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IceRental 4x4, a reputable car rental service in Iceland, is recognized for its superior vehicles and exceptional customer service. Their diverse fleet ensures a comfortable and reliable journey across Iceland's unique terrains. Northbound customers have lauded their efficient pick-up process, well-maintained vehicles, and the value for money they offer.

By choosing IceRental 4x4 through Northbound, you're opting for a seamless, reliable, and enjoyable Icelandic adventure.


1818 total reviews

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Submitted 22. Mar 2023
The car was ideal for our purposes of touring west and south Iceland; plenty of room for three adults and our luggage.
David rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 26. Mar 2023
The car was great for all weather conditions. Service at the rental station was great too. We had to wait a bit for the Pick up service. And the lady who drove us was very unfriendly.
Niko rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 13. Mar 2023
Everything's fine exept pickup (they took just 2 of us) and dropoff cause we have to wait a little to much. But it's ok i don't complaint too much. Staff non so friendly. The big problem is the insurance system... it's not clear at all and when we booked the car with a third part then we had to pay much more without a full insurance.
Pietro rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 14. Mar 2023
The car we got was not well maintained and had engine issues. When driving >70 km/h, there was a sudden loss of power for some seconds. This could happen from once per hour to once per minute. The dashboard indicated messages to check injection system and check anti pollution system. Unfortunately we only found out after starting our tour around the island. I contacted the rental company. They offered to change tha car, but this was only possiblr in Reykjavik, so that was not possible for us. So in the end,for a 800 eur rental, the quality was not ok.
Tom rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 22. Feb 2023
Hired Dacia Duster for 7 days. No problems hiring and returning (even at 4.30am).
Russell rented a vehicle in February 2023
Submitted 20. Feb 2023
The Subaru was a good choice for Iceland and handled the changing weather with ease. Big enough for us, the boot may be a bit small for those travelling with 4 full size suitcases. Also, the fuel release is on the drivers side floor on the door side, probably covered by the mat.
Adam rented a vehicle in February 2023
Submitted 22. Feb 2023
The car was great, for perfect price. Did 2800km around Iceland in all conditions and without any problem. Just do your own insurance in advance, which will be definitely cheaper that the one, which you can get from the rental.
Jan rented a vehicle in February 2023
Submitted 12. Feb 2023
Very nice staff. Very helpful attending all my queries. Also recommended me to take the return at 4 am to avoid additional charges which was very kind
Hunter rented a vehicle in February 2023
Submitted 10. Feb 2023
hired a car for recent trip to Iceland and the overall service was very good car was in excellent condition in and out; staff were all friendly and polite, no hard sell for extra insurance etc, pick up and drop off very good. if i were to make a criticism it would be having to leave wife at airport while i went to collect car and the go back to pick her up after all paperwork was completed,(mini bus was full could only fit one more in so seemed fastest way to collect car so was my choice ultimately.) if i return to Iceland i will use again.
Eric rented a vehicle in February 2023
Submitted 08. Feb 2023
A few days before I arrive at Iceland, I received an email mentioned that a representative will hold a card with my name. When I arrived at the airport, I try to look for the representative but fail to see it. Afraid that I may miss it, I went a few rounds to look for my name but no sign at all. In the end, I have to make a call to the office and was informed that I just have to wait. After 10 mins of waiting, the representative then appeared. Other than this issue, the whole process was a smooth one. It took about 45 mins to get the paper done and collected the car.
Desmond rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 09. Feb 2023
Hired a car for 8 days in February 2023. The car was excellent and the staff were speedy in processing the paperwork and getting you on the road. The only small gripe I had was the confusing invoicing arrangements and lack of transparency as to what the costs were - i suspect the systems that link northbound is and icerental 4x 4 need a close look and further simplification. That said, I would absolutely recommend this firm.
Richard rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 05. Feb 2023
