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Submitted 11. Jan 2023
Hi, Lava Car Rental ha da very good Service and very friendly. The Car that we are Rent was perfekt for our excursions. Every time again
Jochen rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 10. Jan 2023
Reasonable car hire price. Accommodating staff and very clean car. Very satisfied customer.
Jojo rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 11. Jan 2023
We liked the booking system with Northbound, but picking up the car with Lava rentals was just okay. The man was not very helpful and when we checked the car over after he gave us the keys, we noticed the front passenger door was damaged and a little difficult to close properly. When I went back into the office, he didn't want to come and look at the problem and just told me to take a photo of it, which I did but that was difficult in the dark. When we returned the car, they asked to see the photo and we had to insist the door was already damaged when we picked it up. Everything was ok in the end, and the man that dropped us off at the airport was very kind. The car itself was the absolute minimum of what we needed, its wheelbase was quite low to the ground so we did have problems and got stuck in the snow once. I do have to stress that the weather conditions were exceptionally bad and many of the locals said that the type of snow was unusual. So not really the car's fault, but if we ever go back to Iceland in the winter, we will definitely spend extra and hire a better 4WD.
Hans rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 08. Jan 2023
Belen rented a vehicle in January 2023
Submitted 09. Jan 2023
The whole experince over all could not be better in my opinion. From the beginning the plan was late and the staff came inside the terminal to find us quick and then we drove off to the office to pick up the car which was brand new and in perfect condition. We had the car for five days and the trip around Iceland was awesome. When we were suppose to drop the car off i manage to drive to the wrong rental dealer and had to reverse and go back, at that moment a car drove up behind me and I bumbed in to his side causing some minor scratches on our car which felt like shit especially now when were about to return it without any damage or scratches. I knew we had the highest, at that time possible insurance but I thought that now comes the big blow and this will probably be very expensive. We signed the collision papers at the other dealer and drove to the Lava office and talked to a very nice guy which I dont remember the name of and he said he had to check with his manager considering the insurance cover pretty much everything except damage the driver causes, I felt like totaly shit considering the small damage but I know it's my fault even though they saw me reversing at the other rental but still tried to drive before me, probably stress or something but hard to blame anyone else when I obviously didn't checked the mirrors or turned my head enough. Anyhow, the guy at Lava got of the phone with his manager and said he had good news, we were free of charge because we had the best insurance and probably because the damages were small. This customer support really impressed me because you often read nightmare stories about situations like this when people have to pay a lot of money even though you thin you're fully covered by the insurance, you really feel that "they" always manage to find som stuff to rip you of, something you missed reading in the contract or so on. I'm sorry about the damage, you cant look to many times in the mirrors, especially not in a crowded and stressed out parking lot. But you let us keep a very good memory of Iceland and the people living there and not end our trip in anger or disapointment. We are coming back to Iceland in the summer time, probably around july this year and we will definetly rent the car with Lava again. Thank you for everything!
Robert rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 04. Jan 2023
Great car! Did wonderful driving in snowy and icy conditions.
Suzanne rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 03. Jan 2023
Good prices, good service, good car.
Jakub rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 03. Jan 2023
Thank you everything was seamless, easy and the vehicle was an excellent choice
Mike rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 03. Jan 2023
This car was excellent in every regard; it handles all types of conditions (included ice, snow, rain and dry roads), and was well-equipped with lots of safety features/options to include lane departure detection, rear camera, Apple Car Play and more. It was comfortable, good handling and got good gas mileage. My only disappointment was that they would not accept American Express credit card.
David rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 03. Jan 2023
The whole car rental experience was smooth. Everyone that we have encountered was pleasant and informative. They answered all the questions and concerns we had. From the car to the roads to the weather. They didn't hesitate to answer us or guide us in the right direction. We actually got stuck in the snow an hour into leaving the car rental company. We didn't know what to do or who to call. I called Northbound's customer service and they reassured us that they will come and get us out. Free of charge too! Within an hour of giving them our GPS location they came to pull us out. They gave us peace of mind for our whole trip, which is important in a foreign country. I highly recommend them and would rent from them again. Awesome first time experience! Thank you!
Helen rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 28. Dec 2022
Excellent service from Northbound, always answered my questions, rearranged bookings because we kept having to cancel because of covid and then when we were to eventually fly there was a 2 day delay due to Kevlavik being snowed in! Cannot fault and would definitely use again.
Louise rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 02. Jan 2023
Great service! The car was in perfect condition, studded tires, everything is as it should be. They gave the car clean, immediately wrote down all the scratches that it has, explained what is included and not included in the insurance. The company has a convenient transfer service, which allows you not to worry at all about how to get from / to the airport. And I was also pleasantly surprised by the office working hours, we had a flight already at 7 am and we were able to bring the car by 5 am and we were immediately taken to the airport. Perfect! In the office of the company you can take a magazine, where there is a lot of information about places to go, they also give flyers with all emergency phone numbers and traffic information websites. And as a bonus, there is a chip on the keys for receiving discounts at gas stations and coupons for free coffee. Very nice! And I want to say a special thank you to the staff. Very fast, friendly and high quality service! Thank you very much, if we come again, we will definitely take the car from LavaCar!
Anastasiia rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 26. Dec 2022
Very good, great customer service, car was fit for purpose and did great in the storms
Leigh rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 22. Jan 2023
I would definitely recommend Lava Car Rental. Their staff are really friendly and super helpful. They have a lovely office where you collect the car from with toilets and hot drinks available. The whole process was super easy with no hidden extras or costs.
Carly rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 13. Dec 2022
Everything was on point! The van and the staff. I raccomand Lava Car Rental.
Flavia rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 23. Dec 2022
yes, certainly. Very good vehicle suitable for Icelandic roads
Walter rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 08. Dec 2022
Really good service! Excellent experience
Dianis rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 08. Dec 2022
Was smooth process. I could easily reach out when I needed.
Erdem rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 05. Dec 2022
Superb service. Pick up and drop off was quick and easy. Car was in perfect condition, easy to drive and comfortable. Great value price for an AWD too. Will use Lava next time. Thanks.
Graeme rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 04. Dec 2022
The car never gave us any concerns, it was good for what we required it for, no need for fancy bells and whistles it was hired for a purpose and it fulfilled it well
Thomas rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 29. Nov 2022
Excellent service and great experience. Very professional
Iain rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 01. Dec 2022
Everything very clear and cheapest price. Totally recommended
Raul rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 02. Dec 2022
Mahmoud fathi farag rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 26. Nov 2022
To be honest, no comment, I don’t have any words to say , I’m very happy whit the choice, perfect everything, staff , car , atmosphere, everything go very smooth
Silviu dumitru rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 09. Dec 2022
It drove great. It wasn't set up for the winter though... Just bare metal on the inside, made for lots of humidity and very very cold nights. Aside from that it was great. I would recommend them during the summer
Chase rented a vehicle in November 2022

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