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MyCar Rental, conveniently located near the Keflavik airport in Reykjavik, is a trusted choice for travelers seeking a reliable and comfortable vehicle for their Icelandic adventure. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the positive reviews they've received on Northbound. Customers have praised the quality and condition of the vehicles, the smooth and efficient rental process, and the friendly and helpful staff.

One reviewer highlighted the spaciousness and comfort of their vehicle, which comfortably accommodated their family and luggage. Another customer appreciated the cleanliness and reliability of their rental, which contributed to a memorable driving experience in Iceland.

When you choose to rent a MyCar vehicle through Northbound, you're choosing a stress-free and enjoyable car rental experience. The high level of customer satisfaction and the positive reviews are a testament to MyCar's dedication to providing excellent service. Experience the beauty of Iceland with the peace of mind that comes from renting with a trusted and reliable car rental company.


999 total reviews

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Submitted 14. May 2024
The entire experience right from selecting the car, getting to the car rental place and the condition of the car was top-notch and very streamlined. It was easy and a pleasant experience to have chosen Northbound for our self drive trip to Iceland.
Padmavati rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 14. May 2024
Car was is in well conditioned, Loved the experience of riding on ring road.
Archana rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 30. Apr 2024
Car was good for us. Only problem was drop off as the person who was to take us to the airport, didn't have the keys. He drove us there in the car we rented. I just never received any confirmation that the car was returned and all was OK. I assume it was I didn't hear anything?
Karen rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 06. May 2024
Easy and great value! Was picked up by a friendly employee on time of arrival and she took us to the car park. Despite that the car isn't parked at the airport it was quick and easy. Super friendly staff!
Isak rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 20. Apr 2024
Edgars rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 25. Apr 2024
Christian rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 13. Apr 2024
I am very satisfied with the use and condition of the vehicle and also with the process of returning it. However, there is one aspect I am extremely dissatisfied with when we arrived at the airport at 15:00 on April 4th, the attitude of the pick-up staff was almost negative, and she ignored our questions, which made me very unhappy. She did not explain why we had to wait for her to finish chatting with her colleague before taking us to the office. This also included displaying a grimace and a negative attitude. Additionally, she was answering calls with one hand and playing with her phone while driving, making me feel unsafe. All four of us felt her apathetic attitude without exception.
Yuxi rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 14. Apr 2024
Very Good
Comment from one of my team who used the vehicle for fieldwork on Reykjanes Peninsual: I thought they were good. Nice that they took us straight to the airport and we we didn't have to wait for the next shuttle. Two slight annoyances with the car we had...the middle seatbelt in the back didn't work (the socket is behind the seats and we couldn't get at it) so we had to shuffle people a few times to work round that, and they left the spare wheel in the back rather than underneath. I forgot to report the seatbelt to them yesterday, it would be good to do that when you reply. The cars were both in good condition though, and we didn't have any major problems. I wouldn't see any problem using them again.
Nicholas rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 09. Apr 2024
Sarka rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 25. Apr 2024
Awesome experience, great prices, great customer service and always reliable. I have used them on more than one occasion and will keep coming back.
Akshay rented a vehicle in April 2024
Submitted 05. Apr 2024
The car was in good shape and condition, clean and ready for trip.
Tadas rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 09. Apr 2024
Great. Super smooth process. We appreciated your great customer service upon arrival.
Brooke rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 02. Apr 2024
Drop off location should be posted. Went to several addresses found for drop off. Checkin and staff were really friendly and went out of their way to help us
Richard rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 29. Mar 2024
The car and service was really good. Everyone at Northbound was very accommodating and helpful! Will surely recommend it to others !
Chirag rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 22. Apr 2024
Northbound did a great job of working with us and being flexible! When we realized our flight was getting in later than we thought, you made it easy to switch vehicles to something we could pick up on arrival that still met all of our needs. The vehicle we ended up with was just right for what we needed. Thank you for all of the help!
Daniel rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 27. Mar 2024
Great service, everything smooth and well organised. Lovely car, clean and a surprise upgrade which was fantastic.
Trudi rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 26. Mar 2024
My rental car was great. More importantly, the people I worked with at Northbound were very responsive to my changing plans and needs. I changed the length of rental and drop-off location repeatedly. Northbound was timely in their responses, and gave me exactly what I wanted. Great service.
Carson rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 19. Mar 2024
It's great experience!! I'm Japanese and my English is not good. But The staff explained things very clearly and thoroughly. Thank you very much!!
Tetsuta rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 28. Mar 2024
Loved the car. Perfect for 3 of us for a 2 week photography trip
Megan rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 10. Mar 2024
Very positive - A transparent offer, new and guaranteed car model, vehicle pick-up and return adjusted to the flight plan, efficient customer service.
Tomasz rented a vehicle in March 2024
Submitted 04. Mar 2024
Very Good
Perfect car. Easy to drive. Excellent snow tyres.Clean and in excellent condition.
Anne rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 28. Feb 2024
The car was great, adaptive cruise control, Eletric Veichle mode, heating seats and a large display, rear camera We rent for 5 days and we did 1800km with no issue and In the city or going slow you don't need much fuel, around 18km/l.
Alessandro maria rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 20. Feb 2024
We loved our car. Thank you very much for everything. We saw unforgetable places on an incredible Island ❤️ We are still overhelmed with all our experiences.
Claudia rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 11. Feb 2024
It was a great experience! It was very easy and trustworthy. The booking process was straightforward and easy. I would definitely recommend!!!
Jaidyn rented a vehicle in February 2024
Submitted 11. Feb 2024
The Land Cruiser was an absolute tank. It handled all the weather, white outs, ice, unplowed roads, and off roads we threw at it! Super comfortable and the diesel sipped on fuel. We went from one end of Iceland to the other and even out ran a volcano (yes we were evacuated from blue lagoon). We will use you guys for our next Iceland visit.
Alfred rented a vehicle in February 2024

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