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IceRental 4x4, a reputable car rental service in Iceland, is recognized for its superior vehicles and exceptional customer service. Their diverse fleet ensures a comfortable and reliable journey across Iceland's unique terrains. Northbound customers have lauded their efficient pick-up process, well-maintained vehicles, and the value for money they offer.

By choosing IceRental 4x4 through Northbound, you're opting for a seamless, reliable, and enjoyable Icelandic adventure.


1845 total reviews

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Submitted 09. Jul 2023
Very Good
Blaise rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 09. Jul 2023
The employee needs more friendly! Thanks! Ning
Ning rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 12. Jul 2023
It worked great and we enjoyed our visit at Iceland
Yuhua rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 10. Jul 2023
The staff were friendly and professional. The pickup and drop-off were trouble-free. We rented 3 vehicles and they were ready when we got there.
Jining rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 16. Jul 2023
The car was fine, but there were too many automatic things that thought they knew better than us (windshield wiper speed, radio settings, temperature controls, etc.) A backup camera would have been nice.
Eric rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 12. Jul 2023
The Subaru was a great choice for us
Robyn rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 27. Jun 2023
Icerental 4x4 did a very good job with our 10 day car rental service. They picked us up on time from airport, paperwork process was smooth. Return process was smooth.
Glenn rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 08. Jul 2023
Northbound is an excellent platform that really cares for their clients - before, but ALSO after you use their services. They do follow up and assist you for real. I dearly recommend them The vehicle I rented was from a 3rd party company called IceRental 4x4 and their services were awful, rented me a vehicle with 410,000 km on board that ended up in smoke! Literally. So be careful what you receive when u get there. A lot of scam companies. Northbound is just a platform for all these rentalcompanies so dont confuse between the two. Northbound 10/10 IceRental 4x4 3/10 - i give a 3 JUST because they sent me immediately another car when the other one broke down. But the 2nd car had also 200k km on board, much weaker and had to cross the westfjords with it
Maria rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 19. Jun 2023
Very good thanks
Kylie rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 08. Jun 2023
I had an excellent experience with Icerental 4X4. I found their vehicles to be of good quality and good value.
Jill rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 04. Jun 2023
Hello, Overall experience is good. The car has no major issue but the engine light is on when we got the car. It makes me worry about the safety eventhough nothing happens. The second issue is the passanger side wiper should be changed. I told staff the issue and he said to me you should change it and we will reimburse the cost". I came to enjoy my vacation not to fix the car!!! It blocked the view and create a safety concern. The person who check our car is rude. He told me wife "All luggage out".
Yifan rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 05. Jul 2023
On the whole the Subaru was more or less O.K. Heating did not work properly (front screen fogged immediately up when heating was not concentrated on front screen solely). I was surprised getting a 1 year old car with a mileage of 84.000 km. Pickup was demanding (check/documentation of a number of damages, which weren't completely registered in Icerental system). Fortunately I took pictures, as at dropoff there were discussions about new damages (which already were visible on photos at dropoff - Icerental system was not refreshed since pickup).
Andreas rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 05. Jun 2023
Everything was perfect!
Tobias rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 29. May 2023
Thanks for checking it with me. Everything went well until I was in a horrific wind storm that caused complete shattering of passenger window.I had purchased insurance at rental. The agent stated at rental that one of the things covered was broken glass. Upon return of our car he said that only covered the windshield and promptly charged me around $400 dollars. Please be aware that at rental I was told broken windows were covered. No statement was made that only the windshield was covered. Your comments and help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Stan Rogers
Stan rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 09. May 2023
Great experience.
Anna rented a vehicle in April 2023
Submitted 25. Apr 2023
Pick up and return were super efficient. Staff friendliness and explained everything in details. Shuttle right on time to pick us.
Aline rented a vehicle in April 2023
Submitted 24. Apr 2023
Icerental4x4 = Perfect Suzuki Grand Vitara 2015 = to much fuel
Jose manuel rented a vehicle in April 2023
Submitted 10. Apr 2023
Firstly, the car stopped working just after less than 12h since I have rent it. The situation was made worse by the fact that the worker who answered my call was very rude and did not allow me to explain properly what was happening with the car. He kept insisting that it was a battery problem and ended up hanging up the phone before I could explain that it was not a battery issue. The replacement car was smaller than the car that I have rent, so I asked to change the car and arranged to pick up the new car at 9 am the next day at the location where we were in the country, but the car arrived 3 hours later. I am extremely disappointed with the service that I received from the company. The customer service that I received was lacking. The staff was unhelpful and unfriendly, and it seemed as though they were not interested in addressing my concerns. I had hoped for an stress-free and enjoyable vacation, but instead, I was met with frustration and I had waste lot of time during my holidays trying to solve this issue. 
Nuria rented a vehicle in April 2023
Submitted 09. Apr 2023
Craig rented a vehicle in April 2023
Submitted 30. Mar 2023
Thanks everything we perfect
Alex rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 22. Mar 2023
The car was ideal for our purposes of touring west and south Iceland; plenty of room for three adults and our luggage.
David rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 26. Mar 2023
The car was great for all weather conditions. Service at the rental station was great too. We had to wait a bit for the Pick up service. And the lady who drove us was very unfriendly.
Niko rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 13. Mar 2023
Everything's fine exept pickup (they took just 2 of us) and dropoff cause we have to wait a little to much. But it's ok i don't complaint too much. Staff non so friendly. The big problem is the insurance system... it's not clear at all and when we booked the car with a third part then we had to pay much more without a full insurance.
Pietro rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 14. Mar 2023
The car we got was not well maintained and had engine issues. When driving >70 km/h, there was a sudden loss of power for some seconds. This could happen from once per hour to once per minute. The dashboard indicated messages to check injection system and check anti pollution system. Unfortunately we only found out after starting our tour around the island. I contacted the rental company. They offered to change tha car, but this was only possiblr in Reykjavik, so that was not possible for us. So in the end,for a 800 eur rental, the quality was not ok.
Tom rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 22. Feb 2023
Hired Dacia Duster for 7 days. No problems hiring and returning (even at 4.30am).
Russell rented a vehicle in February 2023

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