2 star reviews for all companies

Poor experience at airport. We were left by Lava rep. Also more staff needed as had to wait for pick up due to customers in front of us. Suggest you choose another company in future.

John from United Kingdom
Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2019 Dacia Duster

GABRIEL from Spain
Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2018 Ford Transit Connect Camper

Upon arrival, Icerental 4X4 did not have the vehicle we had reserved (a Renault Trafic van). Instead, they put us in a rusty 2008 Dodge Durango with 281,000 km. While the staff was professional and friendly, I would not rent from them again.

Brad from United States
Traveled to Iceland in May 2019 and rented a 2018 Renault Trafic

They were not at the airport for the pickup, the car was not clean. Car did the job. Generally not enough information on the pricing of the insurance for the rental upon reservation. Liability of 3500 euro is too much (I then took extra). I also felt uncomfortable that every little scratch on the car was marked on the contract, but unable to check because the car was not clean. Lagoon thus missed a policy to identify the marks that were big enough to get marked.
So overall, I would not rent again with Lagoon.

wieter from Canada
Traveled to Iceland in Apr 2019 and rented a 2017 KIA Sorento

Very poor equipment in the van

Wayne from United Kingdom
Traveled to Iceland in Mar 2019 and rented a 2018 Ford Transit Connect Camper

Hello Rúnar,

We had a wonderful second trip to Iceland but as mentionned to Nordic car rental and Líam, we were very disappointed with the car. I wont repeat myself again but you can ask them.

We asked for a discount as the car was in really bad shape. Nordic car rental doesn’t seem to be willing to do so.

We will never do business with them again but I need to say that the employees were really awesome.



Sophie from Canada
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2014 Hyundai i10

Free Cancellation & Amendments

The car had a broken door, water going through when it rained. The person who i returned the car to was rude

Nina from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Nov 2018 and rented a 2016 Suzuki Vitara

Vehicle itself was in good condition but we did not receive the amenities that were guaranteed with the purchase including GPS and the picnic set that was added to the rental.

We also had a rock crack the windshield and a small scratch on the lower driver side door that ended up costing us around $1300. We were not informed that there were options to upgrade our insurance plan to cover this type of damage until after we returned. With the given terrain conditions, the associate should have pitched that up sell on arrival.
My card was charged for the damage last week but we have yet to receive the invoice for the repairs, so I have no idea if the repairs were actually performed on the vehicle or if someone just pocketed the money.
I try to go with smaller businesses when I can, but I will head to a larger chain the next time I go to Iceland.

Roberto from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2016 Toyota RAV4

The service was good and the booking process went smoothly. The car did not function well. There was a problem (maybe with the wheel bearing) that made a terrible noise for most of our trip. Also, the interior lights of the car didn't work and one of the chargers didn't work either.

Elizabeth from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2011 Hyundai ix35

It was quite an old camper with some things not working properly and many scratches on the ouside. When we picked up the camper the light above the table in the living compartment dit not work. After we made clear that we wanted that the lights work properly, your employees managed to fix one of the two lights. We had to wait quite a long time. Also a warning indicator on the dashboard lightend up. One of your mechanics looked at it, hit something in the engine compartment and the light went out. But the same day it was back again. After consultation via e-mail with your company they assured that nothing was wrong and that I could ignore the indicator. On the first day the blinking light on the right side spontaneously broke off and was hanging on the wire. I fixed it temporarily with medical tape and later with stronger tape.
The cooking plate did not work properly: the flow of gas stopped if the knob was released...

Raymond from Netherlands
Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2018

We had a lot of hassle in the beginning. The first car we got had a broken exhaust pipe and made terrible noise. The second one we were offered had a broken door to the driver seat, and we refused that car. The third we got was a Grand Cherokee that we drove for three days, then the ABS break warning lamps started to signal. We contacted Icerental 4x4 and they wanted us to make a 1,5 hrs detour to exchange the car. The fourth car we got was an almost brand new Hyundai SantaFee and this was in the end very satisfactory. This car had some ugly scratches in the front and luckily my wife took some photos of this before we drove off for the first time. This turned out to be very important when we returned the car. To my mind, it is a mutual obligation to document the damages on the car, both the renter and the owner should do their best...

Arvid from Sweden
Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2018 and rented a 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara

The car we used for the week ran perfectly and the entire trip was wonderful. But working with Ice Rental Cars was an absolute nightmare. I would never recommend them to anyone.

