2 star reviews for all companies

Our experience with the car itself was not as good as we expected. The car was pretty old, it had 155.000km on the clock and was not comfortable to be driven at all, brakes clutch, transmission, direction control, suspension, everything has to be checked and repaired in that car prior renting it. Icelandic roads are rough and sometimes can be dangerous in a car like that.
The rooftent was in the same condition as the car, pretty old with holes everywhere (we had to buy duct tape to repair it).

Although the pick-up at drop-off with NL was really easy going, and the staff was friendly as well.

We are coming back to Iceland soon (hopefully) and we will try another car rental company and maybe a different car also, but we will most probably use Northbound again as the website and customer service is good.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Jimny

Found it difficult to close, especially since we are short. First night the zipper on one side broke so we couldn’t close it. Sleeping bags first provided were not warm enough. Second car we got was an old Jeep. Rear windshield wiper didn’t work. Was very disappointed in this rental! Would not recommend them.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2017 Suzuki Vitara


overall the car was OK but I have to tell you that the people we met in the office were very arrogant and rude with us, specially at the beginning. Please fine below the details:

- The car didn't have a rear shelf, we complained about it. First they said this car never comes with a rear shelf. However we saw a few car with it. Then we told them about it and they took one from another car and gave it to us.
- The presure of the tyres was not the correct one (we got the light). They changed it after we came back and the message light about the pressure was ON during the whole trip.
- We tried to change the car because we didn't feel safe with these lights and also because we got a different car than the car booked - However they said it was not possible
- After a few kilometers another service light was ON, we thought it was because the car passed 20000km - Nobody said anything about it and we were scared about the whole trip...


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Our original flight was canceled I sent an email regarding the change. The rental (Northern Lights) apparently did not recieve the message.
When we arrived, we had to have the help desk call to have us picked up.
The man that transported us from the airport to the car rental location was VERY rushed, did not help with luggage. We had to chase after him.... were instructed to "C'mon, C'mon let's go. Put the bags in ... get in". There was NO conversation on the way.
When we arrived, he said "the keys are in it, go!"
We went in, signed agreements and left.
On returning vehicle, the person who so rudely picked us up from the airport was more conversant, NOT helpful with luggage, but delivered us to the airport alive.
The vehicle was less than expected ... never used on "F" roads (I don't think it could handle them ... regardless)
The Jimny struggled to make it up most hills, specifically Route 1...


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2013 Suzuki Jimny

First time in my life I had such a terrible experience with car rent. After airport pickup some weird things started. We were driven to unknown company to take a Land Cruiser from them. Unfortunately or maybe not, the only option was to take uncleaned car, but with different conditions (not the same we had in our confirmation from Nordic Car Rental). The price was bigger about 300 Eur and other things I didn't check. We rejected their generous offer and went to Nordic Car rental office to look for the truth. In the office they had another generous offer for us: "we can return your deposit, because we don't have a Land Cruiser that you booked".
Long story short: after some negotiations, we took Dacia Duster for couple of days, until they have Land Cruiser. It ruined our plan , but luckily after two days, we got our car and it was the newer model.
All in all, beauty of Iceland compensates everything!


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser

I didn't get support to use GPS from Icerental4x4 . We paid for GPS and the GPS is not user friendly, it only knows few places and couldn't put the address I wanted to go to. The people at the rental office are not cooperative to show how to use it and one guy suggested to use POI and was horriable experiance to go from one place to another.
We ended up to come to the office by selecting Drop off option from the list and asked to drop us to our hotel as wecouldn't put the address to the hotel and we paid extra to go to airport next day


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Free Cancellation & Amendments

Hi Runar,

Thank you for asking. The experience with Icerental 4x4 was not so good as expected.

