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Camping Cars is a trusted car rental company in Iceland, offering a range of vehicles to suit your travel needs. They pride themselves on top-notch customer service and reliable vehicles, ensuring a smooth journey for their customers. Their headquarters are conveniently located just a five-minute drive from Keflavík International Airport.

Customers on Northbound have praised Camping Cars for their excellent service, reliable vehicles, and overall value for money.

When you book with Camping Cars through Northbound, you're choosing a supplier that is highly regarded by customers and committed to providing a quality service. Enjoy the freedom of the open road with Camping Cars and Northbound.


169 total reviews

169 reviews for Camping Cars

Verified reviews from our customers that rented a car from Camping Cars

Submitted 21. Sep 2023
The car is a small 4x4 so absolutely fine for iceland beginners. If you got great plans in the highlands you probably need a stronger car. The supplier (Camping Car Car Rental) was awesome - there is nothing they could have done better.
Patrick rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 18. Sep 2023
Great Car for the Paved and Unpaved roads! It was spacious and comfortable for 2 people. The rooftop tent was also very functional and easy to use. It kept us warm and dry at night!
Vincent rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 04. Sep 2023
Estuvimos 10 días con nuestro Grand Vitara 4x4, con su tienda en el techo. Tengo que decir que fue una experiencia increible, toda una aventura. No sabía si ibamos a poder dormir bien y fue genial. Todo muy fácil de montar y desmontar, la libertad de decidir dónde dormir cada día, lo bien montados que están los campings (y los sitios tan bonitos que son)....totalmente recomendable. Tuvimos días de mucho viento (huracanado de casi 100km/h y pillamos hotel, pero el resto de días, con viento y lluvia, no pasamos frio y la tienda fue genial. Camping Cars en todo momento estuvo disponible para nosotros si teníamos alguna duda. Nos informaron superbien de todo. Recomendable 100%!!! Gracias!!
Maria soledad rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 29. Aug 2023
5th rental via Northbound and probably last. the suzuki plus tent from campingcars was „bare bones“ Camping essentials, like sleeping bag, stove/tableware, incl at other companies had to be rented extra for a rather steep fee. The cars AC was broken which meant driving with open windows on F roads and being covered in a thick layer of dust. Management didn’t care. (Usually we don’t need AC in Iceland) Odometer 3600000 km, gas mileage 12.1 liter/100km (1/3 f roads, 2/3 highway)
Andreas rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 30. Aug 2023
Hello dear CampingCars Team, All in all we had a very nice Trip! But compared to other car rental organisation we cannot recommand CampingCars. The Cars and the Equipment of the other Organisations are much more better!!! When we arrived, CampingCars picked us up at the Airport. Super! But when we picked up the car, our reservation was incomplete because of an unsuccessfull communication between Nortbound and Camping Cars. Camping Cars didn’t know, that we payed all, that we added two chairs and two sleeping bags. The Young Lady told us, that it often happens that Northbound only slowly transmit new Information… She had to call her Boss, so that we finally started with the equiped car. But the first day, we were at a campground, we realize that not only the car was an older one, but the roof tent and the equipment too: The gas for the stove was empty. The knifes didn’t cut, the dishes were old and ugly, the pot Duden‘t have a lid. The zipper on both side of the tent were malfunction - it wasn’t possible to close it completely. On the one side the plastic protection was missing on half a side. The material of the tent was already very thin. And so on… All in all it‘s really suboptimal and not how we expected and payed for. We wrote all that to Camping Cars on our third day of holiday - noone never answered..
Doris rented a vehicle in August 2023
The Supplier Response:
Dear Doris Autzen,
I am sorry to hear about your negative experience here at Camping cars, however there are a few things I would like you to know. After you sent an email to us on the second day of your rental, we replied within few hours, but for some reason you seem to have missed that (perhaps check your spam folder), here is your e-mail and our reply below:
"Hello dear CampingCars Team,
as you surely remember, we arrived on tuesday this week and our reservation was incomplete because of an unsuccessfull communication between Nortbound and you. Thankfully you had a solution for us.
But now, the first day, we are at a campground, we realize that not only the car is an older one, but the roof tent and the equipment too:
The gas for the stove is empty. The knifes don‘t cut, the pot don‘t have a lid.
The zipper on one side of the tent is malfunction - it is‘nt possible to close it completely. On the other side, the plastic protection is missing on half a side. The material of the tent is already very thin. And so on…

All in all it‘s really suboptimal and not how we expected and payed for.
Do you have a suggestion for us and a relaxed trip in Iceland?
Thank you so much for an answer!
Best regards
Doris and Thomas Autzen”

“Hi Doris and Thomas Autzen and thank you for your email,
I apologize for the hick ups in the beginning of your rental, however there are few things in our defence I would like to mention
• The age of the car is clearly stated on all website and should not be a surprise to you.
• There is no gas included in the kitchen box, so since you did not add it to your booking, no gas should be included from us.
• Cutlery is included in the kitchen box, no sharp is included in the box
There should be a lid for the pot, this is not ok, so after you have returned the car please contact Northbound to ask for a refund for the kitchen box that I will then have to confirm for you to get it.
The tent is like the car not new, however it should be fully functional, if not, please give us a call so we can set up a plan to change it out.
Let me know,
CampingCars Team"

