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IceRental 4x4, a reputable car rental service in Iceland, is recognized for its superior vehicles and exceptional customer service. Their diverse fleet ensures a comfortable and reliable journey across Iceland's unique terrains. Northbound customers have lauded their efficient pick-up process, well-maintained vehicles, and the value for money they offer.

By choosing IceRental 4x4 through Northbound, you're opting for a seamless, reliable, and enjoyable Icelandic adventure.


1818 total reviews

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Submitted 11. Sep 2021
We had a Honda CRV, and it worked just fine. The dash info center was confusing, but we didn’t use, nor need it since you provided WiFi for our phones. The WiFi did lose battery after being plugged into the console, but once we moved it to the dash, it charged fine. Also, not charging us for bringing it back without a full gas tank was very kind. We had no trouble using our credit cards in Iceland except at the gas stations where you needed a PIN and we didn’t have one as we didn’t bring our bank or debit cards. Most places released the pumps for us to then go inside and pay, but the last stop did not.
Erin rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 20. Sep 2021
Everything went smooth : fast pick-up and drop off from and to the airport. 24hrs breakdown service (we had to use it and got assistance immediately). No hidden costs. Car was in great condition, although the rooftop tent could use a check-up / update. Great value for money in general.
Ben rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 14. Sep 2021
Car was fine. Ecerental 4x4 did not show up in the airport until we called them after 40 minuttes waiting. Check in was fine. At check out, they went immediately to the buttom of the car and said that maybe something was damaged - I don't know what?? We have not hit anything with the car and I am not sure what the outcome is??? This uncertainty is not a good feeling. What about our deposit??
Henrik rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 22. Sep 2021
Thank you very much for your service. It was very convenient and a very good experience. I will definitely use you next time I come to Iceland two thumbs up.
Rodney rented a vehicle in September 2021
Submitted 06. Sep 2021
Overall experience was good, we did not have a 2018 Hundai Tucson, we had a Honda not sure of the year that had a check engine light on and a definite shake in the transmition at 1500rpm. But it got us where we needed to go.
Mark rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 13. Sep 2021
Good car, no problems driving around the island. Plenty of space, rooftent was great and the seat heating was a big plus after a cold night. The only downside was that because the car was fueled with diesel, something with the filter was not right and the cruise control didn't work almost the whole journey. But other than that, everything was great. Booking through northbound was very easy and pleasant. Would recommend!
Adriana rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 14. Sep 2021
Everything was OK. Car was in good condition, quick and easy administrative handling
Armin rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 29. Aug 2021
It's a quite basic car inside and under the hood, but it was a reasonable price so it was fair value for money. The engine is underpowered but, given the low speed limits in Iceland, it was only tested on hills so we just changed down a gear or two and it was fine. The car was very clean, and had an excellent spare tyre which we had to put to good use so were very grateful for. There wasn't anyone to meet us at the airport, so we had to call for our ride which was a little frustrating at the time, but the return process and subsequent transport to the airport were very speedy by contrast.
Katherine rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 20. Aug 2021
The car was great for our needs! We chose the cheapest four-seater we could find because we didn’t need luxury and this definitely did the job. Service was very friendly once we arrived at the office, but we did wait quite a while (30 min) at the airport for the shuttle (although I’m not sure if that was because we didn’t know what to look for at first). Thanks for a lovely rental experience!
Emily rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 30. Aug 2021
Our camperized Suzuki Jimny performed very well through many km of rocky uneven f-roads. The car had about 80k km on its back and the tires were near the end of their life, but we managed to do everything we had to. Not a powerful car but can get you everywhere! The assistance, both at northbound that at Icerental 4x4, was ready and nice. I definitely recommend you this company if you want to save a big bunch of money!
Maurizio rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 23. Aug 2021
Service was really great!
Jessie rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 28. Aug 2021
Everything went well. We had a great off-road experience. The Suzuki Jimny is a great little Jeep. Good service at Northbound
Felix rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 24. Aug 2021
While the price was good, we were quite disappointed by the customer service we received. Despite booking well ahead of time through Northbound and arriving with all the instructed voucher numbers and documentation printed out, Icerental 4x4 had no record of our reservation. They gave our group a very hard time about fulfilling the reservation, and we arrived prior to Northbound's opening hours so no one was available to confirm our reservation or help. Eventually Icerental 4x4 did honor the reservation, for which we were grateful. When we left the parking lot, our car had a squeaking sound in the wheel that got progressively worse as we drove along the ring road. When we called for a mechanic, Icerental quickly responded with a traveling mechanic which was great. Unfortunately though, Icerental expected US to pay for the mechanic even though the problem existed before picking up the car. Would not rent from them again.
Elizabeth rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 24. Aug 2021
It was cheap, made fancy noises when driving faster than 50 km/h, had many scratches. Exactly what we paid for, a reliable cheap car.
Simon rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 02. Sep 2021
This car got us where we needed to go. It was roomy for 4. It didn’t have cruise control. Headlight and tail light went out during our 21 day rental. Bonus was the unlimited hot spot. Check in and check out was easy. I would rent here again.
Trish rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 21. Aug 2021
It was a great car in good condition. The James baroud tent was great. Also was the kitchen kit. The actual rental company had good service and we had no problems with them.
Yoseph rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 19. Aug 2021
This was my second time renting from this company and I will be giving you my business again! Everything always goes so smoothly, and the customer service is great! Thank you :)
Leyla rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 15. Aug 2021
Yes so much. The car was good and comfortable. And the service of northbound was great !!!!
Maria carmen rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 10. Aug 2021
We were upgraded to an 2018. It was comfortable but the engine had no pickup- meaning, it struggled to get up hills. It was a bit smaller than our original rental. Overall, customer support before the trip was excellent. I had to adjust the day and time of our pickup, and it was handled very smoothly.
Jennifer rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 16. Sep 2021
Great car, no problems. I booked often Icerental 4x4 and it was always a good experience. Kind staff.
Gabriela rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 15. Aug 2021
All good, a value car that proved reliable and big enough for what we needed. Being able to rent extra camping things was rely helpful. The kitchen kit was brilliant with everything we needed. Easy pick up and drop off.
Hazel rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 06. Aug 2021
Very well. We lost license plate, although I cannot be sure whether the plate was fastened tightly before the journey.
Yan rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 05. Aug 2021
Overall I really liked working with them. They were straight forward and helpful.
Steve rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 24. Jul 2021
Would not recommend this company for your travels! The cars were not reliable! The clutch went out after about 4 hours and they tried to say it was a new clutch and we burned it out! Thank goodness my son-n-law knows a lot about cars and we did not pay for that. We also had trouble with another car so we spent a lot of down time waiting for the cars to be fixed! There has to be a better company to rent from then this one!
Judy rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 27. Jul 2021
Had no issues whatsoever. Transport to/from the airport was seamless, the car was as described (though did have malfunction in the air conditioning), no issues with price or returning the car. Overall a positive experience.
Kael rented a vehicle in July 2021

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