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Go Car Rental Iceland, a locally-owned enterprise, offers travelers a unique way to discover Iceland's awe-inspiring landscapes. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the numerous positive reviews. Renters appreciate the company's comprehensive insurance, round-the-clock emergency assistance, and the convenience of hassle-free cancellations. The company's diverse fleet of vehicles caters to every need, ensuring a comfortable and memorable journey.

When you book your Go Car Rental through Northbound, you're choosing a provider that values quality service and customer satisfaction, making your Icelandic adventure a truly unforgettable experience.


422 total reviews

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Submitted 04. Jul 2024
Hello Service in GO Car rental could have been faster. When client comes to office, it would be nice that you would have service, instead of walking around and fixing places (personnel). In dropoff situation I had a feeling that they tried very Hard to find something to extra invoice.
Timo rented a vehicle in June 2024
Submitted 29. Jun 2024
Very happy with rental. Rates much lower than competitors and remained high quality. Good vehicle. Easy transaction. Transportation to and from airport timely.
James rented a vehicle in June 2024
Submitted 17. May 2024
Very Good
Go Car Rental Reykjavic experience was good. Only issue was the fuel tank was empty when we picked it up instead if full. The lady we told about this said it was fine to fill it as we left Keflavík and bring it back empty. The problem was that she did not make a note of this on the records so there was a bit of a drama when we returned the car with low fuel tank. Luckily we had taken a photo before we drove off on the first day showing the petrol light on. Other than that the car was very good for 2 people, 2 suitcases and 2 backpacks. Brand new car. Good milage from the diesel tank. Handled the steep slopes and bends well. I would recommend getting a bigger transfer van or having 2 vans running each way because on pick up there was not enough room for my wife and she had to wait at the airport for the driver to come back and get her.
Noel rented a vehicle in May 2024
Submitted 27. Apr 2024
Alina rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 28. Apr 2024
Everything was great with our rental car for our trip to Iceland. The car was exactly what we reserved, it was clean when we picked it up, the shuttle drivers were both friendly, and so were the office associates. Super-fast (compared to other rental agencies) check-in/out at the desk, too. I would highly recommend using GO Car Rental.
William rented a vehicle in April 2024
The Supplier Response:
Thank you for the glowing review, William! We're thrilled everything went smoothly with your rental in Iceland. Looking forward to your next trip with us!

