Northern Lights Car Rental, a local car rental provider in Iceland, offers a wide range of vehicles, including 4x4s, 2WDs, and campers. Their commitment to low prices, quality vehicles, and personal service has earned them a solid reputation among travelers.

Northbound customers who have rented from Northern Lights Car Rental have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the company's reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. One customer praised the company for its seamless pick-up and drop-off process, while another appreciated the car's performance on tough mountain terrains.

When you choose to rent a Northern Lights Car Rental vehicle through Northbound, you're not just getting a car; you're gaining a partner that's committed to making your Icelandic adventure unforgettable.


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Verified reviews from our customers that rented a car from Northern Lights Car Rental

Submitted 11. Sep 2021
It was spacious and met our needs.
Elizabeth rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 18. Sep 2021
We had a great experience booking our rental Dacia Duster with NorthBound. From the time of booking until we picked up the car, the team was super prompt in replying to all my queries and making few adjustments that we requested. Special thanks to Thordis for being a very good point of contact. The car itself was decent, it did the job without any problem and considering it's a 2017 model we were not expecting a lot. The roof tent was very comfortable and spacious, highly recommend for budget travel as long as it doesn't rain. Mattress was also good and overall better than the ground tent. We even managed to survive very well when it rained whole night and it was dry inside, however let me share a trick: when it rains you will be fine, but make sure when you wrap/close the tent try to roll the mattress and keep it in the car (middle seat) instead of inside the tent itself or else it will be wet due to the wet tent and not something you want for your next night. Overall very good experience with NorthBound :)
Aashish rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 27. Sep 2021
Great car, great service, flexible in pick-up and return. We had a very good experience with Northern Lights Car rental.
Lianne rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 06. Sep 2021
Our Kia Ceed was excellent for our trip around the Ring Road. The pick up from the airport and transfer back (at 4am!) all went smoothly. The car was in great condition and really clean.
Alison rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 02. Sep 2021
Nice car, big enough for the group, comfortable, great communication with you and also good support from the car hire company. Thank you.
Dana zaludova rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 01. Sep 2021
Abramo rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 23. Aug 2021
The Car was in good condition. Enjoyed the Ring Road and not faced any problem while driving around for 7 days.
Ardhendu rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 20. Aug 2021
Quick, simple, good.
Dace rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 19. Aug 2021
Thank you so much for the service you provide us. Pick up and drop of to airport was in perfect time. The assistance before we start our trip was very clear. About the car (Suzuki Jimny 4x4 manual 2013) we can say that is a good car to travel Iceland (small and smart) but our Jimny was very old (more than 200.000 km) and it was very strong and hard to drive, with a lot of Moisés and some parts damaged. We are a couple that adapts to everything, but surely driving a car that conveyed more safety would have been better.
Marco pietro rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 06. Sep 2021
Although it wasn't a brand new car, it was good for our trip. A little bit dirty inside the car at the pick up. With little more care about details it would have been perfect.
Chiara rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 26. Aug 2021
El servicio de pickup en el aeropuerto fue correcto. Nos recogieron a la 1AM. El coche Dacia Duster 4x4 tenía muchos kilómetros (200000) pero no tuvimos ningún problema con él y pudimos hacer todas las rutas por las carreteras de montaña islandesas. Nos pareció excesivo un bloqueo en tarjeta de 350000 ISK (más de 2500 euros) durante 2 semanas . No sabíamos que la cantidad era tan alta, tuvimos que usar 2 tarjetas diferentes porque las nuestras no permitían pagos de más de 2000 euros. Hemos realizado otros alquileres en Islandia (camper y motorhome) y no nos han bloqueado nada en la tarjeta. Quizás deberían revisar ese tema, nosotros llevábamos un seguro adicional para cubrir los 350000 de franquicia.
Antonio rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 19. Aug 2021
Start of the rent was really bad. We had to wait at the Airport and only one of us was allowed to go to the rental office. We received a 2016 Dacia instead of 2017 (this was compensated by a day free rental). There was no WiFi and GPS so we needed to drive back to the rental office. Then the tire pressure notification started to burn. Back again and then they said to ignore this. After this start it went better. The car was old and bumpy but brought us everywhere we wanted. The return of the car was very friendly and accurate.
Els rented a vehicle in August 2021
Submitted 12. Aug 2021
Overall OK but the car had a few issues, notably: - The glass wipers were making the glass more foggy then else, we had to change them on the way (Norther Lights reimbursed us); - One of the car's lights stopped working halfway through; and - In general, the car seemed to be struggling in upwards slopes - not sure whether there is a problem with the engine, but it seemed to be a possibility. Assistance by Northern Lights was nevertheless good and the company was always responsive and helpful.
