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Hi Thordis,
I will be direct to the point: the experience was below terrible. I think 3 cars in 10 days is really not a good ratio, to be honest. The first Dacia, the screws of the wheel got loose while driving - not 1 but 3 of them - and the other was completely lose and about to pop. Imagine if this wheel pops out, hit another vehicle at 90km/h while I lose control of my car? Doesn't look good right? Bonus: the car had NO TOOLS (no car jack, no screw key, no TRIANGLE!) Second Dacia: everything seems normal. We are driving, the car dies mysteriously. So what was wrong with this one? Well, apparently the sensor to measure the diesel level is somehow broken, and it tells us that we still have diesel when we don't. The car died on the highway, in a foggy day, again no triangle, and we could only hope that nobody would hit it. Bonus: we had a snowmobile tour scheduled for just before the car broke but all plans for that day had to be canceled...


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2020 and rented a 2018 Dacia Duster

The car was very low. For me it wasn't enough for F-roads. I expected a higher car. We had a breakdown during our trip. We crossed a river and the car stopped due to water damage. When I called the Mycar hotline, I learned that water damage was not covered even though we had selected a fully comprehensive insurance package. While we were picking up the car, we were not told that, although we asked several times whether everything was covered. The employee said only the underside of the car was not covered. And said nothing about water damage. This is not a good service. Mycar obviously tries to hide this and does not provide any information about such damage. After it has happened and the customer finds out something like that, it doesn't help. In the end we received an invoice for almost 11,000 euros. And threatened to pay us immediately before we leave the country...


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2020 and rented a 2021 Toyota RAV4 GX Hybrid

We didn't get a Vitara. They gave us an S Cross. We think it wasn't a comparable car and for the F roads in the highlands not high enough and an inadequatly springing.
The driver who picked us up at the airport and at northern lights didn't help us with the luggage to disposite it right in the car for transport. The navigation wasn't up to date so we used our mobile phone. Many roadds were unknown.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2020 and rented a 2017 Suzuki Vitara
Supplier response:
Dear Nicole,

Thank you for your feedback. We would like to point out that the Suzuki S-Cross and Suzuki Vitara are similar models. The S-Cross has slightly higher ground clearance making it the same for travelling on F-roads like on the Vitara. Due to Covid, we do not handle luggage and try to minimise all contacts. We do apologise if the GPS was not working as it should.

Best regards
Team NLcarrental

Go to Iceland. But don’t rent your car here.

1) We didn’t get the car that we rented. We got a way smaller car.

2) The car that we got had to be opened with the key in each door.

3) We had to pay 312 € in insurance when we came to Iceland. This was a huge surprise as we we’re not informed about this anywhere. The guy from Nordic Car Rental Campers couldn’t not explain why we had to pay for this insurance. This insurance we apparently had to pay even though we paid a deposit on 2730 €.

4) The gas can to the stove ran out of gas after one meal and two cups of coffee. We asked the guy at Nordic Car if we should buy an extra from Nordic Car so we wouldn’t run out of gas. However the guy insured us that there would be enough gas.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2020 and rented a 2006 Ford Transit Connect Camper

They advertise they would pick us up from the airport however they were not there when we arrived and we had to call them to get them to show up.

When we got to the rental agency we had to wait in the waiting area for over an hour.

Mechanically the car was reliable and didn’t give us any problems.

The “camper” was a converted station wagon and had insufficient sleeping space in the back for anybody over the height of 5’6, there was much less space than was indicated in their advertising pictures.

The rear and side doors were broken and not openable from the inside (which is probably dangerous) we had to climb through the front seat to exit the vehicle in the mornings.

We would not recommend anybody to rent from wild campers, Nordic campers or city car rental. (They are all the same company)

Mei Ling

Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2016 Dacia Dokker Camper

My experience using Northbound was good, however we were quite disappointed with Fara who you associate with. We were disappointed in the status of our rental vehicle when we received it, with a huge dent in the passenger door which made closing the door a hassle and not having interior surfaces wiped down or windows cleaned. I get that it’s Iceland and we were willing to give it a pass until we returned the vehicle and were charged a dubious wind damage charge of ISK 150,000 for what appears to be slightly bent hinges on the back door. I am looking for a discount on either the overcharged wind damage or a discount on our rental agreement given the condition the car was in when we picked it up. I wanted to give a local company my business but feel we were not treated well, and I will be recommending people go with Hertz if they cannot help me out.


