Northern Lights Car Rental, a local car rental provider in Iceland, offers a wide range of vehicles, including 4x4s, 2WDs, and campers. Their commitment to low prices, quality vehicles, and personal service has earned them a solid reputation among travelers.

Northbound customers who have rented from Northern Lights Car Rental have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the company's reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. One customer praised the company for its seamless pick-up and drop-off process, while another appreciated the car's performance on tough mountain terrains.

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Submitted 24. Sep 2020
We had a great experience renting through Northern Lights car rental. The whole process went very smoothly, and when we had to modify our dates (because of plane cancelations), we had no issues at all, they were very accommodating and helpful. I will definitely use their services next time we come back, and would recommend renting through them!
Amelie rented a vehicle in September 2020
Submitted 14. Sep 2020
The Vitara was just perfect, it was very clean and drove like a dream I felt very safe driving it and didn’t eat as much fuel as I thought It would.
Alexandra rented a vehicle in September 2020
Submitted 25. Sep 2020
Although the car wasn’t that new , 200.000 km, we didn’t have any trouble during our 3,5 week tour. Seats were good. The only thing was that the engine started to smell after going uphill for a while . That didn’t give any problem. Highly recommended . any troubleshooters
Johanna rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 07. Sep 2020
Everything was good! Great customer communication and good car.
Eric rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 09. Sep 2020
It was good, on the whole. We had to start our trip early at short notice and Nothern Lights were flexible in being willing and able to provide a care a few days early. The first car we drove off in had a bad rattle so we went straight back, the guy agreed and swapped it. Nonetheless, the second car had a (lesser) rattle which we put up with for the trip, but the car functioned well. At pick up, we had to prompt them to give us the sat nav (we had been offerred the choice of free sat nav or free additional driver). Unfortunately after the first day the sat nav stopped working correctly - the touch screen stopped working. Lucky we had our phones. At drop off, they had barely sufficient capacity to transfer to the airport. We had to (just) squeeze in to the minibus with two other families - not great in COVID times. The guy at Norther Lights at drop off was grumpy to the point of being quite unpleasantly rude. He was a bit rude to us and even more so to other renters. I would not choose them again because of that. He had just had an argument with the customer ahead of us, maybe that put him in a bad mood. But you do not take it out on your customers. Another couple we spoke to who were dropping off had experienced a mechanical issue that lost them a full day of rental.. I don't think I would use Norther Lights again, even though the price was ok.
Doug rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 01. Sep 2020
Everything was perfect! Everything again!
Steffen rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 02. Sep 2020
The ideal car for the way we travel in Iceland. Just the right size for two people and our luggage and very competent on the F-roads (the suspension was a bit hard but that is part of the fun). A proper miniature LandRover.
Charles rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 29. Aug 2020
We made a beautiful journey with this car. There were mattresses and pillows available.
Evelien rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 02. Sep 2020
The employees were friendly and the price of the rental was good, but the rented car had a lot of mechanical and electronic problems (not very comforting during our stay).
Benjamin rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 27. Aug 2020
Great car and a good km/L
Brian rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 30. Aug 2020
Ci siamo trovati molto bene. La macchina, seppur non nuova, era in buone condizioni e con un grande bagagliaio che per noi era necessario essendo in 5. Una nota particolare per la simpatia dei ragazzi che sono al desk.
Alessandra rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 25. Aug 2020
The car was in poor condition. Halfway the journey the battery went dead. Northern lights told us that we probably left the lights on, which is not true. They would look for someone who would be able to give us a jumpstart but we were ofcourse on the other side of the island. There were no starter cables present in the car so after looking for a long time we found someone willing to help who also had starting cables. Since northern lights had not yet reached out again. Later that day the car wouldn’t start again, we bought our own starting cables and found someone willing to help. I told northern lights and they told us to go to a repairshop in Akureyri. There they could tell us that it was a cable which was connected poorly and got loose and disconnected the battery from the car. Furthermore the cooling fluid was empty. As in totally empty. We had to refill it with water while traveling. I seriously doubt if northern lights is going to replace this with proper cooling fluid before the upcoming winter. Car is in poor condition and the effort put in by northern lights seems very little. Besides all of that the plates as part of the kitchen box were dirty. Lighter did not work and the folding table was useless since one side of the legs had broken of. I would therefore recommend to choose another company.
Ferdy rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 27. Aug 2020
We didn't mind the high mileage, the car was well maintained and served well.
Michal rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 23. Aug 2020
The shuttle service from the airport like as the pick up service was quick and good. The car was not as we expected, more than 200.000 km of life, with scratches and damage in both side of the car. After some days light on the Tires pressure alarm despite the tires was ever in good conditions
Marco rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 17. Aug 2020
Johan rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 18. Aug 2020
It was great. Everything worked well and the staff was great.
Niccolo' rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 17. Aug 2020
We had no issues with pick up and drop off. All went smootly. Personel were helpful and professional. Also there were no problems with the rented car. I would definetally recommend Northbound for car rental in Iceland. Although I would wish car selection would be wider especially big 4x4's for Highlands which will be our next trip. Thanks. Iztok Golob, Slovenia
Iztok rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 16. Aug 2020
The car had quite some mileage but it worked well. All good and as expected.
Daniele rented a vehicle in August 2020
Submitted 08. Aug 2020
I really loved traveling around in the jimny with a roof tent that we rented. I live in Iceland and i am used to traveling around the country but this way we got to experience our country in a different way. I would really recommend. :)
Embla rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 13. Aug 2020
We requested and received an upgrade to a slighly larger vehicule because of an extra pax on board. Hyundai Tucson. Fine car and from pick-up at the airport to handling of paperwork went well and efficiently so very satisfied with Northern Lights product
Robert rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 09. Aug 2020
Decent car, some minor problems like AC not working, wheels not balanced, whining fan-belt, and backdoor a bit lose. And also the Tires were not of the newest kind, since you also are responsible if a tire breaks. But we had a really good trip with the 4x4 and the vehicle did not let us down :) Good and fun greetings and service from staff!
Naufal rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 02. Sep 2020
We had a really good experience with Northern Lights car rental. First off, they were very accommodating with multiple changes we had to make, including last-minute changes, due to Covid 19 related flight cancellations and rebookings. We rented a four wheel drive Dacia Duster, which was perfect for our 3-week tour on the rough dirt roads ( not F-roads) along the fjords and over the mountains in West Iceland and the Westfjords. The Duster was not the newest, but it was obviously well maintained. It was very rugged and never let us down.
Roland rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 11. Aug 2020
Excellent experience. They picked up us at the airport on time and the car hadn't got any problem. I suggest it
Jacopo rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 10. Aug 2020
Pick up at the airport was a little bit slow. Not enough drivers/cars to transfer all people from the airport to the rental company. We received a great car (not the one that was reserved) but gps was no good. After a couple of days the dashboard of the car mentioned that a check up was necessary. Called the company and they told us not to worry. Drop off was not that smooth. Only two people present who were driving people from their office to the airport while no one was in the office taking care of people who wanted to bring back their cars.
Jan rented a vehicle in July 2020
Submitted 28. Aug 2020
Almost everything is good.
Wei rented a vehicle in July 2020

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