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Submitted 02. Jan 2017
Excellent! From the airport pickup to the dropoff, we couldn't be more pleased. The Honda CR-V with studded snow tires was absolutely the best.
Steve rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 30. Dec 2016
Everything about the experience with Northbound and Rent A Wreck was great. Northbound were easy to deal with, by far the cheapest company for hire in Iceland by well over £100. Having dealt with broker companies before in other countries I was hesitant about the service we might get from Rent A Wreck but they were equally impressive. They picked us up from the airport at gone midnight which was good service, gave us the car and satnav as ordered. The Suzuki Jimny, although old as expected, was in good health and served us perfectly. We had no issues with the car and all round were very happy, especially considering the price was so good!
Daniel rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 27. Dec 2016
Fantastic, no issues.
James rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 04. Jan 2017
The general experience was very good. Your employees are generally very friendly. The only issue I would like to raise is that the entrance of your warehouse is not very clearly labelled. On the day we dropped the car off there was heavy snow and it took us way too long to find your car rental place. Other than that no complaints in terms of the car.
Demet rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 06. Jan 2017
It was a great company with great service. The car was good, windshield wipers and headlights didnt work too well, but when the car broke down, we had an agent pick us immediately and the new car we recieved was in excellent condition. Overall, our experience was great.
Rosina rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 09. Jan 2017
They were very good, the only problem was of my own doing - the door blew open in strong wind, something I should have known from experience could happen. The door was damaged, and this type of damage is not covered by insurance (something I was aware of beforehand), and it was quite expensive to fix but not as bad as I feared and the owner and staff were very sympathetic. But we warned! This type of damage is extremely common - an old trick that I'd forgotten, but is very simple to follow: In strong winds, always try to park facing the wind direction!
Brynjolfur rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 29. Dec 2016
The car was great, but it wasn't the car that we wanted to rent originally. I had reserved the Mazda CX-3 AWD, but when we arrived we were given a Ford SUV instead. The vehicle was fine anyway and was good to drive. The prices of the cars in Iceland are pretty expensive. I rent often in the US with rates that are far lower. When we returned the car early in the morning the staff was nice and invited us to wait for the bus to the terminal inside. Only problem is that you have to be outside to catch the bus and the bus drove right by without picking us up, so we had to walk to the terminal.
Tim rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 23. Dec 2016
I was a little wary that the company was not at the airport and may be a little troublesome to meet up with the representive and go to the company to collect the car. However, it was a smooth transition and very soon, we are onto a great adventure in Iceland. The car is great, the GPS is helpful and generally made our trip more awesome than it already was. Returning the car was a breeze as well, especially when we were returning the car at odd hours. Cheers to rent-a-wreck for delivering as promised.
Song fong rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 04. Jan 2017
Northbound was great! They picked us up from our hotel, were extremely helpful at the agency, and then we easily dropped the car off at the airport. Truly a hassle free experience. My only complaint was that the windshield wipers were a bit run down and the defroster worked sporadically--next time I would check those things before leaving.
Katrina rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 21. Dec 2016
It was a really great experience, although I think that car was a bit more expensive than expexcted. The jeep was too tiny for that price. However, the staff treated us very kindly and gathered us at the airport, what was very well, as our flight had delayed.
Sergio rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 19. Dec 2016
Everything was great and we recommend the Orange car rental.
Ajida rented a vehicle in December 2016
The Supplier Response:
Thank you Ajida. It was nice to have you and we hope to see you again :) Orange Team
Submitted 16. Dec 2016
Very good, no problems, friendly service going back next year
Jared rented a vehicle in December 2016
Submitted 16. Jan 2017
We hired a Suzuki Vitara for 5 days when visiting in early December. We found the car to be is great condition, in fact we were presented with a model better than we expected. And the service provided by Northbound couldn't have been better. All round easy and enjoyable experience.
Sarah rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 11. Dec 2016
We had great time in Iceland. Wheatger wasn't really nice but we did a good choice by using your 4x4 car. It was snowing all day our first day in Iceland but that wasn't problem for our trip. You have a very good service and we will come again on Iceland and chose your car.
Goran rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 26. Jan 2017
The two guys that helped us at Icerental were prompt in meeting us (even at 5am at the airport), super friendly, and all around great to work with. Our car was very nice considering it was 9 years old. Window had some trouble rolling down, but otherwise no issues. Highly recommended!
Sarah jessica rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 24. Mar 2017
In november we rent your 4x4 to travel to the south of Iceland. We planed to travel by our own and enjoy the beautiful country. We also traveled "off-road" - for German condition :) - the hole trip we felt comfortable and save in your car! Thanks for everything! We also want to visit Iceland in the summer - and we know where we get the rental car!