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2019 and rented a 2017 Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer
Supplier response:
Dear Kyle,

We are very sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our service. As you experienced at the pick up we have a very strict inspection procedure. The vehicle condition form was marked to detail as well as recommending customers to take as many photos as you like to avoid misunderstanding at the drop-off. In addition to this, we took over 30 photos prior to your pick up as well as 6 CCTV live cameras in and outside of our premises. All of these are to be upfront and transparent to our customers at the beginning, to give our customers peace of mind.

If you recall at the pick up our agents also reminded you about wind damage in Iceland, a "How to drive in Iceland" was also provided to you. We appreciate the repair cost in Iceland is much higher than in other countries, especially Mercedes. Please be rest assured that our damage cost matrix is strictly following the average market price here. It has been reviewed and approved by numerous insurance companies in the world.

We thank you again for choosing Fara and your valuable feedback. If you wish to discuss your case further you are more than welcome to contact our Customer Service Manage at [email protected] Our team will continue to try our very best to be more fair and transparent to our customers.

We sincerely hope that all our customers will have a good time at Fara and Iceland.

Kind regards,


Fara Booking

Free Cancellation & Amendments

The customer service was not very good. They were late in picking us up. When got to the car rental place the outback we got had duct tape on front grill and made all kinds noise from underneath the car. We had rented a GPS and asked three different people to help us with it but none did. You needed the Icelandic words to input into the GPS. We did not use the GPS we used my phone for GPS. Do not rent the GPS is was a waste of money. They only had one van shuttling people between the airport, we had to wait for the shuttle to make another trip for us because we did not have enough room in the first shuttle. We waited 45 minutes from when we arrived at office to when we got on shuttle. Give yourself extra time to get to airport.


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2019 and rented a 2017 Hyundai Tucson

My first impressions weren’t great. I was met by a gruff staff member at the airport who told us that there wasn’t enough space in the van transferring us to the office so I had to leave my husband behind. This caused a level of anxiety in case it would be difficult to find each other again once I got the car. After arriving at the office there were two young chaps booking people in at a rate that was torturous. I waited, in line, for 45 minutes despite only having about 5 people in front of me, before so was finally sat down. The hard-sell crap was distasteful though by this point I shot so many daggers at your staff they didn’t bother trying to sell anything to me. Still, I upgraded the insurance as I’ve done my research before arriving. There was a problem with the Jimny so we were “upgraded” to a Suzuki Vitara. The car made very unhealthy noises the whole four days we had it, it had all sorts of warning lights on and generally speaking it felt like it was dying on us...


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2019 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Jimny

I really liked the web page, looked clean, nice and easy to use.
But the given provider, Nordic Car Rental was terrible. We had to wait for almost two hours in the middle of nowhere to finally get the car. And the car was in the worst shape I have ever experienced for a rental car. It was old, broken and extremely dirty.
The staff was unfriendly, unhelpful and unprofessional. The driver from the airport was driving like crazy, making phone calls on the way, while searching for a key in his pocket. Worst experience ever with a car rental company. Please do not cooperate them anymore! I will not choose Northbound until I there is a chance to get them as the car supplier!


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2019 and rented a 2015 Dacia Logan

The vehicle that we ordered was not available when we arrived to Nordic campers. So we got upgraded to a larger vehicle. Our first vehicle, died in the first night and would not start the next morning and we spent the rest of that day trying to get it started and drove back to the office 3 hours away to get a different car. The heater also was not working at all and we were freezing all night.

Our second car was what we reserved and everything was great until the third night. While driving a main road up a slope in the east fjords we almost ran into a guard rail. Our tire completely lost traction and spun out. The vehicle stalled out and we began to slide backwards. It took about 45 minutes to get away from the guard rail so we can go back down the hill and take a much longer route. This morning I was able to see the tires were completely worn down and the tire wires were exposed and of course the spare tire is broken too...


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2019 and rented a 2006 Ford Transit Connect Camper

Honestly, it was not that great. The condition was very poor. It had obviously been involved in a collision and was 'tired' and dirty with many things broken or missing, despite only having some 80,000km on the clock. I found Nordic Campers very unsatisfactory to deal with, obviously understaffed, rushed and unmotivated, all except Robert provided truculent, reluctant service and failed to meet customers' eyes. It was absolutely not worth the money.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019

renting from Nordiac Car Rental was an awful experience. First, there was no one there to pick us up like the paper said. We waited 45 minutes and the “emergency number” is not answered ever. Then, when we were finally picked up, the company took roughly 1.5 hours to get us a car and others had been waiting for much longer. Finally, they did not tell us the car was a diseal car, despite us not speaking the language, and when we filled the car at the suggested gas station listed, we filled it with normal gas (like we would in the United States) having no knowledge it was only diseal since we don’t speak icelandic. They then claimed the engine was ruined, however, the car was not working well before we filled it. Additionally, we tried to call 15 times in two days without a response. They are now claiming we owe them a fee of 900 dollars for the engine (which we did not ruin, and if the diseal contributed to the problem, they did not inform us) and for a towing fee which was unnecessary considering we were able to drive the car and thus it did not need to be towed...


