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MyCar Rental, conveniently located near the Keflavik airport in Reykjavik, is a trusted choice for travelers seeking a reliable and comfortable vehicle for their Icelandic adventure. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the positive reviews they've received on Northbound. Customers have praised the quality and condition of the vehicles, the smooth and efficient rental process, and the friendly and helpful staff.

One reviewer highlighted the spaciousness and comfort of their vehicle, which comfortably accommodated their family and luggage. Another customer appreciated the cleanliness and reliability of their rental, which contributed to a memorable driving experience in Iceland.

When you choose to rent a MyCar vehicle through Northbound, you're choosing a stress-free and enjoyable car rental experience. The high level of customer satisfaction and the positive reviews are a testament to MyCar's dedication to providing excellent service. Experience the beauty of Iceland with the peace of mind that comes from renting with a trusted and reliable car rental company.


826 total reviews

801 reviews for MYCAR

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Submitted 12. Dec 2022
Bartosz rented a vehicle in December 2022
Submitted 06. Dec 2022
Prabhakar prashanth rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 10. Dec 2022
The 2022 Toyota RAV4 was an awesome car and a joy to drive in Iceland. We drove to a many places in the South and had no issues at all. The cost of rental was reasonable even with the additional insurance coverage. Pickup of the car could be improved. I had to find the car in the carpark. Would have been better if the staff showed me the car and went through some key functions. Would also be good for the staff and I to visually confirm the condition of the car prior to signing off on the rental. Overall, it was a good experience and would rent again if I visited Iceland again. Cheers.
Rashid rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 30. Nov 2022
Have used Northbound 3 times now and every time I go with MyCar, the Land Cruiser was a excellent pick for driving the Westfjords and the South Coast, we usually rent the RAV4 but went with something bigger this time and it was worth it! Handles great in the rain and snow. Going back to MyCar again when we go back!
Jared rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 28. Nov 2022
Renting our 4x4 Rav 4 from Northbound was easy and transport to and from the airport from the rental car location was quick and efficient.
Jamie rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 13. Dec 2022
Outstanding! was and did exactly as promised, from collection in Keflavik Airport at the agreed time, via our shuttle taxi to delivery and signing in for our rental Toyota RAV-4 Hybrid from MYCAR - with studded mud and snow tyres - excellent bonus, although we didn't need the studs with the weather at 6 - 9C for all our six days. Return to MYCAR was very clear and exactly as described, with the shuttle back to Keflavik all as described. The Toyota RAV4 was excellent for four adults and their luggage (3 large cases, 2 small cases and 2 rucksacks. We probably could have got a fourth large case in, but it would have obscured the rearview mirror's view. By the way, we did consider exactly the size of the boot/trunk at a local dealer in Sheffield before we organised the rental car from Therefore, it was highly important that we got the exact car that we booked and not 'or equivalent' which is what many car rental companies do. For information, this was the official details of rental car pick-up: MYCAR Airport office is located at Hotel Asbru about 15 minutes away, with a complimentary shuttle service to and from the Airport Terminal 24/7. You need to re-confirm your flight number and how many passengers will need a seat on the shuttle, and at what time? Departures from the airport – Once every hour – 24/7 00:20 - 01:20 - 02:20 - 03:20 - 04:20 - 05:20 - 06:20 - 07:20 - 08:20 - 09:20 - 10:20 - 11:20 - 12:20 - 13:20 - 14:20 - 15:20 - 16:20 - 17:20 - 18:20 - 19:20 - 20:20 - 21:20 - 22:20 - 23:20. 1. Pick up location: Airport information desk, located in the arrival hall - it's clearly marked by the exit doors 2. Direct number to shuttle: +354 855 1717 The driver will come inside to the information desk holding a sign with the MYCAR logo. All happened exactly as it was described above. Definitely hire from! Thank you, Ivar and Thordis
Ralph rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 29. Nov 2022
At the end of the rental, the company identified a small dent in the driver’s door which they attributed to my rental period. As the dent is so minor and without any damage to the paintwork it is impossible to spot whether it was present prior to rental even though I had taken photos and video of the car prior to rental. A charge of 132.000isk was then taken against me based on a workshop quote for which more than half the quote is for paintwork despite no damage to the paint work. Even in the photos which MYCAR have sent as evidence does not show the dent visibly except for the fact that they had pointed it out when I returned the car so it’s visible only when magnified significantly on the specific area. I had not experienced any incidents and traveled on paved roads the entire rental so I am neither convinced that the damage was caused by my rental nor that the rate is fair.