Cassandra from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2016 Honda HR-V

I doubt I would use Lagoon again. The Sorento drove well but had a cracked video display. Lagoon gave a wifi for the car at noadditional cost, which we didn't use. The car had numerous scratches and a large scrape on the front fender. These things were all known at check out with the car. I believe this car should not be in the rental fleet. Numerous times a bell was sounding but we didn't know why. Perhaps if the video screen wasn't damaged we would have know. The windshield wipers had a mind if their own. During use, the wipers would go from intermittent to rapid speed even with little rain. Not sure if this is related to the electrical stuff with the video screen. Checkin and check out very slow since everything was had written. On return of car, with 6 of us and luggage we were initially told we had to wait for the van that was loading for that van to return since it had already 5 people...

Dennis from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2017 KIA Sorento

Very long lines and slow service to get a car. Got an older car than I had ordered, and initially accepted a small refund. Finally drove away in the car, only to discover it was not fit for the road. Dangerously worn brakes!! Drove back and waited more. "Suddenly" they were magically able to find my 2015 Jimny anyway. Why didn't they give it to me in the first place. Whole process took approx 2,5 hours of my valuable vacation. At least I got a car in the end, and it worked well. Drop-off was smooth.

Tor from Norway
Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Jimny

No issues with the car or with Northbound, but Lagoon Car Rental was not impressive. No one was there to pick us up at the airport as promised, instead we had to call them and wait.

Sara from Sweden
Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2018 Dacia Duster

When we arrived Geysirs premises, it was rather caotic inside. The staff were anonymus, we could not recognize them. And when we at last understood who were the staff, they seemed to have a lot of time doing nothing for the many customers, who had qued up. No general information was given. We waited more than 1 hr. getting our car. The second day of the hire, we punctuated on a mountain road. The car showed to have no spare wheel, only a simple sealing repair set which not could help us. We waited more than 2 hrs. for the roadside service. We got very good help Next day we were offered another car from Geysir, a Toyota Landcruiser, which we had to pick up outside our planned route. The car was allright and equipped with a neccesary spare wheel. We got no inspection form for the New car. The car was very suitable for Our purpose. Northbound should revue Geysirs routines for handling customers...

Einar Biørn from Norway
Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2017 Subaru Outback

Free Cancellation & Amendments

Good morning
I'm Patrizia Peinetti, Italian Hiking Guide
I have to say that the rental at Lagoon has had some problems. I can not give a positive assessment of the experience, I'm sorry.
They were kind and prompt to get me back to the airport. But when they gave me the vehicle (a small car) we went out to check the damage that the car had. The car was full of scratches, some even deep, dents and more. It was impossible to mark all the damage on the form that was delivered to me. Also impossible to take pictures because the weather was dark and horrible.
So I was rather worried because it was not possible to establish a safe condition of the vehicle at the start. I drive and rent means all over the world and am a prudent driver. I've never had any problems with any rental company. In my journey along the state 1 I had no accident and when I returned to the rental I was therefore quiet
Instead the guy who was in the office saw a line on the bumper and started to say that it was a fracture so I had to pay 700 euros...

Patrizia from Italy
Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2018 and rented a 2017 Kia Picanto

On arrival the gentleman helping us was yelling at another couple who were wanting money back for their own rental.
We were only given the choices of no insurance (which meant they would hold over $6000 of our only credit card for trip) or else we had to pay for the premium insurance, which we didn't need but had no choice to pay for because we did not have $6000. We were NOT advised of any of this before coming to the country.
The tent on our vehicle smelled awful and had mold growing on the roof. Being allergic to mold I spent my vacation stuffed up with a headache.
Also were given an N1 tag which was supposed to provide us with a discount on fuel that also did not work.
Informed them of this on return of the vehicle and they seemed uninterested.
Northbound seems a good rental agency but I would not rent from icerental again.

Deanna from Canada
Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2018 and rented a 2017 Dacia Duster

I was happy with the customer service, but not the car. They gave us a beat up car that was clearly in an accident and we paid full price for it. I would not recommend you guys at this point.

Beth from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2018 and rented a 2017 KIA Sorento

Our experience with Lava Auto was not ideal. We were stranded at the airport upon arrival for 35 min sitting there waiting for pick-up. When we got the car, there were rust spots all along the base of the car, the windshield wipers didn’t work consistently (we only realized that an hour into our 5-day journey with rain every day), the GPS was outdated and/or faulty and didn’t register any address we entered. Whatever registers that any of the doors were closed did not work, so after you shut a door firmly, the signal would still yell at you that it wasn’t shut. Overall, our experience with Lava with below our expectations. When we returned the car and told them all the issues, he said “Ok,” which made us feel sorry for the next person that rents that car. I will not be giving LAVA a good review.