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2016 Suzuki Vitara

Hi, we have had a horrible experience. We have booked Dacia Duster, but after our arrival the guy told us that Duster is broken and has only Suzuki Vitara. I want diesel because we have booked diesel car. Impossible - consumption 10L/100km was way more expensive than book a proper diesel car in reliable car rental. The car also had broken lights. Never again!


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2015 Dacia Duster

I was looking for a camper van with heating system and found good deal from Nordic Campers. Everything went wrong from day one.
- First night we woke up around 6 a.m. because of strong gas smell from heater inside the cabin, we opened windows, restarted it and smell dissapeared.
- Second night heater just stopped working around 4 a.m. and didn't restart afterwards, we had to call breakdown service and managed to restart it after few attempts
- Third night heater died around 2 a.m. we had to sleep fully clothed in a cold car.
- The whole next day we tried to restart it, called breakdown service, they told us to search for a mechanic in towns nearby, but when we found someone who knew how to fix heater, everything was closed already. After 30 minutes speaking with breakdown service and trying to fix it we gave up. There was a storm this day so we had to go to nearest guesthouse and take a room there...


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2006 Ford Transit Connect Camper

Office staff were very rude and not helpful. This was the only experience we had in Iceland that was unpleasant. I would never recommend renting from here.


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2017 Suzuki Vitara

Sadly your company failed. First they did not have my car then the agent wanted to give me a 11 year old beat up vehicle in exchange for what I reserved and lastly my deposits had not been returned. I ended up waisting 3 hours of my time and my wife was not very happy also she was tired and just wanted to get to our hotel.


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2014 Suzuki S-Cross

Free Cancellation & Amendments

This was my first time renting with Nordic Campers and it will be my last.
The company seemed disorganized upon arrival and it took them a very long time to get us our vehicle. It seemed like our reservation was overlooked because my name was not on their list (they assumed I was another person that had a surname of oriental origin) even though I had paid a deposit already and had receipts with the time and date of arrival for confirmation. The people behind the desk tried to charge me more because of the new exchange rate amounts but the receipt already stated the outstanding balance owing so I informed them I would only pay that amount and the reluctantly agreed to it.

Their Renault Van was just an old and outdated van from their competitor Happy Campers with a cheap paint job to cover the old logo and the vehicle had damages that they did not seem to care to repair i.e. a dented in bumper in the front and a 4 way button that did not work...


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

We booked an campervan at nordic campers. At first we got a too small one which we hadn’t booked. After that we got a bigger one. But we have several complaints!
1. One tier was damaged before we got the van, but your engineer told us it’s fine. After 5 days we weren’t able to continue driving so we had to change it, but the jack was to small so we couldn’t lift up the car and we spend half a day looking for a suitable jack!
2. The water tank was leaking so the mechanic an came and fixed it, but after 5 more days it was leaking again and the whole floor was full of water.
3. When we got the camper, everything was very dirty especially the facilities. There was brown dirt coming out of the shower outflow, the toilets were yellow and it was dirty on the floor.
4. The heater at the front seats isn’t working. We are only able to use the 4 level, which is very annoying especially if you drive a lot like us!


Traveled to Iceland in Apr 2019

Auto abholen, Schock: Beulen, Kratzer, Schrammen am Auto, alte Reifen, Beifahrertür lässt sich nur mit Schwung schliessen. Es wurde ein Zettel mit Mängel übergeben und man musste alleine ums Auto laufen. Auf bitten, das Navi einzustellen wurde gesagt: es ist ganz einfach drücken Sie den und den Knopf. Das Auto wurde nicht erklärt. Mit dem Navi sind wir nicht klargekommen und mussten ohne fahren, was manchmal schwierig war. Der junge Mitarbeiter wollte nicht belästigt werden, Fragen sollte man gar nicht erst stellen. Den Eindruck vermittelte er. Er tat auch keinen Handschlag.
Eine Motorkontrollleute leuchtet: Reifenpanne, Rad gewechselt, Motorkontrollleuchte leuchtet weiter, Autovermietung angeschrieben, keine Antwort 2 Tage später/Fahrt nach Stöng
Autovermietung noch mal angeschrieben wegen der leuchtenden Motorkontrolllampe, keine Reaktion seitens der Vermietung...


