Northern Lights Car Rental, a local car rental provider in Iceland, offers a wide range of vehicles, including 4x4s, 2WDs, and campers. Their commitment to low prices, quality vehicles, and personal service has earned them a solid reputation among travelers.

Northbound customers who have rented from Northern Lights Car Rental have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the company's reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. One customer praised the company for its seamless pick-up and drop-off process, while another appreciated the car's performance on tough mountain terrains.

When you choose to rent a Northern Lights Car Rental vehicle through Northbound, you're not just getting a car; you're gaining a partner that's committed to making your Icelandic adventure unforgettable.


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Verified reviews from our customers that rented a car from Northern Lights Car Rental

Submitted 28. Jan 2020
Highly recommended. I had issues, probably my fault, with a dead battery and I had very little time to spare. In no time it was sorted and I was on my way to my engagement. Fantastic service, I’m returning in June and will be using Northern Lights again for my trip.
Stephen rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 27. Jan 2020
Sono molto soddisfatto per il noleggio ed il trattamento, personale professionale molto gentile e disponibile , il trasferimento in areoporto con navetta celere sia all'andata che al ritorno. . Esperiena positiva consiglio a chiunque voglia noleggiare un auto
Pietro rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 02. Feb 2020
Daniel rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 26. Jan 2020
My experience with nordbound and northern lights was amazing. The service was great and pretty fast. This was my first time renting a car and i couldnt have chosen a better rental company. The people who work there are really calming, professional and are very clear.
Robin rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 02. Feb 2020
Easy rental process and capable car!
Brett rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 20. Jan 2020
the staff are very helpful
Yasin emirhan rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 23. Jan 2020
Our experience was very good, I would recommend to others!
Līga rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 22. Jan 2020
Thanks for reat support we came to the office recive car (They offer us some varanty or they will freez 2 500€ on my bank acount which was quite suprise for me but to be onest when return the car I was happy that we used extra insurence because of Iceland weather and road condition) however guys in office was good sens of humor and I can say if you would like to o to Iceland Northbound and Northern Lights Car Rental is good choice. :)
Jakub rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 16. Jan 2020
Our flight had 3 hours delay, so I informed the rental company about it. However, as we arrived, there wasn´t anybody to pick us up. After 2 calls and ca 1 hour waiting somebody came to drive us to the car rental place. I chose the rental company because of the price and free GPS. But the GPS didn't worked at all. The guy showed us our car, but he did not check if the GPS was working properly. I had to return it 5 times!!! Every time he gave me a new one, it work for 2 minutes and then it shout down. It was because the adapter he gave us was not working, not the display. But he did not try it with us at all (after he gave us the keys, he had new customers and did not bother to help us). He told me, if we have problem with the GPS, he could offer us some discount as soon we return the car, so I gave up and we used our mobile phones whole time. As soon as we returned the car (ca 1,5 hours) before our flight there was no time to discuss the discount because there were 2 other customers waiting. Nobody told us, that we need to return the car at least 2,5 hours before our flight. Luckily, they arranged pick up for us and for another pair (who had not know about it also) and so we could catch our plane. We had dacia duster and we had no problem with it.
Veronika rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 17. Jan 2020
The car was comfortable and drove well, although there was a problem with the GPS system so we had to use our phones and Google Maps in the end.
Haydn rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 14. Jan 2020
We chose to rent our car with Northern Lights Car Rental based on a recommendation from another traveler. We would definitely rent from them again. They were prompt to pick us up at the airport, customer service was spot on during the rental itself, and their prices were better than others we had looked at. During our trip to Iceland we drove out to Jokusarlon and experienced some very snowy/icy roads during our trip. However we never had any issues driving.
Earnest rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 15. Jan 2020
Very good assist. Thanks for everything. Had a great trip!!
Yasin rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 21. Jan 2020
