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Go Car Rental Iceland, a locally-owned enterprise, offers travelers a unique way to discover Iceland's awe-inspiring landscapes. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the numerous positive reviews. Renters appreciate the company's comprehensive insurance, round-the-clock emergency assistance, and the convenience of hassle-free cancellations. The company's diverse fleet of vehicles caters to every need, ensuring a comfortable and memorable journey.

When you book your Go Car Rental through Northbound, you're choosing a provider that values quality service and customer satisfaction, making your Icelandic adventure a truly unforgettable experience.


392 total reviews

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Submitted 28. Dec 2022
The car was ok. For a 2022 car I was expecting an onboard gps, but the car did it's main job perfectly, drive ne around. No complaints there.
Arpad rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 23. Nov 2022
It was a good car for traveling around the country.
Eric rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 16. Nov 2022
Our experience with northbound was great, no issues at all. A little confusing on the whole pickup situation but otherwise all good. Thank you.
Valbona rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 10. Nov 2022
Good morning Mr. Ívar, the car was pratically perfect but there was a small crack in the rear light (but very very small 😊). The staff in the office is wonderfoul ad very professional, congratulation!!! If I come back in Iceland I will come back to you for rent a car e and I will recommend your rental car 😉. Thanks for everything end see you soon…I hope!! Best regards Tommaso.
Tommaso rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 19. Nov 2022
The review states for a 2019 Volkswagen Polo but I actually ended up with a Hyundai i20. Overall I was very happy with the car, it served me well and was a great little car. The collection was great, even though I arrived an hour earlier than expected the guys had the car ready and after a brief chat about the roads and conditions in Iceland I was on my way. Very happy with the service, I just wish I'd known the collection point was a 5 minute walk from the terminal. I ended up getting the bus but it would have been quicker for me to just walk over but this is no way is the fault of Go Rental as it was only when I dropped the car back off again I realised how close it was. I probably wouldn't have found the collection point if I had just walked from the airport but it is a very short distance.
Christopher rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 05. Nov 2022
The car has met our needs during our trip , we have appreciated the roof box. The only small problem is that we had to inflate the tyres from the third day. The drop-off at Go Car Rental into the night at the airport was not clear, I’ve never reiceved a code for the Keycafe system. So I put the key into the letter box next to the Keycafe boxes, I hope it’s OK for Go Car Rental.
Benjamin rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 30. Oct 2022
We ended up switching to a Mercedes Van. The first can had a damaged tyre/wheel and we had to drive it on a spare to the main office to swap for another vehicle. This prevented us from making it to the Westfjords which was disappointing and cost us the $350 USD rental for a house for that night. The second van had to have air replaced in one of the tyres daily.
Odia rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 30. Oct 2022
The car was great. Big, steady, with a good view on the road. Made us feel comfortable and safe as a family. The 4x4 is a handy option when you drive on newly added dirt roads or so. The price of the car is very need. The service was good, for instance refunding a repaired flat tire.
Ruben rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 06. Nov 2022
insurance too expansive person at the reception on our arrival at 16:30 on Sunday Bad reception impossible to get an invoice
Franck rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 24. Oct 2022
It all went really well with the car, both collection and delivery. The car fully lived up to expectations. I would like to recommend Northbound and GO Car to others. Kind regards, Anette
Anette skov rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 30. Oct 2022
We had a great experience with our car rental. I needed to make a change to our reservation and there was a quick response and great customer service. It made a great trip even better. We’ll rent with GO Car again when we return to Iceland.
Kathryn rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 20. Oct 2022
A very solid car, well maintained. Good handling, low consumption and clear. Sufficient space for four people, including luggage (2 large suitcases, 2 sports bags, 1 carry-on suitcase and 3 backpacks). Overall very satisfied.
Dirk rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 17. Oct 2022
Very Good
Jonas rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 09. Oct 2022
Everything as descripted. Friendly staff. Recommended.
Anna giulia rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 13. Oct 2022
This was the easiest rental experience with competent staff and the best price. The car handled Icelandic weather and F roads so well that I'm considering buying one. The heated seats and heated steering wheel were unexpected and appreciated perks. Jan warned customers via email about gale force winds in the forecast, with no driving conditions all over Iceland on a day I was planning to drive into the worst of it: "I usually recommend spending the day at the swimming pool, but this is one of the biggest storms I have seen in my lifetime! Staying inside some facilities seems to be the best option. Don't forget to park facing the wind and to hold your doors when opening them! Try to find a spot that is announced green on the forecast." It was that bad and I'm grateful I heeded the warning. Thanks Northbound!
Cullen rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 09. Oct 2022
We had a good trip with this Jimny, especially for photo & clip with this beautiful car!
Ngoc rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 26. Oct 2022
We had an incredible trip through Iceland, the car rental was part of this. It provided all the comfort and all facilities we needed. The only thing we faced was the fact that the car was equiped with summer tires (driving it around in October). For most of the trip this was absolutely fine, but we faced a (snow) storm as well. Those two days I feel that winter tyres (even the ones without spikes) would have provided us more grip on the snowy surfaces. In addition, an extra compliment for the storm warming that we received 2 days prior to the storm. This timely helped us to stock up on supplies and to park the car in a clever spot regarding the issues that could be caused by the storm. Thanks!
Robbert rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 10. Oct 2022
Car was nearly new. Support was very good and replied very fast. Only the tire pressure of the car was not OK and needed to be adjusted by us. Moreover there was a box on the roof of the car that needed to be removed. Therefore we had to take a longer route through Reykjavik which wasn’t in our plan for that day.
Fabian rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 06. Oct 2022
GO Car Rental is outstanding!!! D.J. helped me with everything! He took the time to show me different maps for navigation and weather, he took the time to walk me threw the vehicle, explained in full detail what to expect with Icelands weather and driving, cool places to go to and more. When I returned the vehicle he greeted me with a smile, was extremely easy to work with. Go Car Rental was awesome...but DJ is what made the experience extraordinary!!! I have traveled to several different countries and never had such a wonderful rental agent to work with. I will forever be a customer of Go Car Rental because of DJ! Thank you, DJ, for everything... You made a wonderful adventure even more extraordinary! Thank you! Megan USA
Megan rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 02. Oct 2022
Gerhard rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 09. Oct 2022
Carmen rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 26. Sep 2022
Megan rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 05. Oct 2022
Very Good
Good experience. Maybe the tyres not in the best condition for F_roads
Pablo rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 26. Sep 2022
Jeffrey rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 20. Sep 2022
Very satisfied with car and service
Susan rented a vehicle in September 2022

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