Best regards,
The GO Car Rental Team
Submitted 31. Dec 2023
This was our first of many trips to Iceland. We prebooked months in advance and our driver/transport to car rental was waiting for us at the airport. Our plane landed after they closed so it felt above and beyond from them to be waiting for us after hour. She explained everything throughly and went over all insurance options. Nicely answered all my questions. Went by effortlessly and will use them again in our future visit to this beautiful country.
Sean rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 26. Dec 2023
The Suzuki was perfect to go through the changing weather conditions! I would recommand this car! Employees were also very friendly, everything went very smootly. Happy to have chosen your company!
Bart rented a vehicle in December 2023
Submitted 06. Nov 2023
The car was a perfect size for our needs. The staff at Go was so kind and helpful, they made for an easy pick-up and drop-off. The car itself is definitely not suitable for long distance, WINDY drives due to its lack of aero-dynamics. It was difficult to keep the light and boxy car on the road while managing the speed limit, taking it slower in the higher winds out East.
Kelly rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 01. Nov 2023
A little difficulty in getting picked up at the airport, probably our fault - but other than that, great experience and rental.
Steven rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 31. Oct 2023
It wasn't a Subaru, But it was a small SUV hybrid that was about the same size and worked very well for our driving around the country
Scott rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 22. Oct 2023
Great and reliable car!
Fermi niveditha rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 23. Oct 2023
Hi, I was given a different car (Suzuki Swift). Aside from the fact that it did not have a built-in navigation system, everything worked very well. The only issue was returning the car, since at the day of the dropoff the office was closed. This was not a big issue since the instructions at the door were very clear and the actual drop-off place was just beside the airport. Best regards, Martin M.
Martin rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 15. Oct 2023
Very Good
Car was good. If there was more than one van taking people to airport would be better
Paul rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 17. Oct 2023
Maria rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 14. Oct 2023
Hæ! When we arrived at the airport we waited 1 hour for the shuttle bus, when the driver came the would not have all 3 passenger with him in the bus, because we did not have a children seat with us. I told the driver that I have rented a car with a car seat because I did not have a child seat with me in the flight. But he would not have the child with him in the car with no car seat, and that is also all right! But when we have ordered a car with a car seat, they should have one with him in the bus. So my husband had to go with the bus to your office and get the car, and then drive back for the airport for picking up me and our son. When my husband picked up the car, they told him that the gas was full on the car, it was not full it was only half full, but when we returned the car we have filled up the car, because i have read in the policy that it cost 35 euro in a fine, if you don't fill up the gas. We got a Renault Meagan instead of a Volkswagen Golf, that was okay. And the car was fine, so there was no problem there.
Tanja rut rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 18. Oct 2023
Thank you Ivan. We loved Iceland and will be back for sure. It was the first time since six years without the kids to have a vacation. I’m a car guy and very particular. So I’ve noticed that the car had very worn winter tires when we got there. I’ve asked the staff to put new tires on the car which they did, even with spikes which saved our trip on a steep icy road. We had to wait a while but it was worth it. Everything was perfect with the car and it took us all around Iceland for over 2000km. Unfortunately we had to make several trip change even for the last day. I k ow you have a 48h policy when we picked up the car to not make any change. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to shorten our trip by one day and I’d like to ask you kindly if you’d be willing to refund us the last unused day for the rental car?
Tobias rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 14. Oct 2023
Everything went smooth and easy. The instruction to reach the rental office were clear and the personnel nice. The car was perfect, with very good self-driving capabilities. Just a note: on the back trip from the rental office to the airport, you could have to wait more than expected due to the limited number of seats on the shuttle. This can be a problem if time is tight before the flight.
Alex rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 11. Oct 2023
Very Good
Insgesamt komfortables, einwandfreies Auto mit vielen Funktionen und Extras Auto war nur zu ca 70% getankt und gar nicht aufgeladen (Hybrid); es gab keine Einweisung in die Funktionsweise des Autos durch den Mitarbeiter; bei der Abholung vom Flughafen war uns nicht bewusst, dass die Autovermietung "GO Car" hieß und wir beim Meeting Point nach dem Schild suchen mussten
Lena marlies rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 15. Oct 2023
Our car was great and reliable. We had no trouble navigating the difficult road conditions some of Iceland has to offer. We didn't take any F-roads but the road was still sometimes difficult to manage. The windscreen wipers for our car desperately needed reply, event before we picked it up and on a few occasions the front passenger side window was not working correctly and required manual support if the window had been rolled down. We were always able to bring it back up though after a few tries. Other than these 2 minor issues, we had a great experience with Go Car Rental and would use their services again.
India rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 08. Oct 2023
Very good service, car was perfect
Javier rented a vehicle in October 2023
Submitted 30. Oct 2023
Very easy as far as renting the car, the agent I met was incredibly helpful as far as what to do or not to do to keep the car safe, given the weather conditions in Iceland, as well as covering key driving laws, what to watch for and where to go for great sights. Never had a car rental agency be this helpful. Also, the car was top of the line while being affordable, was perfect for everywhere I wanted to go and quite comfortable. Thank you!
Ian rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 22. Oct 2023
Hi, we had a great trip with the car :)
Miroslava rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 11. Oct 2023
We get another car, it was a Suzuki Swift.
Johanna viktoria rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 08. Oct 2023
Es hat alles ganz wunderbar und einfach geklappt. Wir sind sehr zufrieden.
Melanie rented a vehicle in September 2023
Submitted 24. Sep 2023
A worn out car delivered with a broken backdoor and bad steering. After request we received a very old Garmin gps with slow function. This car shouldn't been a rental car.
Fred rented a vehicle in September 2023

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