Northern Lights Car Rental, a local car rental provider in Iceland, offers a wide range of vehicles, including 4x4s, 2WDs, and campers. Their commitment to low prices, quality vehicles, and personal service has earned them a solid reputation among travelers.

Northbound customers who have rented from Northern Lights Car Rental have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the company's reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. One customer praised the company for its seamless pick-up and drop-off process, while another appreciated the car's performance on tough mountain terrains.

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Submitted 15. Oct 2022
Very good treatment. They have the garage on the outskirts of the airport, they come with a van to pick you up and take you to the airport
Alba rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 12. Oct 2022
Hello Ivan, Everything worked out great. We were actually a large group of 20 and we have rented 5 vehicles from your company, and we got icked up at the airport and brought to your rental location in timely manner. What made the experience even better was that when we have arrived there were 5 red Subarus waiting there for us. That was a nice touch and it made it easier for us to follow each other to and from our visiting destinations. Great service even better staff.
Mirsad rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 14. Oct 2022
Durable car that got us through a blue Oxi pass. Great on gas.
Kera rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 11. Oct 2022
Overall satisfied with car that we rented as it did get us around the whole of Iceland. Areas for improvement. - couldn’t complete check in for car online prior to arrival as asked for information that doesn’t exist for UK traveller’s. i.e. social security number. Sent 2 emails and did not receive a response. - waited over an hour to be collected from the airport. Rang office and told shuttle would be there but not given an ETA. - we requested a car with a sat nav. Sat nav console built into car but had issues inputting coordinates. Asked for help and advised we are best off using our mobile phones. - told at check in that although we had paid for the top insurance this didn’t cover tyres and that would be our personal expense. - noticed that the rim for front car door windows appeared damaged. Became apparent when traveling that the seal was gone so had to put up with whistling through the windows during the journey. If window was opened, had to get out of car to push window back into place when closing. - 2 days into trip, the ‘change oil’ warning appeared on the dashboard. We rang the office who transferred us to mechanic. Told to check oil and if levels are ok then fine to continue driving. Oil levels were ok but was unsettling driving the rest of the road trip with a warning light on. - The wifi was hit and miss which is to be expected given the remoteness of some areas but it also dropped on and off where we wouldn’t have expected issues. Was a good job that we had access to internet on mobiles so we could keep an eye on ever changing road conditions. - didn’t use the flask or anything from the kitchen box as we didn’t need to in the end. Did go to use the flask but the cup was cracked.
Naomi rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 10. Oct 2022
Very Good
Marijus rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 01. Oct 2022
Good Car, with good comfort. 6 Gear-shift, don't need so much fuel (Diesel). 4x4 is essential for the Highlands!
Birgitta rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 28. Sep 2022
My only thoughts are that there are some cars that should be discontinued. This car struggled a lot with incline roads, the breaks are all rusty and they don't work super well, the wheel starts shaking like crazy for some minutes and after that it stabilize itself, the wiper washers don't clean much. This is a comment for the company who owns the car, I know that northbound it's only an intermediate
German alejandro rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 25. Sep 2022
It was a good choice. Everything went well. Thank you!
Sonja rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 14. Sep 2022
We had a very nice holiday in Iceland and luckily we didn't have any car trouble driving on the Icelandic gravel roads. Nevertehless my opinion about the car was that its quality was under standard: - the hood was trembling when riding over roads that were not perfectly flat (so it trembled most of the time) - the gearbox makes noise when it its shift from 2 to 3 and from 3 to 4 - there is also a trembling noise at the left rear wheel (probably a worn out shock absorber) Conclusion: The car had too many km's (287.500) to be in a good condition.
Ad rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 17. Sep 2022
Maximilian rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 01. Sep 2022
Worst experience I’ve ever had. Finding your shuttle driver was difficult. She was angry with all passengers. The agent pointed out MANY things that were wrong with the car when he gave it to us - multiple warning lights stayed on, dents, torn seats. We had to work on the driver’s door before we could get it to lock because the lock was falling off. The clutch is failing. I brought it back a day early but was refused a refund. NEVER again!
Michael rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 13. Sep 2022
