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Submitted 30. Jul 2022
Eugen andrei rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 04. Aug 2022
We got a car with worn out front tires. We lost 3 days of our trip waiting for the reparation. It has been a big inconvenience and a huge risk for our security.
Juan carlos rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 29. Jul 2022
The AWD Ducia Duster exceeded our expectations. It worked excellently, and we could get everywhere we wanted. The battery of the car had to be replaced during the trip, but Lava Car Rental solved the problem quickly.
Sandor rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 02. Aug 2022
I got Hyndai Tuscon instead, i'm not sure from which year but it's definitely not new. I didn't like the service from Lava since they gave us the keys then disappeared, and didn't give us any instruction for the car. The seat next to the driver is non-adjustable. The windshield wipers are not good enough so they couldn't clean it. and we tried to call them they didn't respond. Also we didn't know that we should contact them before in order to coordinate the pick-up, so we had to take another transportation with the help of other company to reach the office.
Rani rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 29. Jul 2022
El 4x4 tal como se comenta en la página es del 2017, por lo tanto cargado de km. No recomendable, por un poco más de dinero tendreis un coche más cómodo (los asientos delanteros no lo eran). La tercera marcha rascaba, se encendian las luces de freno, la carroceria estaba abollada en diferentes puntos, el stop-start se calaba. En general el coche funcionó pero no con la tranquilidad que nosotros hubieramos esperado.
Dolores rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 18. Jul 2022
The car was very old (Around 250000km) and had many bumps
Gerard rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 16. Jul 2022
I would still like to send some comments. We rented two dacia dusters 4X4. One car was ok. But the other car was definitely not. After the fact that there were several dents in the car, the brake was also definitely not ok. In addition, a light constantly appeared in the dashboard that the tire pressure was not ok (even though we checked the tire pressure twice on the road). Considering the high mileage of the car (230.000 km), and the condition of the car, it is definitely not ok to ask the same price for this not safe car!
Jan rented a vehicle in July 2022
Submitted 04. Jul 2022
Great company with a great staff, everything was fine.
Nicolò rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 01. Jul 2022
Thierry rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 19. Jun 2022
Location d'un Duster un peu ancien qui roulait encore bien Très compliqué de trouver la navette à l'arrivée car le loueur s'appelle LAVA et non car rental Récupération et rendu véhicule facile
Paul rented a vehicle in June 2022
Submitted 01. Jun 2022
For the family of five, of which are 3 small children, the car felt good on the road and some unpaved paths. It was easy to drive. The cas has built in navigation, but it is a little outdated and it is hard to use because touch screen wasn't responding. If traveling with small children, we recommend at least booster seats because the back seats are very deep and children have hard time looking through the window. And in a country as beautiful and with so many wonders as Icelanda, you are ripping them off of breath-taking scenary.
Andrej rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 27. May 2022
Very Good
Well, everything turned out fine. Friendly staff. However I would take a Moment to help future renters of cars feom you in Iceland. The. Ompany was Lava car rwntals. Nowhere was that mentioned. Owing in at midnight we just got lucky a girl knew Northbound probably meant Lava and she found it online. A driver was outside but we had no way of knowing it was Lava car rental. Please let future travelers know. Thanks. Ron meyr fl
Ronald rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 23. May 2022
Overall, I am satisfied with the whole experience. I was always informed, for example when there was a change of the phone number etc. The vehicle had dents and other smaller damages, but these were explained when I picked the car up and there were no further issues with it. There was somekind of a warning symbol in the dashboard, but it was probably due to somekind of sensor failure, meaning it really wasn't an issue. And if I wanted, I could have called about the issue, but it didn't seem problematic and it really wasn't.
Sander rented a vehicle in May 2022
Submitted 30. Apr 2022
Far From Perfect But Did the Job. We have hired many a hire car before but never had one in such an old beaten up condition as this. It did not fill us with confidence on pick up. It was obviously well used, many thousands of km on the clock, bashed, scratched, the rear doors felt like they might fall off, the power sockets were a bit unreliable/rusty, etc - I could go on…….. Having said that, it did the job perfectly and went everywhere we wanted to go without incident (and we travelled a long way, used F roads etc). So maybe looks aren’t everything. It was reliable and that’s the most important thing. The Lava guys were very helpful and efficient too. I would recommend.
Tessa rented a vehicle in April 2022
Submitted 24. Apr 2022
PROS: El precio es correcto (al menos comparado con precios Islandeses). El coche suficiente para dar la vuelta, se comporta bien. CONTRAS: El estado del coche es el peor que me he encontrado en alquileres de coche: 274.000 Km., el freno de mano no funciona, el volante había que tenerlo un poco girado para que vaya recto y todo el viaje con luces de error de motor, error electrónico y error de presión de ruedas. Aún así, el coche ha funcionado bien y ha hecho su trabajo, pero cada día con la intriga de si nos podría dejar tirados en cualquier momento.
Jordi rented a vehicle in April 2022
Submitted 17. Apr 2022
Maria rented a vehicle in April 2022
Submitted 03. Apr 2022
La voiture était un peu vielle mais roulait correctement. C'était largement suffisant pour moi.
Michaël rented a vehicle in March 2022
Submitted 31. Mar 2022
Excellent deal! Everything work as promissed
Ana margarida rented a vehicle in March 2022
Submitted 28. Mar 2022
Christian rented a vehicle in March 2022
Submitted 30. Mar 2022
Quick and easy Pick up, and the car took us through storm and snow 2.300 km around Iceland so OK.
Claus rented a vehicle in March 2022
Submitted 14. Mar 2022
Super car. Perfect for snowy roads. Nice pick -up at the AirPort.
Neeltje suzan rented a vehicle in March 2022
Submitted 09. Mar 2022
We waited at the airport about two hours for pickup because voucher doesn’t show which rental company we have, anyone doesn’t pickup phone (rental noted in voucher and also northbound). Then we got car with broken doors on the passenger side, it doesn’t open properly sometimes doesn’t open at all. Even if was close, car was beeping and signals on the dash showed open door. If we opened window, it doesn’t close. In the end free gps was useless.
Jan rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 27. Feb 2022
It was right decision that i took a Dacia car..4x4.It is like a tank in war...IPerfect car for your's roads in this time.
Tanja rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 16. Feb 2022
Terrible experience!!! A representative of LAVA car rental supposed to waiting for me at the airport with my name sign. At the time of the booking I had provided my flight number and landing time. In reality nothing from above happened, no one was at the airport. I waited 20 min. and give the rental company a call, they said that I need to wait another 15 min. After that given time I rang them again and they said to wait another 15 min. After 20 min I tried to call one more time and no one pick up this time and machine answering come in place. I definitely thought that this a scam!! I’m spending already 1 1/2 hours at airport after my plane was landed, eventually someone with sign LAVA come to airport and I started asking questions. The
Biser rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 31. Jan 2022
The service was very good. Everything went well. Lava Car Rental helped us with everything and were very flexible. We would definitely book this service again.
Jeremy rented a vehicle in January 2022

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