perfect for what we needed. Would highly recommend this company.
Mark rented a vehicle in June 2018
Submitted 27. Jun 2018
Very reliable comfortable car, not for unpaved roads.
Lauren rented a vehicle in June 2018
Submitted 20. Aug 2018
Very positive.
Lauren rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 29. May 2018
Very Happy, service was quick and easy and the car was perfect for our requirements
Samuel rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 23. May 2018
good car, pick up was great, fast reception - very good!
Nicol rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 16. May 2018
Seamless arrangement, nice cars, very helpful staffs. The memories you will collect are priceless. I am very much thankful to Northbound for very competitive price and thankful to Thrifty for nice cars and amazing staff.
Maksim rented a vehicle in May 2018

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