I would also like to mention that you were misinformed here regarding that as you wrote “Northbound only slowly transmit new Information”, that is not the case, changes to confirmed bookings are manual on our end so they are a bit slower than when you make a new booking.
Regarding the faulty zippers, we had no issues closing the tent after you returned the car.
Again, I apologize for the inconvenience you had, but please contact Northbound and ask for a refund for the kitchen box.
Bogi Jonsson,
Camping cars.
Submitted 20. Aug 2023
Everything went greatly. We had a problem due to a delay on our arrival flight, the customer assistance of Northbound and our rental provider has been very helpful and smooth in the communications. Strongly recommended.
Marco stefano rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 07. Aug 2023
The Jimmy is what I would call 'the budget car' way too small for a person my height. Had a very hard time starting on steep hills as well, that might just be my driving skills though. Elsewise it's a decent car. Everyone got their preferences.
Morten rented a vehicle in August 2023
Submitted 06. Aug 2023
Perfect car for Icelandic conditions
Pawel rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 08. Aug 2023
you have great staff at pickup!
Hitomi rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 31. Jul 2023
Jorge rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 25. Jul 2023
Adam rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 21. Jul 2023
With the 2015 Suzuki Jimmy Manual from Camping Cars we experienced an amazing adventure in Iceland. We travelled all around the ring road without any problem at all. I would definitely do the rental again.
Federica rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 19. Jul 2023
Great vehicle for this kind of travelling, the roof tent served perfectly its purpose. Great match for a trip through Iceland.! Highly recommended!!!
Mauricio rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 09. Jul 2023
Toller Service, freundliche Mitarbeiter. Shuttle vom und zum Flughafen. Alles war perfekt und unkompliziert. Ich kann Camping-Cars bestens empfehlen. Gute Reise!
Ulrike rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 10. Jul 2023
Very Good
Great Car, Everything went well and the car handled every terrain the way we wanted to. We definitely recommend camping cars from northbound.
Benjamin rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 13. Jul 2023
I liked the car, and tent where we sleep- was very good. Feels like in the real bed. After about 8 days our car had fractured car belt, in the late Sundays evening, at 22:00 o'clock, and Camping Car help us :) We wait our new car about 2 hours (because we were about 2hour ride from their place), and they took the old one. The man was really nice who came. Pick and drope-off, from and to airport was fast and easy by Camping cars persons :).
Agita rented a vehicle in July 2023
Submitted 27. Jun 2023
Camping Cars was amazing! The owner is very friendly and responsive. The car was clean and reliable. The only critique is that it can be hard for Americans to contact them as we normally don't have international phone plans, I might recommend they add a What'sApp number we could reach them by to let them know when we land.
Thom rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 28. Jun 2023
Super Easy and very transparent. very easy dropoff right at the airport.
Jeppe rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 13. Jun 2023
Very Good
Ilze rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 19. Jun 2023
The car was very old, around 188000km already ran. The breaks did not work properly, so we had to drive very slow, especially when sheeps were close to the road. We booked the car already 6 months ago, so we expected a car in a good condition. In total we were not satisfied.
Carola rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 05. Jun 2023
The car was a blast and perfect for our travels. We were able to go anywhere without trouble, and the tent was amazing!! It’s like a blackout curtain all around you- we slept so well. Our experience with customer support was incredible. They were so responsive and helpful. We had the most amazing time. I highly recommend Camping Cars through Northbound!!
Isabelle rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 11. Jun 2023
I booked a Dacia Duster with Camping Cars for our family 2-weeks ring road trip in early June 2023 (with 3&7 year old children) and concluded with very fantastic trip. I booked the car very early: in August 2022 at a very great price comparable to cars without rooftop tent. The staff and boss are very kind and willing to help during check-in and check-out. Included pick-up and drop-off made our travel in calm. They offer free unlimited wifi router (which is not super critical for us since we have EU roaming) and free child seats. Since we are a family, we stayed mostly in hotels/cottages and used the tent only once as an emergency solution for overnight. The costumer service is excellent, patient and very kind. On the second day, I noticed the car show some warning signs of ABS system and tire pressure. I called the office and got to know that can be a typical false sensor problem. Nevertheless, they arranged to change a car for me in the next working day. Since they have to send the car from Keflavik and we are already approaching Hofn, I agreed to drive back to Vik for the exchange of the car, as compensation, they give me one day refund. I have to say that the cars are a bit aged at ~250k KM mileage, and some existing damages on the surface, but technically well-maintained. Since I know this is an old car at the time of booking, I did not book the expensive extra insurance on the booking platform. Instead, I bought insurance from my home insurance in Germany (mietwagen selbstbeteiligung versicherung) which is wayyyy cheaper, and I had very good experiences in claiming reimbursement in case of damage that had to be paid by myself in the first place in the past. We did not drive to F-roads (not yet open), but drove to quite many gravel roads in Westfjords, where I saw quite some brand new cars (two Tesla and several Discovery) had to drive extra carefully to avoid gravel damage. I highly recommend this company would rent again in the further when I come back to the highlands in real summer. All the best!
Mingjian rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 10. Jul 2023
Pickup was easy, friendly and simple registration at the office. Very good customer service.
Jean-nicolas rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 08. Jun 2023
Very Good
Camping Cars was great to work with – they were very transparent about insurance and additional fees. I would say if we did it again, we would change the model of the car that we got. A 2015 Jimmy is identical to a 2005 Jimmy – so that means no little luxuries that you get with newer cars.
Catherine rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 28. Jun 2023
I had a great time traveling around Iceland thanks in part to Northbound!
Douglas rented a vehicle in May 2023

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