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Thrifty Car Rental in Iceland is a popular choice for travelers seeking a reliable and affordable vehicle for their journey. Known for their wide range of vehicles, flexible rental options, and excellent support, Thrifty ensures a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Their convenient locations throughout Iceland make pick-up and drop-off a breeze.

Renting through Northbound allows you to take advantage of Thrifty's offerings with the added assurance of our Best Price Guarantee and Free Cancellation policy. The reviews from Northbound customers highlight Thrifty's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Many customers have praised the condition and performance of the vehicles, the ease of the rental process, and the value for money.

One reviewer appreciated the upgrade to a Mazda CX-5, while another highlighted the convenience of extending their rental period. The sense of security provided by Thrifty's vehicles, especially when navigating Iceland's challenging terrains, is a recurring theme in the reviews. Choose Thrifty Car Rental through Northbound for a worry-free and memorable Icelandic adventure.


376 total reviews

355 reviews for Thrifty Car Rental

Verified reviews from our customers that rented a car from Thrifty Car Rental

Submitted 16. Sep 2019
The car was fine, no problems at all.
Debora rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 12. Sep 2019
Very good overall. I was first given car that had an overpowering diesel fuel or cleaning fluid smell. This was quickly and easily changed, though perhaps should not have been given in the first place.
Tim rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 02. Sep 2019
Evgeniya rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 01. Sep 2019
Fantastic clean and modern car with all the space we needed for a family of 5! The service at Thrifty was amazing, very friendly and it was very easy to take the shuttle bus from the airport (it’s literally just around the corner) and took no time to get our car and also the return was fast and easy!
Inga rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 21. Sep 2019
Extended comment sent by email.
Marion rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 03. Sep 2019
Not as comfy car as we are used to renting but served the purpose and had plenty of room for luggage and 4 people and a few groceries. Somewhat utilitarian and noisy inside while driving.
Matthew rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 27. Aug 2019
It was good. Most people in Iceland are not very friendly. It may be the culture. When returning my last vehicle one of the associates were more concerned about filling the coffee than assisting customers. I won’t go back to Iceland, based on my experience.
Paul rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 02. Sep 2019
Delivered exactly as promised. Northbound's online chat made booking very easy as they promptly answered any questions I had. Very easy process, I excellent service.
Jennifer rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 05. Sep 2019
Perfect service and team
Patrick rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 21. Aug 2019
This was an okay option to use. However Thrifty was not that easy to return the car before the time that they open at 5 am. I sent them an email to confirm, but they still have not responded to verify.
Paul rented a vehicle in August 2019
Submitted 03. Aug 2019
It was great. Big enough for our family of 6 and our luggage but small enough to drive and park easily
Robert rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 17. Jul 2019
Andreas rented a vehicle in July 2019
Submitted 03. Jun 2019
The staff at Thrifty Car Rental in Iceland were great - all very nice and helpful (and funny). I chose a Citroen Berlingo because I was traveling with my wife and two daughters, none of whom travel very light, so we needed the room for luggage. That being said, it is not really a car I would recommend. It was functional, but a bit rough. Tell the family to pack lighter, and get a better car.
Nicholas rented a vehicle in May 2019
Submitted 05. May 2019
The car was the perfect size. Not too big not too small. Very high quality.
Vincent rented a vehicle in April 2019
Submitted 29. Apr 2019
We had a great time renting and driving a car in Iceland. Car pick up was very easy as was drop off. We would definitely hire from Now/Thrifty again
Michael rented a vehicle in April 2019
Submitted 15. Apr 2019
Great experience, smooth pickup and transitions, awesome car!
Charles rented a vehicle in April 2019
Submitted 25. Apr 2019
I’m used to a big truck but this vehicle served its purpose, plenty of room, good on fuel, handled off road nicely
Gregory rented a vehicle in April 2019
Submitted 14. Feb 2019
Everything is excellent .. You delivery all your services on time and good services and all your staff are helpfull. Thank you and i wll kept in touch your company Best regards Nurdin
Nurdin rented a vehicle in December 2018
Submitted 02. Dec 2018
Northbound is a great company to organize your travels. Our rental car was exactly what we needed for our trip anccane at a very economical price.
Kara rented a vehicle in November 2018
Submitted 27. Nov 2018
Bjørnar rented a vehicle in November 2018
Submitted 23. Nov 2018
Mazda CX-5, great car, very suitable for our usage. We got on it garmin gps that we suggest you to replace with another type, was not very performing, luckily our Google Maps was always working.
Riccardo rented a vehicle in November 2018
Submitted 19. Nov 2018
My experience was very good. The customer service was excellent.
Sandra rented a vehicle in November 2018
Submitted 16. Nov 2018
Hi, Northbound Service is super efficient , their service is excellent. Runar, Olaf were so prompt in responding to every query. The car Volvo XC60 was fantastic, I was at the wheel the whole while, we went around the south and east coast traveling all the way to Akureyri. The car was so smooth, the drop off was pretty simple. Since we had time, we went over to the thrifty main office at Akureyri to check whether we had to pay extra since some earlier miscommunication from Northbound mentioned I needed to pay for a day extra but when we walked into the Thrifty office, the person there said all was fine and that nothing was due since it was all paid up upto 15th. So as simple as that, we dropped the car at the airport , dropped the key into the THRIFTY box next to the check in counter at Akureyri and that was it. Thanks, Northbound, you guys are super.
Mala rented a vehicle in November 2018
Submitted 20. Nov 2018
Great car for Iceland. Everyting was organiced without any problems. The car was in good conditions
Ueli rented a vehicle in November 2018
Submitted 06. Nov 2018
Everything was really good organized ...... Very nice people at the rental office in Akureyri ...... Ford Kuga was a good travel companion :-)
Jochen rented a vehicle in November 2018

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