Meeting the shuttle at the airport was confusing, but ultimately I chose to blame my lack of sleep. When the employee was having me sign all the rental paperwork, my husband overheard the other employee explaining safety tips to other customers (watch out for horses, don't feed the horses as they can damage the vehicle, etc.) The employee I dealt with did not explain any of this to us, and I was even the one to bring up how the wind can take the car doors off. I also paid extra to not require a security deposit upon booking, but was still asked to pay one before they let me take the car. It was dark and the vehicle was covered in snow when we did the initial inspection but everything looked okay. Upon returning the vehicle, the staff tried to blame very small dents in the hood (no paint chips, just easily fixed dents) on me. When I explained that they could have been there before we picked the car up, they insisted they were not and I was going to pay for the "damage." They were very aggressive, but my family has owned an auto body shop for over 100 years so I can recognize damage when I see it. When I asked how much it might cost, they could/would not give me an answer. When I asked if I was going to be paying for a paint job for the whole hood, the employee said "ma'am, Iceland is expensive." This was both condescending and irrelevant as a paint job would not be necessary to fix this damage. Then magically, the supervisor was able to produce photos proving the damage was there prior to us picking up the car. He apologized, but it did not seem genuine. Honestly, the entire customer service experience seemed very scammy and I'm not inclined to recommend this company to my friends and family who are planning trips to Iceland this year. I will be checking my bank account regularly until the entire security deposit is returned.
Emma rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 18. Feb 2023
I loved it. Everything worked as planned and I didn't have any problems.
Amin rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 28. Jan 2023
Allt gekk vel, mæli með 👍
Linda bjork rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 04. Feb 2023
Amazing experience. Thank you for everything. Best place to get a car rental in Iceland
Anthony rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 27. Jan 2023
Craig rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 27. Jan 2023
Perfect car!! Super comfortable and safe to use.
Juan cristobal rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 27. Jan 2023
Hi Ivar, thank you for your enquiry. We got a mitsubishi outlander, which was also totally sufficient. The service from Icerental 4x4 was great and everything was matching very easy. And of course your wonderful and amazing country with friendliy people made everything fantastic. thank you very much. Hermann
Hermann rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 21. Jan 2023
Probably the best vehicle rental I have used!
Jose carlos rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 17. Jan 2023
Hi Ivar, The staff at the rental place was exceptional. They were prompt to pick us up and drive us to get the car and to the airport on departure. They were informative and helped with any questions we had. However, there were a few things about the car that weren’t so good. If you went over a certain speed, you could often hear the wind from the windows which made it sound like a window was open slightly but it wasn’t. At times, the car would shake if you went over a certain speed. The car was dirty and had an empty popcorn bag in the back seat and popcorn on the floor. The door behind the driver did not stay open on its own and I’d have to lean against it to keep it open when getting stuff out of it. The gas lever was hard to pop open at times. The gps didn’t recognize some locations and seemed like it needed updating. Sometimes the gps would just stop and make traffic announcements in Icelandic and we’d have to restart the gps. The windshield wipers weren’t great. I also think the one headlight wasn’t working which made it difficult to drive in the dark and I had to use high beams to see anything because the light was so dull. The middle console seemed broken. Just some feedback for you for future renters.
Nicole rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 13. Jan 2023
Checkout and checkin were both very quick and easy. The vehicle served us very well. It would be nice to provide some information with the vehicle about how and when to pay for parking in Reykjavik and at the national parks.
Thomas rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 08. Jan 2023
Everything was simple, efficient and went according to plan: we were met at the airport, quickly shuttled to Icerental 4x4, checkout was quick, no unnecessary pressure to buy additional insurance, just given the info on what is covered and what is not. Car was fine. Return process was equally simple and quick.
Aidan rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 09. Jan 2023
Really happy with the service and the car we received
Jane rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 09. Jan 2023
really nice rental company, enjoyed every bit of our time using their rental car, and we got to travel the whole southern coast of Iceland, which I think is very impressive 😃🇮🇸. overall no problems with their car and had a comfortable cozy (and most importantly warm, cos its dead cold outside) ride with their car😃. would recommend, for their ease of business, booking, getting the car, returning it and all the packages that they offer to make sure we are safe during our rental period. their cars are nice too 👍🏼😃 totally recommended🇮🇸
Danish rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 01. Apr 2023
We had been calling the car rental for pick up and they kept saying the driver is coming, and we ended up with waiting for 1.5 hours in the airport, which was totally waste of our time. On the day of return, we was almost missed our flight due to their lack of staffs, we had been waiting to return the keys and for them to check the vehicle for almost an hour, which is rediculous!!! Not recommend this car rental at all. Please avoid!
Chak lam rented a vehicle in December 2022

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