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Submitted 03. Jan 2022
Excellent service. The car was great on the roads during bad conditions. Very economical for the amount of driving that we done. Very pleasant to deal with, helpful, very easy to collect and return with options. Prompt pick up and delivery to the airport. Would definitely use this company again when we return.
Leslie rented a vehicle in December 2021
Submitted 05. Jan 2022
The car and service was good for the price.
Ieva rented a vehicle in December 2021
Submitted 22. Dec 2021
The check in and pick up at airport were easy and fairly quick. The car worked well. At pickup we told the company that we would drop off the car at 5:00am, their opening time. When we arrived, there was no one at the office. We called and no one answered. We emailed and no response. In the end we decided to drive to the airport and park the car there. We have not received an response to date. This is unacceptable.
Bert rented a vehicle in December 2021
Submitted 24. Nov 2021
Good, roomy vehicle
Oscar rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 01. Nov 2021
An old car.
Xabier rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 08. Nov 2021
Rented through Lava car rental. Reliable, low-consumption Duster for your worry free road trip around Iceland's Ring Road. Included free GPS, although we all know that only Google maps are actually useful. The only downside is that the car already had a lot of bumps and bruises.
Sasa rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 26. Oct 2021
We were happy with the car…it had a few bumps and bruises, but nothing that effected the drive. It was a great price, so not pristine…no problem!!
Paula rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 21. Oct 2021
Outstanding! took wonderful care of us and and answered all my questions. Lava car rental was helpful and top notch. I will use Northbound for my future visits to this amazing place.
Linda rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 18. Oct 2021
Everything was fine, good car, quick check-in and check-out, good price, Duster is perfect for 4 persons, driving some gravelroads
Norbert rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 22. Oct 2021
Perfect , everything was ok
Lucien rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 29. Oct 2021
Everything perfect with Lava Rental Cars and Northbound
Pedro rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 16. Oct 2021
We liked the car but it had a few areas needing improvement. The plate underneath wasn’t attached properly so it was very noisy going over gravel roads. We had a headlight out and also found it could have been a little cleaner in the glove compartment. But the car itself did the job and was comfortable.
Camille rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 08. Oct 2021
Thank you so much for wonderful experience. Our flight arrived 30 minutes earlier and we hardly waited for the driver to take us to the rental office. The instruction you provided were perfect. The staff at the rental office was professional and pleasant . The car was exactly what we needed. We enjoyed visiting many interesting places and we are planning on coming back.
Marija rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 03. Oct 2021
The car was great l. We didn’t have any trouble at all. I’m very pleased with the rental and service.
Terri rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 04. Oct 2021
Unfortunately, I did not have such a good experience renting the car in Iceland. The rental ended up being through Lava Car Rentals, Northbound seems to be the mediator. It started with the fact that at the agreed time after landing no one was at the airport to pick us up. Only after a call someone came. Space was then in the bus for 8 people, but there were 12 people at the airport and had to be taken. So 4 people had to wait (according to the driver a maximum of 10 minutes). When after an hour still no one had come back, we had to call again (twice, because first no one answered the phone) and 10 minutes later we were then also picked up with the other two people. We had booked a Dacia Duster 2017 with free GPS. According to the website of Lava Car Rental, they have "new cars" and "reliable technology". We got a battered Dacia Duster that made very high-frequency sounds, whose airbag lamp was lit, so obviously the airbag was not working (more on this below; these two things we have unfortunately only applied after some time driving) and had no GPS (we felt that was not so bad, because our cell phone could take over this function well). When we arrived at our accommodation in the evening and our ears were ringing from the beeping, I wrote Lava Car Rentals about the two defects. I also quickly got an answer early the next morning about where I would be and thought that a replacement vehicle would probably be taken care of then. So I wrote down our plan for the day in detail and noted that we would be that evening again in the current accommodation, but then had to go on (we had already pre-booked accommodation). Then came nothing more, only the next day in the early afternoon (when we were already in the middle of the way to the next accommodation), came the mail with a workshop that we could drive to, which looks at the car. My answer was a bit brusque, whether that was their seriousness, we had already gone further, as I had noted. But the brusqueness can be excused: On the key it was noted that the car must be refueled with petrol, but on a scratched sign on the tank one could see "Diesel" - however, I noticed this only after refueling (fortunately before starting the engine), since it was only better visible from a direction in which I was unfortunately not standing during refueling. So we have directly times around a workshop to have the tank pumped empty and cleaned. Fortunately, the workshop was really eager and friendly, but it took a total of about 2 hours and we had to refuel a second time. Thereupon Lava Car Rental at least directly (after I had to send a picture of the key) said that they will pay the bill for the workshop, for this there is still the 2.0 rating, that actually worked without problems. The fuel bill I had to pay myself, for this I had in the panic when refueling unfortunately no receipt drawn, but also do not know if I would not have had to discuss long... With the beeping of the car we had now already resigned ourselves, because we did not want to spend longer somewhere in workshops and we had noticed that there are very small speed windows in which you can move, where it then does not beep - with fine feeling in the foot and loud radio it could then also be tolerated to some extent. With the defective airbag, we just hoped we wouldn't need it... Shortly before the end of our trip we had another incident: The rear door on the driver's side could no longer be closed, it remained open (no matter how hard you slammed it shut, closed it with feeling, pressed it shut and locked it - nothing could be done, the door was open, the mechanism that holds the door shut when it is slammed shut was defective). Of course, you couldn't drive on like that, the door would open immediately if the wind caught it or something. Park somewhere and move away from the car, of course, also did not work, it could have anyone open the car (or the wind would have already opened it to the person). Fortunately, this happened to us at our accommodation and then still in the quite early afternoon (15.30), so I hoped that someone could come quickly and fix the whole thing. So I wrote directly, but no answer came. The next morning then directly very early I dug deeper, because we had to leave the hotel. The answer came then again very directly that there is a workshop in the vicinity, which is requested to take care of it to which we should then drive (I had written that we can not drive, because the door is open, but that only incidentally). 