The car was in good condition for our 3 week rental. It handled all the F Roads and unpaved roads well. A spare tire was in the car, with a jack and a safety/medical kit. Check-in and check-out were quick and efficient. They did not try to claim damages to the vehicle that I did not cause, like some other car rental companies. Thankfully, they did not try to upsell mThe car was in good condition for our 3 week rental. It handled all of the F Roads and other unpaved roads. A spare tire e insurance that I did not want. My only critcism is that they could have done a better job cleaning the windshield (inside and outside) before the rental. Overall, I was very happy with the service and would recommend them.
Dean scott rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 07. Sep 2022
Fantastic service, I got the vehicle I needed with tent for F roads. Everything worked as expected. Thanks
Dwayne rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 25. Aug 2022
I had a wonderful rental experience with Northern Lights - the car was exactly what I'd requested (being familiar with Subarus), and was in excellent shape. Airport pickup and drop off was on time, and beautifully coordinated. Most of all, I admired the staff's ability to provide a very personalized booking and rental experience. I'll happily rent from them again, during future visits to Iceland.
Dee rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 29. Aug 2022
Francesca rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 25. Aug 2022
Lacking some acceleration, but overall it was great.
Lukas rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 26. Aug 2022
The online booking went easy, perhaps some more detail photos of the car/tent. We booked at northbound.is but later two other companies took over the reservation which is a bit confusing. Questions are answered quickly and clearly by customer service. The pickup service and arrival was good. During our trip, the car has performed great. Although the tent was not weatherproof and our mattress and sleeping bags got wet.
Diana rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 21. Aug 2022
Very Good
The car was a bit rundown, the gearbox was hard to operate, the engine made a strange noise sometimes, but it did the job. The fan on the top of the roof tent was leaking in rain somewhat when the car was going. We could see that probably an earlier customer covered it by tape, but it did not help. We also tried, with limited success. Disregarding these issues we enjoyed our time in Iceland with the car. The customer support was excellent.
Sandor geza rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 20. Aug 2022
Pickup from the airport was slightly chaotic. There was one gentleman running the shuttle back and forth from the airport and could only fit 8 people. My husband and I had to split up, one stay behind and one go for pickup. Not a huge deal but overall the checkin experience took a much longer time than we allotted for. On our second to last day, our car began to give us mechanical issues. They were unable to help us that evening but luckily our car was still drivable so we were still able to venture out and see things. They were willing to exchange our rental for us to have for our last day and were extremely accommodating. Could not say better things about the in-person customer support. Everyone we interacted with was kind. If I had to select one thing to improve upon, it would be the pillows for the roof top tent. Mine had mold on it and I’m highly allergic to mold. Thankfully I had packed a decent travel pillow for the flight. Overall, we would use this company again though!
Callie rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 17. Aug 2022
véhicule moyen dans l'ensemble
Jean rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 25. Aug 2022
Andrea rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 24. Aug 2022
Absolutely satisfying! Thanks to Northern Lights Car Rental we had an awesome and flexibel stay in Iceland as well as a mind-blowing impression of the country. We would recommend NLCR without any hesitation.
Christoph rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 22. Aug 2022
Paolo rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 11. Aug 2022
Everything was fine until the staff failed to mention that a small 5mm diameter dent on the car would get you charged the full deductible amount which is extortionate. I fully expect to have to pay something but the full deductible is a ridiculous amount for such a small area of damage. And they tried to tell me the cost would have been even more except that we had upgraded insurance which is even more ridiculous! After contesting the cost issue, I was only then informed that I can email in a few days to find out if the cost of repair is less that they will arrange a refund but that they wouldn't contact me automatically to arrange this which is akin to thievery as far as I am concerned. Either the service department is lying about the amount of time/effort that will go into repairing the vehicle or they are deliberately inflating prices in order to get more money. Would not hire from this company again. I would rather pay more for another company that is more forthright in their dealings with customers when issues go wrong as this is when customer service is really important.
Carol rented a vehicle in August 2022
Submitted 17. Aug 2022
For all the places we encountered, this car, for some inexplicable reason, seemed to work on any road. In that sense, although quite small and fragile-looking, it was perfect for our adventure. However, as the days went by, the tent had several holes that got bigger and bigger, and the waterproofness got way less within each day. We would wake up with drops on our faces, our sleeping bags wet on our feet. That was really not nice since Iceland is famous for raining all the time. Overall we found the car okay. Not great but okay.
Rita rented a vehicle in August 2022

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