Andrew from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2018 and rented a 2017 Dacia Duster

In general the experience was good. Only trouble was that we got the van after having to wait for the pick up from the airport and then to get the van at the rental spot. It took 2 hours but we were compensated by getting GPS, although needs to be updated because map from 2012, and took a couple of detours because of that. Alberti also gave us sand&ash protection to compensate our wait. The third night the heating system started smoking and had to disconnect the battery to make sure we don't burn alive and tried to call Alberti and the emergency number we were given, but no one answered after several tries and no one called us back.. So we slept what we could(none) in a freezing van the last night. Also the 2 first nights the heating wasn't working properly and got cold, then had to adjust the heat for hotter. Thermostat not working properly. We got 10% of our money back which could've been more...

Jura Niko Sakari from Finland
Traveled to Iceland in May 2018 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

Valeria from Netherlands
Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2018 and rented a 2011 Renault Kangoo Camper

It was fine overall. Check-in process took a lot longer than we thought it would, and we were lucky to be first in line! It was nice to have 4-wheel drive for a few roads, but overall the car was like a "tin can", the doors didn't shut well, defrost barely worked, and the car was very cheap for the expensive price. Would NOT rent this car again.

Robert from United States
Traveled to Iceland in May 2018 and rented a 2012 Suzuki Jimny

Hi Runar,
Thanks for your mail, I'm glad to give some review regarding Lagoon Car Rental.
To be honest, I don't think I will rent with them ever again. The reasons why :
1/ I don't think they read the comments that you can write when booking. I'm fully aware that they cannot fulfill everyone's wishes regarding the rented model. As I asked for a i20 because I drive one at home, I thought they would make an effort providing me one. Unfortunately I had to drive a KIA Rio instead (after all a nice car), whilst 1 or 2 couples that were in the office at the same time were given a i20, also for a week. Please don't ask for comments if you don't read them or take them into account.
2/ The KIA they wanted to sell me at first had completely ! ! ! worn out studded tyres (actually all studs had dissapeared). Lagoon tried to minimalize this problem by trying to tell me the tyres were still OK...

Dirk from Belgium
Traveled to Iceland in Mar 2018 and rented a 2017 Hyundai i20

The service was good. The staff were freindly.
But the camper was in a bad condition: the cabinlights in the camper were brokenand the Black noise dampningen materiale hang down from the roof and was geares apart. The tyres on the front wheels were Worning and most of the spikes was missing.

Morten from Denmark
Traveled to Iceland in Mar 2018 and rented a 2017 Nissan NV200 Camper

They we're unable to fulfill my rental, so the company was switched and I was not notified. This created an issue when my flight was delayed and I tried to call the company when I landed.

Charlie from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Feb 2018 and rented a 2011 Suzuki Jimny

My experience with Rent A Wreck was not good. They did not communicate that they would be late picking me up from the airport. I had to call their office three times before, they were honest with me and told me they were on their way to pick me up. They did not have the car I reserved available for the first day. So I had to drive another car and then switch vehicles later that day. They did lower my reservation cost but only after I negotiated with the associate. The car was old and beat up, which I should have expected, but the wiper were terrible and the engine over heated once climbing a mountain. I would not recommend Rent A Wreck to others travelling to Iceland.

David from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Feb 2018 and rented a 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara

I am not a big fan of Orange Rental Cars. After the initial booking, there was zero communication, no email reminders and the instructions on when/where/how to get the car was in small print at the bottom of the confirmation. We ended up at the wrong agency and while the Orange shuttle driver was absolutely awesome, the guy that checked us in and out was super sarcastic, rude and basically told us we were idiots for getting confused but not in so many words. Car brakes were squeaky but they dismissed us when we told them. Car was fine and price was good though! THIS RATING IS ON ORANGE RENTAL CAR NOT ON NORTHBOUND!

Nicole from United States
Traveled to Iceland in Feb 2018 and rented a 2017 Suzuki Vitara

When picking up the car the girl locked it accidentally while the engine was running and all our bags were inside. We couldn’t get in and had to wait for the guy from a special conpany to open the car for us which took a while.
The car was in no good condition. There was a big crack in the windshield and the windshield whiper fell of ervery now and than.
When we tried to return the car there was nobody at the kevlavik office. After calling the customer service they told us we can just leafe the car at the airport with the key inside.
All in all we would not recommend you company to a friend or family, sorry

Nicola from Germany
Traveled to Iceland in Feb 2018 and rented a 2008 Hyundai Tucson

I had one wish and that went wrong. I didn't get the car I have booked. I was downgraded to "similar" that was not nice. All other things were great, shuttle service, customer service/people at the office, car itself, all good. And Iceland is awesome, we'll be back!

Tomi from Finland
Traveled to Iceland in Feb 2018 and rented a 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport