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11769 reviews for Car Rentals in Iceland

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Submitted 30. May 2019
What a wonderful tour!!! We highly recommend this amazing experience! Our knowledgeable and kind Captain and crew were so attentive and pleasant! We saw puffins, caught some Cod and then watched our Captain cook a scrumptious feast for us. Thank you again for these wonderful memories! Stéphanie
Stephanie doyle rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
A great trip. Fishing and Puffins. Family crew very knowledgeable. Professional and friendly from the outset. Loads of fish caught. And heaps released given we caught enough of a few different types to enjoy an amazing lunch. Would throughly recommend.
Brendan maher rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Your guide and captain were lovely. Binoculars provided were very helpful. We had the poor luck of being the last Puffin tour of the season which means we hardly really saw any puffins. Most of them were gone. As a result we sailed to the two islands, checked out the area and pointed to the few puffins still hanging around and came back. Definitely would not recommend you do this in the last half of August.
Suzie townsend rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Sympathetic Captain and crew Anna. Friendly atmosphere on board, a small group of guests. Beginners got a lot of help, so that really everyone caught some big fish: Cod, haddock, sea wolf... Every two minutes someone caught something. Afterwords delicious barbecue on board!
Abo voyage rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Such a great day! We had so much fun and caught enough fish for everyone to take some home even after lunch. Got to see some puffins nesting on the way out. Both crew are very friendly and always helping so you can drop your line straight back in. 10/10!
Chris shoben rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Within minutes of setting out we saw a humpback whale. It kept coming up and we had many views. So lucky. Saw masses of puffins sadly you need a long lens to photograph them.
Jacqueline james rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
We had an amazing trip with North Sailing in March and were lucky enough to see a pod of Orcas! Fantastic company would highly recommend! Can’t wait to come back :)
Laura hooper rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Excellent! We saw four different species, including a humpback feeding near the surface! The hot chocolate was a bit optimistic given the conditions though.
Sebb hathaway rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Very friendly and well organized. Lovely sailboat, all around good atmosphere. We saw multiple whales.
Gondolf 20int rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Great experience and super organisation. The staff is nice and prepared, during the excursion we have seen whales even if it is not the best month.
Claudio belleri rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
The guys on the Boat (Sven and Mar) are awesome. Even on a rough sea they find the whales. We had such a good day and a lot of luck to see as well a Minke-Whale right in front of the harbour. Go in guys, you do an awesome job on a unique boat.
Dirk benz rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Lovely boat and crew. It's a shame that we didn't see any whales but there was still a lot to see on our trip
Adam peake rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Es un yate muy grande.La tripulación es encantadora.Tienen bar y dos baños,y como es grande si pasas frío fuera puedes estar dentro sentado.Yo no pude ver ballenas(nadie te lo puede asegurar) pero sólo con la vista de la costa desde lejos y los pájaros estuvo genial,y más cuando ves al capitán con todo su entusiasmo buscar y buscar.Te recuerdan a cada momento que si no las ves vuelvas sin pagar de nuevo.No lo dudes, éste es tu sitio
Laura de la rosa rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Wir haben heute einen wundervollen Nachmittag auf diesem tollen Schiff verbracht. Auf unserer knapp dreistündigen Tour haben wir Reykjavik vom Wasser aus gesehen und konnten eine Gruppe Delfine beobachten, die unser Schiff eine ganze Zeit lang begleiteten. Ein absolutes Highlight. Der Trip war sehr entspannend, auch deshalb weil hier im Gegensatz zu allen anderen Anbietern von Wal- und Delfinbeobachtungen nicht auf Massentourismus gesetzt wird, sondern das Erlebnis im Vordergrund steht. Gehen Sie ruhig die paar Meter weiter, vorbei an den Massenanbietern. Es lohnt sich bestimmt. Die Crew ist nett und auch einem netten Gespräch nicht abgeneigt, wobei man nochmal ein paar zusätzliche Informationen und Tipps für seinen Aufenthalt erhält. Alles in allem ein toller Nachmittag. Vielen Dank. Unbedingt empfehlenswert.
Christian richter rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Már ívar henrysson rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
What a great way to see the power of mother earth, fascinating structures created by the lava. Ice stalatites and stalagmites were an unexpected surprise and the sparkling bacteria on the roof of the cave. Also never experienced darkness like it. Well worth a visit.
Lynsey gathercole rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
We had so much fun on this tour through the tunnel! Our guide was very knowledgeable. I consider this my favorite part of my trip! Would recommend to anyone!
Tracy hallo rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
The standard tour was a very enjoyable experience, and easy to walk. We also got to experience total darkness. The guide was good. My guess is the 'extreme' tour might be a little long and you get to see much of the same as with the standard tour. It's also a dead end so it's the same way back.
Vebjørn ohr rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Great guide through the tunnel and an experience i will remember forever. Loved it a lot - if you go there, please remember to respect the tunnel and what is contained it in
Kyle brooker rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Standard venue is short - maybe 500m of tunnel. The lava tunnel is very interesting including the guide man. His speach is full of facts said in interesting and funny way.
Rudolf pazdernaty rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
We had such a wonderful on our Thorsmork and Golden Circle tours! We were looking to go on small group tours and are so glad we went with Activity Iceland. On our Thorsmork tour their were 9 people total, including the guide, and on our Golden Circle tour it was just us and the guide. We are grateful they didn’t cancel, because we experienced that with other tour companies when no one else was booked. We saw the coolest sites and everyone we talked to was so nice! If we ever go back to Iceland we will definitely book with them again!
Darden grubb rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
I booked the Þórsmörk tour from Activity Iceland and had an incredible time. Gisli, whom was my guide, was friendly and highly knowledgable about the area. Being in the Super Jeep and going through some of the glacier run-off rivers in Þórsmörk to some less accessible areas was a highlight of my trip. Definitely ask for Gisli when booking your tour.
Michael jenks rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
We are on the plane back to the US as I write this but I wanted to take the time to say thank you to Activity Iceland for a wonderful trip on Monday, September 10, 2018, when we took the Silver Circle Super Jeep Tour. Magnus was our guide, and I would recommend you request him. Magnus is a native Icelander who has been in the guiding business his entire life, and it shows. He is the real deal and although the vehicle and scenery were impressive having a guide like Magnus is what really made the trip. If you are contemplating another company just stop! Activity Iceland is the way to go, professional and they truly care about your experience you are not just another number.
Vanessa rice rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
Norbert zohó rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
David olson rented a vehicle

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