The services I received were really satisfactory. Starting from the moment I landed in airport, I was picked up shortly after I called for the shuttle to the car park. All details were explained in the office, including what is covered by the insurance, what are the precautions needed for driving in winter, general guidelines and tips about Iceland. The car itself was as advertised, even though I picked a lower-end vehicle, it had features like 4x4 drive, cruise control, heated seats, built-in navigation etc. and was in a good state, clean and fresh. When it comes to return process, it was very smooth and took around 10 minutes, after which a shuttle took us back to the airport. Definately I have to recommend this rental service.
Adam rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 16. Jan 2020
Great service, reliable 4x4 car and close to the airport. Thank you
Julie rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 15. Jan 2020
The car worked really well in the snow and icy conditions. In my opinion the studded tyres are a must for winter conditions if you are driving long distances from the capital and the conditions along the same route can be very different, so great move Northers lights for making these widely fitted (not sure if they are standard across every car). Only downside really is the long check in and check out time. Drivers hate this, especially when there is only 1 person performing this task.
Paul rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 09. Jan 2020
I would definitely use this company again. We hired a Suzuki vitara for 5 days. We were picked up at the airport and driven around 10 minutes to the depot to pick up the car up and away we went. Car was great, staff were great 100% recommend and will use again in the future. Thanks again
Nicola rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 08. Jan 2020
Dacia duster was fantastic, i am even considering getting one here in the UK! Absolutely loved it. Was so spacious and powerful. Massive boot to hold all our luggage.
Lauren rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 09. Jan 2020
All went well / as expected. The transfer service was good and the guys at the compound were helpful. All as expected with the car. The only issue we had was the battery was low in the key for the central locking and the key did not work with the doors, nearly resulting in us being locked out of the car. Swapped batteries at a service station and no further problems.
Daniel rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 06. Jan 2020
Great service from the guys at Northbound. On arrival, we were picked up late by the shuttle from the airport however the service consultants were very apologetic and offered us a free upgrade and WiFi for our hire. Pick up and return was easy and simple and the car was great. Would definitely use Northbound again.
Suhayl rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 12. Jan 2020
The pick up was a bit lack of instruction as I don’t see any people or sign at the arrival hall. I don’t know if your guys is there or not until I call your company. By then I learnt Your guy is not here yet and waited about 30minutes after I arrive the arrival hall. Other than that the overall service is okay.
Yat hei rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 13. Jan 2020
The car was perfect but the quality of service was below expectations for the following reason : 1) In the email prior to departure it said that on arrival an agent would pick us up, so I was expecting to find the agent waiting for us at the door after baggage pickup. But the agent wasn't there and we had to wait for a very long time in the lobby with no instructions as to where to wait or what to do. At some point we even thought the agency had forgotten us. 2) I was forced to take an insurance (actually you don't have to, but if you don't 2700€ are taken from your card and refunded later, but I don't have that much spare money). So the rental cost me almost twice than what I was actually planning on spending, which is pretty annoying considering I chose this agency mainly for the cheap prices. 3) When we asked the guy to help us with the GPS he said he didn't know how to use it cause he has never used it before. This is a very unprofessionnal answer. 4) When we arrived to give back the car at 1am I had to call a number so that the staff comes. So basically if someone has no mean to make a phone in Iceland they have to wait until morning ?
Pierre rented a vehicle in January 2020
Submitted 06. Jan 2020
The car was not as new as expected and with a few minor bumps and scratches, but everything was fine. We felt secure in the Icelandic crazy weather. The staff were friendly.
David rented a vehicle in December 2019
Submitted 06. Jan 2020
Excellent service, we were dealt with promptly and professionally. Shuttled to and from the airport with no problems. I would definitely recommend Northern Lights Car Rentals and use them again!
Denise rented a vehicle in December 2019
Submitted 04. Jan 2020
Northern lights Car Rental employees are very service minded. The car was good.
Kenneth rented a vehicle in December 2019
Submitted 02. Jan 2020
The car was great, the cup holder fir the driver was uncomfortable, but that is a tiny detail and bound to the design of the car.
Janka rented a vehicle in December 2019

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