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Go Car Rental Iceland, a locally-owned enterprise, offers travelers a unique way to discover Iceland's awe-inspiring landscapes. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the numerous positive reviews. Renters appreciate the company's comprehensive insurance, round-the-clock emergency assistance, and the convenience of hassle-free cancellations. The company's diverse fleet of vehicles caters to every need, ensuring a comfortable and memorable journey.

When you book your Go Car Rental through Northbound, you're choosing a provider that values quality service and customer satisfaction, making your Icelandic adventure a truly unforgettable experience.


422 total reviews

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Submitted 22. Aug 2016
Company next to the airport keflavic. Delivery of the car in good condition and full tank according to the agreed time and place. The rental price a bit more compared to other companies in the pit area. The only thing is that the day we had to return the car to leave the keys in a mailbox as it was Sunday and had office closed (would be good if there was a responsibility to check that the car was in the same state as delivered ). Still recommend the company.
Daniel rented a vehicle in August 2016
Submitted 19. Aug 2016
I liked very much my experience in Iceland. GO Car Rental gave me a Subaru Forrester instead a Dacia Duster. The Subaru is a very good, new end very confortable car but in isn't a disel car like I'd asked in my reservation. But it doesn't matter much.
Matteo rented a vehicle in July 2016
Submitted 22. Aug 2016
Hi, we really enjoyed our trip. Everything with Go Carrental was really good, from the first meeting, when they picked up us at downtown. The guy was very kind and interested in giving us the necessary advices about driving and car care. Also when we give the car back (it was white, and comes brown :-)), they were very busy because it was Aug 6th, but all of them perfect all the time. Great experience, great country, great driving... We'll repeat for sure. Sincere thanks to all of you, guys...
David rented a vehicle in July 2016
Submitted 09. Aug 2016
This form (and the email that the link came it) is fantastic user experience design! I'm not sure if the email was auto-generated (as these things tend to be) but I definitely didn't feel that way when I received it. So thank you for that! My trip to Iceland was fantastic. My friend and I were able to get around the ring road in about 6 days, and put close to 3000km on the car. Although we reserved a VW Polo, we were actually given a Skoda (can't remember the model). It was a much newer car with only about 10,000km on it, so the swap was not an issue at all. The staff were great at the rental office. The guy that helped us when we picked the car up was a little late (we were scheduled to pick the car up at 9am). We were happy to wait but he apologized and did not charge us for the extra driver for causing an inconvenience. Again, the wait was not a big deal at all, but we appreciated the gesture. Drop-off was simple as well, and the woman who checked the car drove us to a bus stop for the FlyBus. We obeyed all road signs and never took the car onto F roads or 4x4 areas. If I were doing this trip again I would have definitely saved a bit more money and reserved a 4x4 vehicle. We enjoy exploring (and both have owned Jeep's back in Canada). It would have been great to explore more, even though we feel like we saw a tremendous amount of Iceland!
Patrick rented a vehicle in July 2016
Submitted 12. Aug 2016
Renting GCR was excellent experience overall. Initially when we arrived we missed the representative in the Arrivals area and we became confused between GO Car and GO Iceland .... this took a little time to straighten out, but once we'd managed this we didn't look back! The GCR representative was extremely professional and friendly and the return process worked smoothly. Through the trip (2000km) the Subaru performed well, although when we do it again (which we will for sure) I will probably trade up to something bigger - we learned that in the amazing Iceland you can never have big enough wheels!
James rented a vehicle in July 2016
Submitted 16. Sep 2016
Easy. Simple. Helpful. Thank you.
Nadera rented a vehicle in June 2016
Submitted 15. Aug 2016
The experience with GO Car Rental was great. For personal reasons I delayed the pickup time for 4 hours and when asked, they gave me a couple of extra hours for de return time. This flexibility and good will is something I really appreciated. Concerning the car, it was great… spacious, clean, comfortable. It even had GPS which I did not ask (nor payed) for. During my visit all mountain (4x4) roads were closed so in the end I did not make a good use of the four-wheel drive. That is my main advice if you are renting a car in Iceland: "Think twice if you really want to rent a 4x4 car… most probably you won't need it!" The return of the car was painless. There was the necessary car condition checks, but nothing that could make the process boring or uncomfortable for me as the client. Overall, the service was great. I would use their service again and, hence, I recommend it to new (potential) costumers as well. João Lourenço
João rented a vehicle in June 2016

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