Massimiliano rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 27. Jul 2021
24 hour customer service to and from the airport was excellent after having my flight delayed until late, great and friendly customer service. Wide vehicle selections with understanding of what vehicles you'll need based off you the experience you want in Iceland. Vehicle was clean and ran well as you would expect!
Dylan rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 02. Aug 2021
We Got a Nice car at a very good Price. Had to wait half an hour at the airport for transfer, and there was only room for one person, but When I Got to the carrental-office, the car was ready, and i could drive to the airport and Pick-up the rest of the family.
Mette rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 02. Aug 2021
The SUV with the tent on top was great. The kitchen boxes that are for rent could use some better pans (we bought some and left them in the box for the next person) but over all the things we rented worked out great. The company needs ALOT of help with the pick up, check out and in process though. I also had a question about adding something else on and I emailed 8 times and never got a response, I found the item elsewhere but the communication was not awesome. We waited over 45 minutes at the airport, finally the shuttle comes and you go to the location. There was 2 people working and they did not acknowledge that the other 6 parties had gotten there. There is no line or instruction and when you ask, they say they will get to you. After we get the car, the trip was great, everything worked and we had no problems. We got back to drop off the car and the office is full again, we ask if there is anything we need to do for check out and are told, again, they will get to us. we waited over a half an hour to turn the car in. Overall I suppose none of that is that big of a deal but it was frustrating and the company could make a line or acknowledge people as they come in so that people know what to do or expect. Also, while we were waiting to drop off the car, the phone rang 3 times and the employee told the person that was at the airport that the shuttle comes every 25 minutes the driver was at the location the entire time we were there, never left to go and pick people up. You can tell it is a newer company and they will likely figure these things out.
Melanie rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 15. Jul 2021
We had good experience with renting our car with Northern Lights. No other car rental agency could beat their deal plus a good customer service make them my favorites in Iceland. From their shuttle pick-up to drop everything was smooth. No issues faced and car was in a good condition. I highly recommend trying Northern Lights car rental while in Iceland. You wont be disappointed.
Manjinder rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 12. Jul 2021
The rental process was easy to do online, the price was good, no hassles at rental company when picking up car. My only complaint would be that we were given a different car with worn tires and of course we had a blowout about 23kmh outside of Reykjavik on our way to Vik. Called and they told us to put spare on and come to town to have tire fixed. Opened trunk....no spare, no jack, no lug wrench! They sent a man to us and he had to make three trips back to town to get right tools. He had us follow him to have four new tires put on ( no charge to us, thank goodness). After four hours we were back on the road to Vik!
Edwin rented a vehicle in July 2021
Submitted 05. Jul 2021
The shuttle service was EXTREMELY very bad. No one was at the airport with a sign waiting for us as the reservation confirmation has said there would be. After calling for a shuttle, and being told it would be 15 minutes, it still took another 30 minutes. After returning the car, it took 45 minutes waiting at your location to get a shuttle back to the airport. In neither direction we’re we given any assistance with our bags. I had to load my own bags and open and close doors for my family and other guests. We reserved a car with GPS. When we got there there was no GPS. When I went back I was handed an EXTREMELY outdated portable GPS unit. It was so outdated that it didn’t even have the roads to get back to your own location! The car was given to us dirty. I would not recommend you. You have a lot of room for improvement.
John rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 29. Jul 2021
Good communication and decent service. But the condition of the car was not at all what I would expect from a rental. Bald tires led to having to change a flat, end it was very overdue for service. Felt a bit unsafe driving it around for two weeks.
Devin rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 08. Aug 2020
Hans rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 09. Jul 2021
This little car is a BEAST!! It allowed us to travel to the golden circle and the golden ring! The camping tent on top of the car was an experience, but we felt very safe when we used it to camp. The staff was very helpful and kind.
Ana rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 02. Jul 2021
Marissa rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 09. Jul 2021
High mileage, about worn out. had a headlight out when I picked it up, didn't shift easily into 3rd and 4th. Employees at pickup were all rather brusque, no one was friendly or nice
Christopher rented a vehicle in June 2021
Submitted 28. Jun 2021
Ali rented a vehicle in June 2021

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