Northern Lights Car Rental, a local car rental provider in Iceland, offers a wide range of vehicles, including 4x4s, 2WDs, and campers. Their commitment to low prices, quality vehicles, and personal service has earned them a solid reputation among travelers.

Northbound customers who have rented from Northern Lights Car Rental have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the company's reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. One customer praised the company for its seamless pick-up and drop-off process, while another appreciated the car's performance on tough mountain terrains.

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Submitted 21. Feb 2022
Everything was great, customer service was superb. The only issue I have is the original Suzuki Vitara we have booked is advertised as a 4x4 but it is not a 4x4. It is an all wheel drive vehicle with snow mode. A 4x4 has the option to lock in four wheel drive and typically has a low and high mode. Other than that everything was great and I appreciate you all.
Garrison rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 11. Feb 2022
Booked for 1 week in February 2022. Service was good. Shuttle picked us up from the airport. Ten minute drive to the pick up location. Filled in paperwork and away. The return was also simple - back to the pick up location and then a shuttle to the airport. The car was good. Ran well and dealt with the icy conditions well.
Peter rented a vehicle in February 2022
Submitted 02. Feb 2022
The car worked fine for my journey on the ringroad around the whole island in winter! But the headlights are really bad. It is like there were candles instead of lamps. The whole procedure with northern lights was very easy and good. Everything worked out fine! Next time in iceland i will rent a car here again!
Andrea rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 30. Jan 2022
All good! Perfect communication and suggestion to get insurance for the front! Will deffinately return!
Paulius rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 14. Jan 2022
It was a great experience. Our vehicle from Northern Lights Car Rental worked wonderfully and kept us both safe and comfortable throughout the entire trip.
Ryan rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 13. Jan 2022
We had a really nice road trip with the 4x4 Duster.
Fabienne rented a vehicle in January 2022
Submitted 23. Dec 2021
Had a great experience with my car rental. Was able to drive to all the spots I had on my Iceland itinerary. They were very helpful with giving me the information I needed for a safe winter visit to Iceland! Thank you!
Sarah rented a vehicle in December 2021
Submitted 20. Dec 2021
Victor rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 02. Dec 2021
The treatment and management have been very satisfactory, and the vehicle we have rented has not caused us any problems and has responded to expectations.
Pedro rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 27. Nov 2021
Really good value vehicle. We ran into some interesting weather, snow, ice, fog and rain and the car was really rock solid. It had obviously seen plenty of tourists like myself but was still a sound vehicle. Only fault was that there was no screen wash in the vehicle.
Matthew rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 29. Nov 2021
The car was fine, the cost of total insurance was excessive and doesn’t seem necessary considering what not included in the insurance.
Filipe rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 20. Nov 2021
Everything was perfect!
Edoardo rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 15. Nov 2021
Voilà bien la pire voiture qu'il nous a été donné de louer! Et nous n'avons pas payé peu cher. Une vieille Dacia qui a un stop and go qui ne fonctionne plus et qui s'arrête donc à chaque stop et à chaque feu rouge. La consommation s'en voit donc augmentée ( 500 km avec un plein de 70 euros...). Le bruit du démarrage équivaut à celui d'un camion, etc. Très mauvaise affaire. De plus qu'un 4x4 n'est pas forcément nécessaire même en novembre. Le service ça a été par contre (rapidité, politesse, explications), sauf qu'il n'ont pas écouté les commentaires sur la voiture, estimant qu'on ne savait pas faire avec le stop and go, ce qui est faux.
Anthony rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 24. Nov 2021
We had a few issues with the car. - The doors in the back wouldn’t stay open which made it tough to get our daughter in and out. - The overhead light didn’t work in the back of the car which made it difficult to locate things in the back seat at night. - The oil light came on mid-way through the ten day trip which caused unnecessary stress as we didn’t know the seriousness of it.
Michael rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 10. Dec 2021
Avoid at all costs!!! Terrible experience! We rent a Dacia Duster, the car condition was miserable >200000km. The driving experience really difficult. Headlights blurry, steering, brakes, gear box, everything in really bad condition. Believe me this isnt something you want on icelandic roads. As this wasn’t enough we had an accident. We ran into a sheep which was trying to cross the road. It was dark and we show it at the last second. The sheep survived, our car didn’t. We had to call the car rental service. They told us to go to the nearest garage and have the car checked. They told us we would pay for the service and the we would receive a refund from the car rental company. We went to the garage, the people there were really friendly and helpful. Because of a problem with the left light (broken because of the collision and thus nomore waterproof) we had to change cars. We paid at the garage (120€) and made our way to the car rental company. The guys an the garage told as the same thing, that we would get a refund from the car rental