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Thrifty Car Rental in Iceland is a popular choice for travelers seeking a reliable and affordable vehicle for their journey. Known for their wide range of vehicles, flexible rental options, and excellent support, Thrifty ensures a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Their convenient locations throughout Iceland make pick-up and drop-off a breeze.

Renting through Northbound allows you to take advantage of Thrifty's offerings with the added assurance of our Best Price Guarantee and Free Cancellation policy. The reviews from Northbound customers highlight Thrifty's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Many customers have praised the condition and performance of the vehicles, the ease of the rental process, and the value for money.

One reviewer appreciated the upgrade to a Mazda CX-5, while another highlighted the convenience of extending their rental period. The sense of security provided by Thrifty's vehicles, especially when navigating Iceland's challenging terrains, is a recurring theme in the reviews. Choose Thrifty Car Rental through Northbound for a worry-free and memorable Icelandic adventure.


347 total reviews

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Verified reviews from our customers that rented a car from Thrifty Car Rental

Submitted 29. May 2018
Very Happy, service was quick and easy and the car was perfect for our requirements
Samuel rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 23. May 2018
good car, pick up was great, fast reception - very good!
Nicol rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 16. May 2018
Seamless arrangement, nice cars, very helpful staffs. The memories you will collect are priceless. I am very much thankful to Northbound for very competitive price and thankful to Thrifty for nice cars and amazing staff.
Maksim rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 16. May 2018
Everything was excellent!!!
Maksim rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 25. May 2018
The Citroen worked out perfect for us, with 6 adults. It was roomey, plenty of space for us and in back for our luggage. The great thing was that both doors on the side of the vehicle opened. Easy n easy out. Also the the gas mileage was excellent. The only downfall was it doesn’t do well in extreme wind conditions, moderate ones ok. The vehicle is also comfortable n easy to view out for the back passengers.
Colleen rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 21. May 2018
The car worked for us and the service was fine.
James rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 12. May 2018
Jean-jacques rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 09. May 2018
The rental was great. Check in and picking up the car was very easy from the airport and dropping off was just as easy.
Joseph rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 19. Jun 2018
A very good experience, we were well taken car of . Got a car quickly and staff were most helpful. We needed a shuttle from the cruise ship and Northbound took car of that as well be sending a van for several of who had rentals.
Peter rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 16. May 2018
very easy to handle, spacious, smooth drive all the way highly recommended
King yoon rented a vehicle in May 2018
Submitted 03. May 2018
I had an excellent customer service experience when dealing with Thrifty Car Rental, everything was in order and they even helped me on how to get back to the city centre because I was returning car back after office hours.
Ville rented a vehicle in April 2018
Submitted 24. Apr 2018
Van was great. We had 6 people plus 6 large bags and 4 ski bags. We sat very comfortably.
Therese rented a vehicle in April 2018
Submitted 27. Apr 2018
Experience was good in general. A bit confusing as I thought I was renting from "Northbound" not thrifty, that could have been more clear. The thrifty pickup didn't go that well, some confusion between them an me, not sure who was to blame.
Garth rented a vehicle in April 2018
Submitted 19. Apr 2018
Getting the car and returning the car was very simple and fast. I liked that alot. But I'm not sure about the cleanliness of the car. Because the Volvo we got wasn't clean at all, as if I rented right after someone else. It that is a standard then I think you need to improve on that. Also need better guideline about parking in the city, like what does the hour clock is and do we need to do anything, or where to wash the care in case we needed. All of these info we learnt from asking but it would help if you told us as a guideline. In general driving in Iceland was a great experience. The car was brand new and running good. Oh also it would help if you can tell us before hand how much fuel the car needed for full tank.
Chinapon rented a vehicle in April 2018
Submitted 04. Apr 2018
Very Good
Huey mint rented a vehicle in April 2018
Submitted 06. Apr 2018
Great experience. The booking process through Northbound was very easy. Upon arrival into KEF airport, we followed the instructions provided and took the shuttle to the Thrifty rental location and were happily surprised with an upgrade to a Ford Galaxy minivan. This worked out perfectly for us as we had a lot of luggage! I would recommend Northbound and if I visit Iceland again will certainly use their services.
Julie rented a vehicle in March 2018
Submitted 03. Apr 2018
Experience was great - easy to compare vehicles online and reserve, and both pickup and return were quick and smooth. Staff was pleasant and helpful - I would definitely choose Northbound again.
Allison rented a vehicle in March 2018
Submitted 30. Mar 2018
We got the car we asked for, and all worked fine with two minor exceptions: Car lacked engine oil after only 5 hours in use, this should have been checked prior rental by Thrifty. We bought and topped up with oil, and expense refunded by Thrifty when car was returned. Cleanliness inside the car was poor at pick up, we spent quite some time cleaning from previous user, during the first day of driving. Apart from this, it was a nice drive because it was a Volvo.
Christoffer rented a vehicle in March 2018
Submitted 21. Mar 2018
Excellent. Friendly. Efficient. No Queues.
Andrew rented a vehicle in March 2018
Submitted 27. Mar 2018
Great car. Loved the huge windshield, easy to see on both sides. It would’ve been helpful if the Thrifty agent spent a few minutes showing me the controls so I didn’t waste time in the parking lot trying to find the parking brake release.
Laurie rented a vehicle in March 2018
Submitted 20. Mar 2018
Amazing experience, I'd highly recommend!
Andrew rented a vehicle in March 2018
Submitted 19. Mar 2018
We did the ring road trip and the car condition was good.
Wai ying rented a vehicle in March 2018
Submitted 15. Mar 2018
Thrifty treated me well. No problems.
Michael rented a vehicle in March 2018
Submitted 05. Mar 2018
Very efficient, easy to book on line and most importantly the car we were given was new, clean and lived upto our expectations
Andrew rented a vehicle in February 2018
Submitted 06. Mar 2018
We really enjoyed driving this car. With 2 adults, 4 children, a full sized stroller, luggage and spare bags, we managed to pack it all in! The car was torquey, excellent on fuel, and fun to drive. Would consider purchasing one, we liked it so much.
Kris rented a vehicle in February 2018

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