1. Provided car was overused 140 000 km for Subaru Forester 2018
2. We had oil exposure within motor tank. In Rejkyavik I was seen some oil signs on the car, I have opened motor tank and saw there a lot of oil, we have contacted support, they checked and tell us that someone forgot to close oil tank, I have closed it manually.... I was a bit confused to listen it, why it was NOT checked...
3. Receiving a car was so slow...... we arrived at 1:00 a.m. and got car just around 4:00 a.m.
4. At the end we have paid 1100 euro for 2 scratches..... I still didnt get response from them, what is the real price and if I should get refund
5. The last one they charge deposite 3000 euro. First time I got such practice. Money still not returned to me

Appreciate your interest, hope they will improve the service...


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2018 Hyundai Tucson

The rental itself was ok. The vehicle had done 228000km so wasnt perfect and had a crack in the windscreen. The interior had seen better days with the heated seat button having been lost into the panel. The concern from me is what company Icerental used for their vehicle maintenance as the day before we were due to travel back from Akureyri to Keflavik were were driving along and I noticed a wheel wobble. I got out to find that 3 wheel nuts had sheered off. Thankfully I had brought the car, with myself my wife and 4 year old, to a safe stop but this could have ended very differently particularly if it had been a heavy snow day! The recovery was arranged and collected in about an hour. We then were taken back to Akureyri where we had to wait for the fix. In total we lost about 4-5 hours of the trip. I understand there are vehicle defects but from mine and recovery drivers comments this is most likely to have been caused by incorrect wheel changing...


Traveled to Iceland in Mar 2019 and rented a 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara

The car had a whopping 150.000 km and left the battery depleted in the first stop, while driving up to the north. In an attempt to call for road assistance, the customer service accused us for making a bad use of the car and threatened us to pay for the expenses rather than helping us find a solution.


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2013 Dacia Duster

They treated us right and there was no unexpected taxes.
But when we got stucked in a blizzard they didn't help us at all, we had to get out by ourselves.


Traveled to Iceland in Jan 2019 and rented a 2017 KIA Sorento

Not a great car in the weather conditions that Iceland experiences. Did not feel safe on many of the roads (which were mostly clear) but wind made them extremely hazardous. Next time I would hire a much sturdier car. I would have found honesty from the hire company that the car I am hiring is suitable for Iceland and not a ‘toy’ car as was how it was described on our return of the car. Found this offensive.


Traveled to Iceland in Feb 2019 and rented a Suzuki Jimny

We had reserved two Suzuki Grand Vitara’s from Icerental 4x4 but only one reservation went through due to a error on their side. As a result, we weren’t on the list to be picked up from the airport, and this caused us to waste time at the airport. They ended up giving us two Jeep Grand Cherokees. The horns on the cars did not work, and there were many times drivers in Iceland suddenly stopped or tried to pull out suddenly in front of us, but we had no way of honking to let them know. We were lucky to not have gotten into an accident. As for Icerental 4x4 the company, they tried to make money off of every little imperfection in the car - thank goodness we had pictures and videos! Northbound should really look at the google reviews for Icerental 4x4 and reconsider offering their services.


Traveled to Iceland in Mar 2019 and rented a 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara

We found the condition of the vehicle disappointing.
The back window wiper is simply not functional, and the drivers’ side wiper provides very difficult visibility (although the passenger side is in good condition). The shifting stick fabric is torn appart, and fortunately you were able to provide a USB to cigarette lightening plug connector, otherwise our USB connector could not charge our phone, which would have been a major safety issue with a dying phone while traveling between towns.

Security is our primary concern with this rental car, as the rear window should at least be visible in a stormy winter condition like today.
Unfortunately, for these reasons, we cannot be recommending your company due to the poor car condition.
On a final note, your service was good at check-in, however please make the necessary repairs on this rental fleet. And it look to us that communication between the retail points could be improved for we got a phone call clarifying drop off, even though it was clear from the contract that drop off point would be different that pick-up.