Xian zheng rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 20. Nov 2022
All Good
Julio rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 15. Nov 2022
Great service - from the product itself to the staff. Proper car for affordable price and very helpful staff. Would use again.
Mattias rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 14. Nov 2022
The land cruiser was perfect for my family of 5 plus luggage. I was able to pick up a car seat for my toddler as well from the rental center and they even rent out this wifi adapter that plugs into the car so you have wifi in most areas. Pick up and drop off was easy and I would definitely recommend this rental agency to others.
Rafin rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 15. Nov 2022
Everything was fine. The car was as described, clean and well maintained. The only thing to keep in mind is that there are fixed times for picking you up from the airport and back.
Michael rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 12. Nov 2022
Noor rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 06. Nov 2022
Comfortable! Very easy to handle.
Kelly rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 25. Nov 2022
Renting with Northbound was super easy and clear to know what I was getting, how much it would cost, and how to pick up my vehicle. The RAV4 I rented to drive the Route 1 in November was in excellent condition and was equipped with snow tires and could handle all of the snow and ice conditions along the way. Staff was friendly and were responsive to answer any questions I had. I will definitely go with them again when I can return to Iceland!
Thane rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 18. Nov 2022
Overall, everything worked well, from the transfer (pick-up) at the airport to the rental station and the return at the rental station or transfer to the airport. Pick up and drop off at the rental station is short and sweet. The car was very clean and well maintained.
Jens rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 07. Nov 2022
The car was wonderful and easy to use. It handled the unpaved road to our cabin very well. The wireless access point that was provided was a real lifesaver.
Philip rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 07. Nov 2022
Vehicle collected at tip top condition, handover was smooth and Northbound team has been really responsive. The rental was the best we could found too. We had fun, smooth and memorable trips with this Toyota Proace Verso across the south island, it fits comfortably for 6 adults full of big luggage and huge jackets. All of us are really satisfied with the service and vehicle provided by Northbound, thank you.
Ryan rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 01. Nov 2022
This was a great car and perfect for our holiday. The rental company was easy to work with and everything went smoothly. Would recommend!
Jean-paul rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 01. Nov 2022
Hello, the car was fine. A bit creaky and there was a crack in the windscreen (that wasn't dangerous but grew larger). The doors didn't seem fully closed for some reason and sounded like they were open at times. In terms of the customer service – that was excellent. Pick up, I called and was asked to wait until 2.20pm, whereas we were the only customers being collected, maybe we could have been picked up quicker? Understand they may have been busy. Overall, good experience.
Philip rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 27. Oct 2022
We had a really good experience with Northbound. Everything went smoothly and as expected. Would recommend!
Sara rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 27. Oct 2022
Great car for family's you can put in large isofix car seats in and fit suit cases in easily. Easy to drive, we didn't take any F roads (and didn't intent to) but it handled the long gravel tracks to the remote cabins easily.
Alexander rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 30. Oct 2022
Very happy with car, with discount gas fobs, with check out process and return.
David a rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 30. Oct 2022
I am very happy with all aspects of this booking. The staff at MyCar were amazing, when it became apparent that our luggage and wheelchair were not going to fit in the RAV4, they upgraded us to a Landcruiser at no extra cost! I also witnessed some very patient customer service with another customer who was being quite awkward and picky. The vehicle was clean, well maintained and performed perfectly throughout the trip. Airport pick up and drop off were prompt and efficient too. All in all, excellent!
Terry rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 31. Oct 2022
The car is very smooth , the trunk is big enough room for 4 people with many luggage. Highly recommend, will book again in next time Ann Nguyen
Ann rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 28. Oct 2022
I like the 2022 Toyota RAV4 GX automatic car because it is hybrid, however it would be better if it is a driver power seat, it is easier to adjust driver seat when switching driver.
Ria rented a vehicle in October 2022

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