Northern Lights Car Rental, a local car rental provider in Iceland, offers a wide range of vehicles, including 4x4s, 2WDs, and campers. Their commitment to low prices, quality vehicles, and personal service has earned them a solid reputation among travelers.

Northbound customers who have rented from Northern Lights Car Rental have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the company's reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. One customer praised the company for its seamless pick-up and drop-off process, while another appreciated the car's performance on tough mountain terrains.

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Submitted 07. Mar 2022
Hi, the car was very old, with a lot of kilometres and more than 26 damages on the car and windshield. We had some warnings who have been turned on many times, which has scared us. We have been forced to purchase extremely expensive insurance. I'm very disappointed regarding our experience. We have wait for 1 hour to have the shuttle to go to the airport. We are not happy at all regarding our renting, it's unacceptable to paid 700 euros for a week for this kind of car and customer experience !
Candice rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 04. Mar 2022
The car performed well considering the harsh environment of Iceland. Only means that they maintained the car well.
Harold peter rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 06. Mar 2022
Renting with Northern Lights was a really good experience. The rental was quick but also not rushed and return was easy - they didn't check every possible thing just to see what's broken, it was literally a few minutes total. Everyone at the office was super nice :) We had gravel insurance and of course gravel hit our front window - they didn't have any problem with that. I was thinking maybe they would inquire more how it happened and investigate if we were doing everything according to the rules, but nothing like that. Also they have simply good prices. One thing surprising for me was no snow brush during winter and it was snowing a lot! Not sure if that's standard practice but something to have in mind. Still, would rent from that place again.
Michal rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 05. Mar 2022
Arnaud rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 27. Feb 2022
I suggest you make it (more? perhaps I've overlooked it...) clear that your rental office is not at but nearby the airport. And a permanent large company sign at the airport where customers would be picked up would be very helpful. In our case, coming a bit late through the customs, it took quite a bit over-the-phone coordination to make it clear where we can catch the shuttle to the car pick-up location, not really helping for the best first impression about the company. But after the initial hick-ups with the pick-up at the airport everything else went nice and smooth. Quick paperwork, clear explanation of additional insurance options, fast handover of the car, and also on the return just a quick check of the car and a swift shuttle transfer to the airport. The car proved a perfect cost-benefit trade off and was in good condition for its age and mileage. And given the harsh winter road conditions 4WD proved essential in more than one occasion.
Mihael rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 28. Feb 2022
The car had many problems! Lights on the dashboard came on and stayed on, the doors wouldn’t lock, and it switched out of 4 wheel drive and the 2WD light appeared on the dashboard which made driving VERY difficult. Basically, it was the worst rental car I have ever had. Also, the windshield fluid never worked. I believe I should get a refund!!!
Kim rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 26. Feb 2022
I rented the 4x4 as it was February in Iceland. The wipers were terrible and it was blowing snow/snowing everyday there. Then after 4 days a belt started squealing regularly. Pickup/drop off shuttle at the airport was not too long.
Shelly rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 19. Feb 2022
Efficient service and good value
Timothy rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 17. Feb 2022
Yes - great service and quick to get us in our car so we could get our holiday started!!
Dayle rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 19. Feb 2022
Simple to drive, no problem. The information about the insurance and the money take in case of is not clearing before we arrived at the office.
Iris rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 14. Feb 2022
We had a little issue as we started out with a blown fuse which the guys repaired quickly. No other issues with the vehicle, everyone was very professional, and got us to/from the airport quickly. I’d definitely rent here again.
Jeremy rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 11. Feb 2022
Very straight forward booking and pickup/drop off process but requires a transfer from/to airport. Reasonable prices and very friendly and helpful staff. Would use Northern Lights again.
Ian rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 21. Feb 2022
Everything was great, customer service was superb. The only issue I have is the original Suzuki Vitara we have booked is advertised as a 4x4 but it is not a 4x4. It is an all wheel drive vehicle with snow mode. A 4x4 has the option to lock in four wheel drive and typically has a low and high mode. Other than that everything was great and I appreciate you all.
Garrison rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 11. Feb 2022
Booked for 1 week in February 2022. Service was good. Shuttle picked us up from the airport. Ten minute drive to the pick up location. Filled in paperwork and away. The return was also simple - back to the pick up location and then a shuttle to the airport. The car was good. Ran well and dealt with the icy conditions well.
Peter rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 02. Feb 2022
The car worked fine for my journey on the ringroad around the whole island in winter! But the headlights are really bad. It is like there were candles instead of lamps. The whole procedure with northern lights was very easy and good. Everything worked out fine! Next time in iceland i will rent a car here again!
Andrea rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 30. Jan 2022
All good! Perfect communication and suggestion to get insurance for the front! Will deffinately return!
Paulius rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 14. Jan 2022
It was a great experience. Our vehicle from Northern Lights Car Rental worked wonderfully and kept us both safe and comfortable throughout the entire trip.
Ryan rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 13. Jan 2022
We had a really nice road trip with the 4x4 Duster.
Fabienne rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 23. Dec 2021
Had a great experience with my car rental. Was able to drive to all the spots I had on my Iceland itinerary. They were very helpful with giving me the information I needed for a safe winter visit to Iceland! Thank you!
Sarah rented a vehicle in December 2021
Submitted 20. Dec 2021
Victor rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 02. Dec 2021
The treatment and management have been very satisfactory, and the vehicle we have rented has not caused us any problems and has responded to expectations.
Pedro rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 27. Nov 2021
Really good value vehicle. We ran into some interesting weather, snow, ice, fog and rain and the car was really rock solid. It had obviously seen plenty of tourists like myself but was still a sound vehicle. Only fault was that there was no screen wash in the vehicle.
Matthew rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 29. Nov 2021
The car was fine, the cost of total insurance was excessive and doesn’t seem necessary considering what not included in the insurance.
Filipe rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 20. Nov 2021
Everything was perfect!
Edoardo rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 15. Nov 2021
Voilà bien la pire voiture qu'il nous a été donné de louer! Et nous n'avons pas payé peu cher. Une vieille Dacia qui a un stop and go qui ne fonctionne plus et qui s'arrête donc à chaque stop et à chaque feu rouge. La consommation s'en voit donc augmentée ( 500 km avec un plein de 70 euros...). Le bruit du démarrage équivaut à celui d'un camion, etc. Très mauvaise affaire. De plus qu'un 4x4 n'est pas forcément nécessaire même en novembre. Le service ça a été par contre (rapidité, politesse, explications), sauf qu'il n'ont pas écouté les commentaires sur la voiture, estimant qu'on ne savait pas faire avec le stop and go, ce qui est faux.
Anthony rented a vehicle in November 2021

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