company. As we arrived at the car rental we were far from welcomed. The guy who took care of the car exchange was far from friendly. When we told him that we would like our refund he refused rudely to give us the money we paid for the service and didn’t want to discuss about it. I told him that on the telephone his co-worker told me that we would get a refund and he answered with a rude tone “i won’t give you any money back”!!! We didn’t make a scene because we had already lost a lot of time and wanted to go on with our trip. We paid the for the car damage( thank god we had the silver insurance package and paid only 730€, there were other couples with no insurance who had to pay 3000€ und 3500€) Another point that we were told that we would shortly receive a detailed description of the damage and the repair costs. Should the costs be less than 730€, then we would get a refund. I can tell you that today 1 month after our trip we haven't received anything. I contacted them and asked for the car repair bill and they told me that they don't normally send the bill and anyway the car isn’t yet repaired. ( i think 1 month for such a small damage is too long especially for a car rental company which needs its cars rolling) Nevertheless the choice of the car rental company is free. I would personally never book with them again as they try to make as much money as they can from you, and unfortunately this isn’t because they offer top service. The exact opposite!! We had the best time in Iceland, we would totally go again. The only black spot was the car rental.. Make your decision responsibly!
Georgios rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 14. Nov 2021
Great experience overall. 3 ISK discount in all N1 stations as well. The 2017 Duster had definitely seen better days, but was very realisable, especially considering mileage it had. Staff was very friendly and explained everything you need to know.
Kevin rouven rented a vehicle in November 2021
Submitted 10. Nov 2021
Very good
Matteo rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 13. Nov 2021
We actually ended up with a newer Duster because our first car started acting strangely however we are very grateful to Northern Lights who, after we rang the breakdown number (we hadn’t even broken down) came out with a replacement car within a couple of hours. Both cars were great and appropriate for the conditions- we drove the whole ring road with blizzards in the north no problem. I also thought the price was good and there was no hard sell on insurance. Finally the airport shuttle could do with a bit better explanation but it was reliable.
Timothy rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 08. Nov 2021
Disappointed from the overall experience. We had to wait almost an hour in the airport to get picked up (we were seeing constantly people from other car companies picking other travellers way faster than ours).at the end they took only me(the driver),then i had to drive back to pick my friends,they were almost alone at the airport at that point! Worst part was when in the night of 31th October our battery died. We were calling more than 45minutes at the service telephone and we couldn't find anyone,we were always getting connected with the primary office,the guy there was trying to find the service guys,even in the private telephones and still couldn't find someone.after that we managed to tell our problem (we couldn't get in the car,electrical key wasn't working, probably dead battery).at last a guy showed up at least 2 hours after we first started calling only to bring a manual key,then he had to drive back to bring the cables,he came after one extra hour.considering that for the first 45 minutes we couldn't even share our problem made the experience unpleasant.on top of it we had to pay for him coming although we paid the top premium level of insurance. Our trip in Iceland was amazing,we are totally visiting again but we will most certainly book a car with another company
Dimitrios rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 02. Nov 2021
Good overall service. The car was a bit older than I would have expected .
Edward rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 02. Nov 2021
Great prices, that's why I chose this company, altough the car was probably the worst they own, personally if I knew I'd rent a better car, but it's not their fault obviously. They were nice and professional. Recommended
Nadia rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 31. Oct 2021
There check in process for procuring the car was smooth . Good pricing compared to other established plans . The reason for 4 start is because the car I rented was a bit run down with around 180k kms on it so was a bit choppy however had no issues navigating through the island . Would recommend this company with a better upgraded cars.
Ruchit rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 02. Nov 2021
Jonas rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 29. Oct 2021
Would’ve have been great except that the headlights in our car weren’t working properly. Passenger side light was out and headlights would go out completely when switching between headlights and normal driving lights. This made for some really scary moments when we had to drive at night and in bad weather. It also restricted our driving time as we didn’t feel safe driving at night. Otherwise, everything was very good. Nice, friendly staff, enjoyed talking with our drivers to and from the airport. Just maybe add a safety check to your vehicles for basic functions like that before renting them out
Neal rented a vehicle in October 2021
Submitted 30. Oct 2021
Wonderful experience. The car was reliable even with difficult weather conditions. Winter tires worked excellently.
Giuseppe rented a vehicle in October 2021

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