3 hours later I still had no answer, but we had to leave the accommodation in an hour ... On demand then the answer that we can drive now to the workshop. I didn't feel like discussing any longer that driving with the door open would be a bit difficult, so I just kept the door closed with my hand while driving and hoped that wouldn't cause any problems on the half hour drive.... Arrived at the workshop (here they were again very nice), they tried to solve the problem, but even after half an hour and complete disassembly of the door, there was only the solution: it would have to install a new lock. The mechanic called Lava Car Rental to tell them the problem and at the end of the phone call told us that we would then be contacted by Lava Car Rental now to discuss how to proceed. Of course nothing happens again! So I called and complained that we have not booked a vacation to visit the garages of the country and just waiting for answers from Lava Car Rentals. The discussion was relatively one-sided and the result was that we now have to wait at least two hours until a driver comes - and then they just hung up. We bridged the further two and a half hours in a Lava Museum, which was interesting and entertaining, but actually not on our list... The replacement car was then a Dacia Duster, which we would have liked at the beginning: relatively new (although already 160000 km down), with GPS and without any annoying noises. So there are the reasonable cars at Lava Car Rental! Unfortunately, our trip was now already over and we had booked two more nights in Reykjavik - so you don't really need a good car for that anymore... But I would now like to add to this negative review that I think it is due to one person in this store. The guy seems to be absolutely overwhelmed with the job, while the actual driver for the shuttle was very eager and also the young blond man who brought us the replacement vehicle made a reasonable and helpful impression. Unfortunately, not the overwhelmed guy has accepted the car from us again, I would have liked to tell him a few bars... So we have spent a day and a half with workshop visits and a few hours waiting, which would certainly have ruined the complete vacation on a shorter trip, so it was at least "only" very annoying.
Benjamin rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 03. Oct 2021
Everything went smoothly with our rental through Northbound. The rental itself was provided by Lava Car Rental. Pickup and dropoff were prompt and friendly. The Duster was solid and stable, definitely not luxurious but a great value that also got decent mileage. Highly recommended!
Daniel rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 28. Sep 2021
Very happy with the service. I left some jewelry in the car and one of the guys from lava drove to the airport to drop it with me before my flight. That was above and beyond and I was very appreciative.
Katharine rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 22. Sep 2021
The rental served our purposes just fine! It handled the F-roads like an old pro. The service from our car company, Lava Car Rental, was also stellar and would absolutely use them again.
Rebecca rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 04. Oct 2021
Our trip to Iceland was for 17 days and we hired a Dacia Duster 2017, because it was much cheaper than other 4x4s. In hindsight we wish we had gotten a better car as we had some issues with the Dacia throughout our trip. We ended up having to have the car swapped in the north of Iceland. Even though we did not have the best experience with the car itself overall the service that Lava car rental gave us was very good. They were very responsive to our emails. They drove 5 hours to come deliver us the new car late at night and on the final day when we dropped off the car they ordered us a discounted taxi to the blue lagoon which was we thought was very nice of them. Our recommendation would be to hire a good 4x4 vehicle especially if you are planning a trip that is up north or a little off the beaten path. Our issue was with the car and definitely not with Lava car rental.
Amit rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 21. Sep 2021
The price was fair, the process to get the car went smoothly and the car was pretty good. I do have a couple of suggestions for improvement: - it was a little unclear who was providing the rental. we rented from Northbound and the voucher said Rental Car in Iceland. It was not until I contacted the vendor that I realized the rental company was Lava. It would be good to clarify this right up front. - The car itself was good, except the the tires were very low on tread. We did feel like we were hydroplaning at times. - The GPS was useful to have, but did send us down dead end roads and seemed to be confused at times - even getting us out of the airport. We had a great trip and having a 4WD vehicle at a reasonable price really helped us.
Robert rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 27. Sep 2021
Ci siamo trovati benissimo! Abbiamo noleggiato una Dacia Duster 4x4 per 13 giorni a un prezzo piuttosto vantaggioso. La macchina non ha dato alcun tipo di problema. Il ritiro e la consegna dell’auto sono stati molto rapidi e il servizio navetta per l’aeroporto molto efficiente. Consigliatissimo!
Salvatore rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 09. Oct 2021
Despite the fact that it had over 200,000km on it, it handled very well. The rear two tires were bald and we had them changed in Akureyri with no problem. I guess when you rent a four year old car you should expect some wear and tear but it worked out fine. Lava was very helpful and responsive.
Tamar rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 16. Sep 2021
Loved it! It was well-maintained, utilitarian but smooth. Got us from point A to B with no problems.
Joy rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 08. Sep 2021
The staff was very nice, especially the shuttle driver! The car was what we expected, and everything was fine!
Simone rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 11. Sep 2021
I did no see any Dacia Duster Manual. But i did not needed it also.
Peter rented a vehicle in August 2021

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