Traveled to Iceland in Mar 2019 and rented a 2014 Suzuki S-Cross

the people working there are ok, especially the lady and man from Romania who did the 2 airport transport were very friendly and reliable. But I was very disappointed about the car we received: A Dacia Duster 4 wheel with more than 130.000 kilometers (!!) - I have been renting dozens of car but never had one with more than 100.000 km. Funny enough your rental office team was highly recommending (insisting) to an insurance upgrade for gravel protection which I finally agreed, but what a nonsense for a car with more than 130.000 kilometers that has seen all roads and gravel of whole Iceland hundreds of time... Next pain point: The fuel consumption was terribly high (around 9-10 liters per 100km) also mainly driving 80km with 6th gear and not many steep or bad roads - my budget for filling up the tank was far above everything I had expected before. After 2nd day a yellow warning lamp was showing up - obviously something with air pressure of tires but we first had problems to find out the systematic of checking and charging air...


Traveled to Iceland in Apr 2019 and rented a 2017 Dacia Duster

Did not got the promised car. Was a Suzuki Jimmy. Not really the same class as a Vitata. Would not recommend to anyone.


Traveled to Iceland in May 2019 and rented a 2017 Suzuki Vitara

I think the motorhome we hired was sub standard and would not have been acceptable in England.
There were many faults with it on collection such as toilet door would not open without much effort. All blinds were torn or stuck in position. The block out screen for the front would not fit so I had to use a sheet.
Overall I was not very impressed with the quality of the van.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019

Free Cancellation & Amendments

I coudn't get this car in Nordic Camper . When we arrive to piick it up, the car was not ready. A crap, old and very dangerous motorhome was ofered instead of the high roof. With no options, we have to take it. We have to drop it the next day because of the danger of driving this car because is slides in te road at every movement of the driving wheel. The third place for my child was unsafe and I will guess to say that ilegal (at least in Spain you can't drive with this dangerous place) A old, dirty hig roof was ofered this day, but engine problems made us take a trafic camper (not ofered at the begining) with no hig roof at the same price than the hig roof, when we know (and told to the employee atvthe moment), that this vehicle was cheaper than the high roof. But again, we doesn't have no optios. The renault trafic had good engine, but all the doors were in very bad conditions...

Alfonso Carlos

Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

Hi Runar,
The interaction with the rental location personnel was pleasant. I think they’re spread thin because I had to wait a while and call to be picked up after landing into KEF. The vehicle has issues .. cracked windshield, steering veering to the left, wipers which worked erratically in the rain and a window which was completely inoperable. I was assured that the vehicle was safe to drive and was road worthy. However, given the issues I didn’t feel comfortable driving to destinations in my original plan and kept to good paved roads instead. The people at the rental location checked out each of the issues and promised to fix them all before the car is rented out again. Too bad my rental experience was ruined because of a vehicle riddled with issues.



Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2017 Dacia Duster

We had a number of problems that would make me not want to use Grand Iceland ever again, but I would definitely consider doing the same trip again with another rental company. I thought that it being one of the smaller companies we would get better customer service, but this was not the case. The camper van itself had a nice design with a sink and a cooler and gas stove, all the essentials for cooking meals. However the sink faucet (plastic) was cracked and leaked water all over our belongings each time we used it and then continued a slow leak even when not in use. We drove back to the company on day 1 when we noticed this and they put tape on the faucet (but it still leaked). We get to the campground and find out that our camping card doesn’t work and we don’t have the camping stove anywhere in the van. So we email and his only response is.... try the card again at the next place and buy a stove which he will reimburse us for when we return...


