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11356 reviews for Car Rentals in Iceland

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Submitted 30. May 2019
We just got back from the golden circle tour from our hotel in Reykjavik. We were picked up on time and greeted by the very funny Kevin. Kevin told us about the training he'd done for rescues and it was apparent when he drove us through a storm! He kept us entertained the whole way and was very informative at the different points of interest. They even gave us some Icelandic delicacies and music to get a real feel of the culture. Would definitely book with them again! A very safe bet. Thanks guys
I r rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
We had two tours with Your Day Tours. Both days were great, our guides Kevin and Al were informative, good fun and Kevin did a fantastic job driving through a storm. Pick up was so convenient, right outside our door. Excellent way to get a sense of what Iceland has to offer, highly recommended.
Kath glock rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Our tour guide was friendly and funny, as well as being informative. I had an excellent time, and would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Iceland.
Keara murray rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Thoroughly recommend this tour company. Highly professional and great staff. Golden Circle tour was good and interesting, with many stops to see the beautiful scenery. Highlights were the geysers, walking through the chasm created by the tectonic plates (the only place in the world that you can actually do this!) and also the Icelandic horses and sheep. The minibuses were very comfortable and they only hold 18 people, so the group was small. I also really enjoyed the Icelandic music!
Andy bruce rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. The hike wasn't too bad even with the cold windy rain. We were welcomed by staff at base camp with water, coffee, and hot chocolate! We made our decent and it was truly beautiful. Afterwards we were served some delicious soup before heading back to our departure location. The cost is a little high in my honest opinion, other than that thoroughly enjoyed my experience.
Chris caslake rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
You'll pay an arm and a leg for this and it's worth every penny. It's a nice, casual two mile walk from base to the volcano. We went mid-September and were lucky enough to get some sunshine on our walk. We were also lucky enough to meet their local fox pup who had made his home at the top of the volcano. Once at the top, you'll descend for about five minutes. Once inside... It's incredible. Pictures cannot describe it. This must be seen in person. It's a once in a lifetime experience. After about 30 minutes, you ascend from the belly of the beast and go for some hot soup. Again, they charge an arm and a leg... Worth it.
Lloyd mullen rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Worth the investment! As far as I know, there's nowhere else on earth like this. Just breathtaking. The fresh lamb soup at the end is a nice touch. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Paul czubryt rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Worth the price, very unique experience to get lowered into a volcano. If you're thinking about it, just do it. We went at the tail end of the season and the hike was slushy and a little rougher than I imagined it should have been. Definitely worth dressing warm for.
Tony nunn rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Fun tour and explanations of what we were looking at. Be prepared for a bit of a hike. 3km each way. Mostly flat until the base of the volcano and then a short, semi step climb to the lift that lowers you down into the volcano about 400 meters. Was fairly cold down inside. Dress warm.
Mark valentine rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
My girlfriend and I took the trip up at the end of April. Even though our tour was filled, Tina (our guide) did a fantastic job making us each feel welcome and maximizing our time to and from the glacier site, as well as our time within the glacier itself. Definitely worth the price tag if you have half a day!
Steven griffin rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Amazing experience. Totally unique and enjoyable. Kids (2 and 6) loved it also.
Paul betteridge rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
So amazing! Worth the money. Definitely dress warmly though, you're in ice. Definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done. And our guide Bear (or God Bear as his name translates to) was so informative. Really knew what he was talking about.
Cassie diceman rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Everything about this trip is awesome - from the NATO middle carrier which you travel up to the glacier in, to the fascinating and slightly surreal experience of being tens of metres underneath the surface of a glacier. If you are lucky, the views from to the top are absolutely amazing too. The guides speak extremely good English and are clearly very passionate about their jobs.
Travis bramley rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Great fun for the whole family. Professional and very friendly guides. I would recommend this experience to both locals and people visiting Iceland. My kids had an awesome time.
Asgeir hoskuldsson rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Great Adventure! Beautiful views! Nice experience! Super friendly staff
Ekaterina maximova rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Really enjoyed it! Reuben is a great guide, very chilled out. Would definitely recommend doing this. Perfect if you go in the evening when it’s bright if your tour in the morning finishes early. Or if you go to the blue lagoon for one half of the day and this for the other half as the location is just 5 minutes away and they pick you up. Thanks again!
Maurice dunne rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Absolutely amazing. We were made to feel very welcome, we saw some amazing sights. Absolutely the best thing we've done while we've been here.
Mazzie cain rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Awesome! My wife and 8 year son (sitting in the back) loved it! :-)
Gunnar steingrímsson rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Very easy, no fuss. Equipment worked great. Scenery was unreal in terms of beauty. Staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly and fun
Cody buchanan rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
I recently took 2 tours with Bustravel Iceland. I'd give 1 star for the Northern Lights tour, and 5 stars for the Golden Circle tour - so I'm giving them a 3 overall. I booked the Premium Northern Lights tour for the evening of 30 January 2019. We drove out to the national park, and after looking at an unimpressive grey glow along the horizon (not terribly different from the light pollution coming from Reykjavik), our guide decided that though it was technically the northern lights, it was not good enough to be considered "legal" lights, and so we could re-book. We stopped on our way back at our initial stop, and the light was marginally better - we briefly saw a flattened "U" on the horizon. We stopped once more on our way back to town, but no luck there. Because of the slightly better lights on our third stop, our guide decided that we had now technically seen enough northern lights activity that we were no longer eligible to re-book. I agree with the other folks on the bus whose first words on our departure were "unlucky". I understand that we were out to see a natural phenomenon, and so can't count on anything, but more so felt unlucky that the bar was set so low that we weren't able to try again. I would try with another tour operator for the Northern Lights. On the other hand, I did the Golden Circle Tour with guide "Snow" yesterday, and he was excellent. I would highly recommend that trip, and cross your fingers that your guide is Snow!
Heather smith rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Matthew and Lucas is a amazing pair of tour guide for our Southern Tour. Super engaging and he equipped us with local knowledge, forklores, many many fun facts and jokes. He also took many beautiful pictures for us. We couldn't ask for a better guide. Matthew is definitely one of the best Tour guide I ever experienced in my many years of traveling. Continue the good job, Matthew and Lucas! Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable!
James li rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
We took the Grand Golden Circle tour. Simply excellent, with our funny and knowledgeable tour guide Rokkvi. Staff were very nice, and we recieved a lot of information about the places we stopped, and several different stories about other things as well. Highly recommended
Teitur vestergaard rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Booked 3 tours with them (golden circle, southern island and northern lights). Booking was easy, pickup was well organized and tours were great. Also the tour guides were really nice and had a lot to tell. Can really recommend them!
Felix frantzmann rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
I went on both whale-watching and northern lights tours. Their boats are spacious and comfortable, so even if there is a lot of people you do not really feel it. They also provide pills in case you feel sick on the sea, and my guides were nice and willing to explain any facts and answer any questions!
Eduard fraile rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Great experience. We saw dolphins and whales. Very environmentally conscious. We were hoping to see some puffins.
Shaun cooney rented a vehicle

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