Northern Lights Car Rental, a local car rental provider in Iceland, offers a wide range of vehicles, including 4x4s, 2WDs, and campers. Their commitment to low prices, quality vehicles, and personal service has earned them a solid reputation among travelers.

Northbound customers who have rented from Northern Lights Car Rental have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the company's reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. One customer praised the company for its seamless pick-up and drop-off process, while another appreciated the car's performance on tough mountain terrains.

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Submitted 25. Jun 2023
2015 Suzuki Jimny was magnificent on F-roads, not so great on paved roads, but that's the price to pay if you want to see untouched nature. The cheapest 4x4 you can find. Suspension is a bit stiff, so you'll feel every damn rock. Between 75-80 km/h the steering wheel wiggles as this is a manufacture issue as I was later told. Engine wasn't so powerful when driving into steep hills. Iceland was a great experience in this car, thank you for that.
Tomas rented a vehicle in June 2023
Submitted 10. Jun 2023
Very organized and professional
Luca pietro rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 09. Jun 2023
The car was good and reliable. The camper rented ended up good as well. I would suggest the company look at the breaks and the car pulled one way when breaking.
Mazie rented a vehicle in May 2023
Submitted 25. Apr 2023
I'm disappointed with the service in relation to the price.. Moreover, thé réception is not friendly and the driver have nothing to do Witherspoon driving and phoning at the same tire. The car received was very dirty. A Light Washington constantly on orange but we were told that it was normal with a car with more than 304000 kms. The wipers were completely damage. And we've been forced to subscribe an extra insurance making us thing ours crédit cardiaque is not going through.
Vincent rented a vehicle in April 2023
Submitted 09. Apr 2023
Un coche muy adecuado para recorrer la isla de una forma relativamente barata. Contaba con todo lo necesario: 4x4, ruedas de invierno, un consumo ajustado, climatización... Sin embargo, un precio algo elevado, teniendo en cuenta que por poco más ofertan coches mucho más modernos y equipados.
Victor rented a vehicle in March 2023
Submitted 11. Mar 2023
Pickup at the airport was a little bit fuzzy. Two many customers for the shuttle bus, I was carried to your office, but I had to pickup my girlfriend after I got the car.
Andreas rented a vehicle in February 2023
Submitted 28. Mar 2023
The car was good, things got a bit worse when we had damage. But in the end, Northern Lights Car Rental as the extra insurance we bought from northbound did well, and everything got covered.
Janus rented a vehicle in February 2023
Submitted 11. Feb 2023
It was a realy nice car. Minor issues with the break/sign on dashboard, but the mechanic (recommended by the company) checked it and there was no major problem at all. Furthermore easy to keep in touch with during the holiday, which (in our case) was needed due to the weather. Kind employees. The shuttle service was so nice, I forgot my shoes (which I realised just at the airport) in the hotel (close to the rental service), the driver was willing to take me back with him, took the shoes ans could take the next shuttle to the airport. We also exchanged some music :) All in all, really happy
Rik rented a vehicle in February 2023
Submitted 04. Feb 2023
We are very happy with the se4vice provided. Harpa fron customer service was very kind and quick whn We needed help.
Javier rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 30. Nov 2022
We absolutely loved the car! On day 8, we were traveling on many tough mountain terrain and the car almost quit on us but thankfully it did not.
Bailey rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 30. Nov 2022
Thank you Northbounb for helping me to make an awesome road trip come true. At the beginning it was the bargain price you offered that made me choose your company but what I appreciated the most it was your customer support, during the organizing of such a demanding trip.
Vasiliki rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 23. Nov 2022
We had a great adventure in your car. We will definitely rent from you again. We would suggest better directions on gps and or signage to your location. Thank you for your hospitality
Donna rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 20. Nov 2022
The experience was great
Keith rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 14. Nov 2022
Hi Ivar As we have informed on 8/11, we had a crash in the front glass of the car We are waiting for the invoice and as soon as we have it we will send to you Best regards
Jose rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 23. Nov 2022
everything was seamless, picked up at the airport, quick check in
Brian rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 04. Nov 2022
The on-line service was extremely easy to navigate and handy to compare prices (with another tab opened). The SUV was 1st class in regards to price per day, insurances, space, comfort and very smooth when driving long distances around Iceland. Also very economical in its fuel consumption (would recommend anyone this size of vehicle). The staff were very accommodating and great communicators to all. Everything was explained in good detail and the pick up and drop off was very quick, really made the customer feel at home.
Mark rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 01. Nov 2022
The car was pretty old, lot of kilometers (near 300.000) and rusty. Not so important but... Many mechanicals problems, gearbox (noisy), steering (noisy on chaotic roads) and brakes (not efficient). The northern lights car rental team was good.
Franck rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 14. Nov 2022
The car was fine. Unfortunately, the indicator light of the tire pressure was defective and went on again and again after 20 kilometers despite sufficient pressure. The Road Assistant unfortunately could not help us and arranged a mechanican, which was closed. After that, no one answered the phone. I was not satisfied with this service. We unfortunately spent a lot of time checking the tire pressure. Upon return was said the problem is known at Dacia Duster. Please fix the defective sensors!
Anne rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 29. Oct 2022
Great service from the whole team and a smooth experience collecting and returning the car which took us round Iceland with no problems at all. A better system for getting the shuttle bus as several times while loading cases people jumped in front and ended up splitting our family apart.
Simon rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 04. Nov 2022
The Dacia Duster was a great choice and we were so happy with our rental! It allowed us to get off the beaten path and feel much more comfortable driving on the non-paved roads.
Stephen rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 26. Oct 2022
Car was perfect easy check in and check out. Very friendly stafff enjoyed our stay and rental
Paul rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 24. Oct 2022
The car had many minor damages as paint problems, small dings, rust on some parts of the chassis/painting, the system for raising and lowering the pilot's seat did not work, rusted wheel rims, the windows did not work properly, etc etc. I was not worried because i had the max insurance, but if I hadnt had... The good thing is the price, which is lower than others, but you can't expect have a great car. It would be great if the company indicates the km to get an idea of what you will have, in my case it was a Dacia Duster 2017 with 302.000 km. The process of dorpoff/pickup is nice and staff explains well the insurance but it could be very tough if you have to wait. The staff does not check the car with you, they simply give you a sheet of paper with the damages and thats all.
Alvaro rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 17. Oct 2022
The pick up and drop off was smooth and easy. The extra insurance seemed expensive but we did purchase it and felt like it wasn’t necessary. The car had a lot of cosmetic damage, dents, rust, scratches etc but that didn’t bother us. There were some issues with the car that we did find annoying but didn’t notice until the journey was underway. The washer fluid for the front windscreen didn’t work (the back was fine) this was quite dangerous at times as visibility was bad. The rubber seal around the door on the front passenger side was broken so a cold draught was always present.
Anna rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 17. Oct 2022
Very Good
Welcome to the agency, smiling and helpful staff. Vehicle conforming to the reservation (model and year) On the other hand, vehicle with a lot of km, creaky gearbox, noisy belt, headlights illuminating the ground in front of the car, impossible to adjust and drive safely at night... for the rest no pbs encountered and very interesting price I do not put 5 on the return because too fast, no information from the control, we leave without really knowing what will happen...
Pierre rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 21. Oct 2022
In general, we are satisfied with the experience of renting the car and with the coverage offered during that period, we did not highlight any problems recorded and everything developed normally.
Andrea rented a vehicle in October 2022

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