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2016 Ford Transit Connect Camper

We were not informed, that our booked car was not available due to an accident they day before. We got ‘slightly’ smaller car for 40€ less. But the smaller car was too small for our intentions so we asked for a swap. We were offered a bigger car in Reykjavik Downtown. So we had to re-arrange all our plans to get the car. The new car was a Ford Kugar in a very bad shape!!! Front tires extremely worn down to a minimum (which I told on return, but the assistant only asked if it was flat, if not, there wasn’t a problem). Seems like there is no rain, no wet roads, no aquaplaning on Iceland? The whole car was squeaking form inside. The fuel usage was enormously, 11l/100km while normal driving at 90km/h maximum! Half a fuel tank lastet for about 150-200km. Rear brakes where squeaking and making scratching metal noises also a lot. We choose intentionally a local rental company to support local rental companies...


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

This car is probably close to its retirement age as a rental car. It still works, and had no failures during my rental, but is definitely showing signs of age. However, the main problem I had with the car was that I intended to use it on F-roads, for which it is not at all suitable. I realize I should have done more research myself, to figure out that a Suzuki S-cross is not really an SUV, but rather a regular small car with 4WD. The road I attempted was nothing extreme, and would by no means require a super-jeep. A regular, medium-sized SUV with slightly bigger wheels and higher ground clearance than normal cars would work fine, even without 4WD. The S-cross has low ground clearance and very small wheels with fairly low tire profile, and did not work at all.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2014 Suzuki S-Cross

Bad experience.
Nobody waiting fora us at airport as promised (and we gave the number of the flight as asked). After one hour waiting we had to call to be picked.
We booked a Jeep Suzuki Grand Vitara.
They made us pay it when we arrived. Initially they tried to give us a car (not a jeep) and finally they downgraded our jeep to a Suzuki Vitara (no price change). The jeep had tape in the back door and no cover for the bags.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara

The original rental we were given had done 120000 K, looked older than the car ordered and had to go back as had problem with suspension. That meant it had to go back after had driven to Grindavik. The next car we got had wet seats, appeared to have been through car wash with a window open. We took it and it dried out, but overall felt I would not use the company again.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2017 Suzuki Vitara

We were "upgraded" to a BMW X-drive, which was delivered to Geysir at Harpa in Reykjavik 1 1/2 hours late. The car ran poorly. It has a drivetrain problem and acceleration is rough. At one point, I could not accelerate at all. But we had to keep the car because we were on a tight time schedule. Returning the car was chaotic. We went to the Keflavik office, which was closed, then to the airport office, which was hard to find. Good thing we had enough time before our flight. Orange never notified us of these changes.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2017 Suzuki Vitara

The car was surprisingly small although we did not take the smallest 4x4 car. It was difficult to fit in 5 person family with luggages. At arrival to the airport, I had agressiosta 16 a clock. I did not see any one meeting us. Then I called in at about 16:15. Then it took at least half an hour before we were picked up. Then there was not enough seating places in the car to the Rental. We had to sit on top of each other without seatbelts. When returning the car, the was a line of 4 families before us. That took some time and We did not fit to the first car going to the airport. The second one could fit us when sitting 5 persons in three seats. The car itself was fine.


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2017 Suzuki Vitara


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2017 Dacia Duster

Poor experience at airport. We were left by Lava rep. Also more staff needed as had to wait for pick up due to customers in front of us. Suggest you choose another company in future.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2019 Dacia Duster


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2018 Ford Transit Connect Camper

Upon arrival, Icerental 4X4 did not have the vehicle we had reserved (a Renault Trafic van). Instead, they put us in a rusty 2008 Dodge Durango with 281,000 km. While the staff was professional and friendly, I would not rent from them again.


Traveled to Iceland in May 2019 and rented a 2018 Renault Trafic

They were not at the airport for the pickup, the car was not clean. Car did the job. Generally not enough information on the pricing of the insurance for the rental upon reservation. Liability of 3500 euro is too much (I then took extra). I also felt uncomfortable that every little scratch on the car was marked on the contract, but unable to check because the car was not clean. Lagoon thus missed a policy to identify the marks that were big enough to get marked.
So overall, I would not rent again with Lagoon.


Traveled to Iceland in Apr 2019 and rented a 2017 KIA Sorento