Manuel rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 16. Dec 2016
Our experience with Northbound was great! Although we had some difficulties finding the agent when we first arrived at the airport as there were so many agents from different rental companies there, it wasn't a huge issue. The staff were really friendly and helpful, and provided us with useful information for our trip as well. The car was a bit old but was surprisingly really smooth. It served us really well throughout the trip. Would definitely recommend it to others.
Clarissa rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 06. Jan 2017
Our experience with Northbound was excellent. The website is easy to use, and we were able to rent a 4x4 much cheaper than other global rental companies. The Suzuki provided was a very fun ride. Perfect for traveling Iceland during the winter weather! The staff were so friendly, and the customer service was superb. They offered to pick us up from our hotel, and provided great advice regarding travel spots and travel conditions. They were very easy-going with the car return, and did not charge us additional fees, though we returned the car a few hours late. I would definitely use Northbound again!
Sailaja rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 05. Dec 2016
The car that we received was very old and the condition was not very good. The cooland was not sufficient and the wipers were bad making so much noise. Also, there weren't wipers at the back. The car wasn't worth the price we paid. But they picked us up from the airport promptly and they told us to return to P3 parking at the airport and we had difficulties in entering the carpark not knowing how to enter without paying. We were not given sufficient information. Nevertheless, we had a great time in iceland(:
Lishanth rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 03. Dec 2016
In a word, the rental experience was outstanding. Arriving early AM, we were notified by a friendly caller that he would be waiting for us. Bjorki greeted us warmly, drove us to pick up our car, and gave us great recommendations. While the car we rented was a tad small, it did the job. On our way back to the airport at 0530, we managed to get lost. Sleep deprived, and In total frustration , we called Lava. It was Bjorki to the rescue; he cheerfully drove to us and led us to the agency. From there he drove us to airport and all was well, or so we thought. Shortly thereafter my phone rang--Bjorky had found a pair of glasses in the rental car. "I'll drive back to airport to return them," he offered. Long story short, we highly recommend Lava. We couldn't ask for better service than we got.
David rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 05. Dec 2016
Piotr rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 07. Dec 2016
Our Jimny was a reliable car, which took us nearly everywhere on Iceland we wanted to go. For this price it was in a good condition. Only the back door closed not so good, so that all the time the indicator light was glowing. Furthermore the fan belt was squealing very loud when the engine was cold. But all in all, everything was OK. Thanks.
Martin rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 02. Dec 2016
Hi Runar, Thanks for the note. Everything went fine but we received a car that had a trunk that did not lock. This was mentioned when the car was dropped off and was surprising to me that for the amount we paid, we would get a car that did not lock. We had many day excursions planned and this forced us to have to plan a way to leave the luggage at hotels or pay to check luggage which was overall a large inconvenience when we otherwise would have just left the luggage in the car if it was able to lock. Overall, the car and service was fine but wanted to share that feedback. Thanks, Kathleen
Kathleen rented a vehicle in November 2016
The Supplier Response:
Hi Kathleen, I am truly sorry about the trunk incident, I was not aware of that problem until now and it should have been no trouble swapping the car for another one.
Submitted 06. Dec 2016
Arctic Car rental was great, a person from the car rental met us around 5 am. No complains about the car or the rental experience. I was assuming the car had GPS (from what i believed when i booked) but it was not there and dropping the car back was not easy as the parking lot was full. I called them back to confirm that i left the car in the another row. I think if they had given the map for parking and also marked the rows that you can park with instructions to leave the keys, it would have been great.
Vijay rented a vehicle in November 2016
Submitted 07. Dec 2016
Booking on Internet was pretty easy! They picked us up at the airport and we didnt had to wait, was perfect also! Arriving at the rental place, we paid what we had to pay and singt the contract. After that, Runar showed us the car, we walked around and wrote down the ''defects'' like scratches and bumps. Once we had a little problem. We could call the company and they helped us immediately. Was very good also! The only thing i have to criticize, or who you could change, is that you could have write us a mail, or sms about the returning. We arrived an the company place, the doors where open, but noone was there. After some minutes i found a letter on the window, that we can just leave the Car in a parkingarea at the airport. Maybe they did not know befor, that at this time noone would be there, can happen. Thats the only ''negative'' comment i have to make, but maybe it will help you to change it in the future. Everything else was excelent!! Thank you very much!
Marcos rented a vehicle in November 2016

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