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019 and rented a 2017 Dacia Duster

It was pretty good for driving, but not for sleeping. Advertising it as a vehicle in which 3 people could sleep was very, very optimistic. The first nights we tried to do it and one of us had to sleep in a corner with half of the body outside the mattress. Also, we were promised that the heating system would last for about 8 hours, and in the best of the cases it was lasting 5. In the middle of the trip, after a short stop, the engine was suddenly not starting again. There was no way to reach the emergency line of Nordic Campers, they were only answering the phone when we called the airport pick up service. They left us completely unattended, saying the breakdown was our responsibility (afterwards even the mechanic said it wasn't) and that we had to pay for the transfer to the closest mechanic, which was hours away. In the end we could drive ourselves to the mechanic thanks to some locals that towed our car and made it possible to start the engine again...


Traveled to Iceland in Feb 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

My husband and I have traveled many times by motorhome from Canada to New Zealand so when we decided to holiday in Iceland we thought the only way to see your beautiful country would be to do the same. We arrived at the airport where we were told we would be picked up, which we were, after waiting for an hour and two phone calls later, this should have been a warning sign that we were not dealing with professionals. After arriving at your premises the paperwork was done quickly and efficiently but then we were informed that although we had hired a vehicle with cooking facilities we had to pay an extra 100euros for the gas to use it, ok we had to pay. We were then shown the motorhome and how it worked along the the explaination that the bathroom door had been broken but there was a knack to closing it and he showed us how, also the toilet was a bit smelly but if we kept the seat down we wpold not be able to smell it...


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019

The experience with nordic campers was terrible and i've written the an e-mail about it.
They didn't pick us up at the airport as they ought to, they didn't show us anything about the car but simply handed us keys. The car was in very bad condition, not even close to what the pictures had given the impression of. Not entirely pumped tires, backdoors unable to open, sidedoor-pulls screwed on and half loose, seats and beds were loose, steering wheel was not aligned and gas stove did not work properly.


Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2008 Renault Trafic Camper

the car went well, but the wheels were very old and when we swollen one burst. the mechanic commented that they were in a very bad condition and that the two front wheels had to be changed, therefore, it shows that the cause of the busting was due to the bad condition of the same, and it is not logical that we had to pay it. . We demand, therefore, the return of the amount of the invoice of the same

Francisco Javier

Traveled to Iceland in Jul 2019 and rented a 2014 Suzuki S-Cross

Heater didno work


Traveled to Iceland in Apr 2019

Wir waren eine Woche mit einem Nordic Camper Fiat Motorhome (BJ 2008) unterwegs, zu anfangs gab es Schwierigkeiten mit dem Transfer vom Flughafen zum Office von Nordic Campers wir mussten 1h std. warten bis mal jemand kam und das erst nachdem ich angerufen habe. Nach einer schlechten Einführung zur Benützung vom Fiat Motorhome mussten wir noch 3 mal etwas fordern was wir bestellt hatten aber noch nicht im Camper waren. z.b. Bettdecken, Matrazzenspanntuch fürs Bett und 2. wc Chemikalie. Das WC und die Dusche war noch dreckig vom Vorgänger, überall klebten noch Haare an der Duschwand und der Boden sah aus als hätte er noch nie einen Staubsauger gesehen. Es lag sogar noch eine leere Cola Petflasche vom Vorgänger in der Kabine. In der Mitte unserer Reise stieg die Heizung plötzlich aus. Wir versuchten Hilfe zu holen und ruften die Notfallnummer an um 19...


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018
Supplier response:
Dear Andrej,

I am sorry to see that you were not satisfied with our service. Can you please get in touch with us through email? We wish to review your experience as we were not aware of your dissatisfaction.

Our experience was poor. The company operate a business model that charges high excesses for damages to customers upon vehicle return, for a minor scratch we did not believe had been caused by us. Whilst our experience with Northbound booking agency was excellent, our overall experience was poor.


Traveled to Iceland in Apr 2019 and rented a 2017 Suzuki Vitara


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Jimny

Northbound is fine... but Geysir Car Rental? Let me tell and you decide. We had a car breakdown near Geysir Hot Spring Area and they didn't send a mechanic, asked us to find volunteers with cars/cables nearby. While talking they asked where we were from...As if this was related to the situation...After 4 hours, they finally sent the mechanic, after several phone calls which most of them they did not pick up.It was really hard to reach them on phone & mail. They did not call us back - not even once to check on us. I mean, if we had been in the middle of a road and not near a touristic area, probably we were frozen waiting.I can't recommend Geysir Car Rental company to anyone having experienced such an incident.


Traveled to Iceland in Feb 2019 and rented a 2016 Suzuki Jimny

I strongly don't recommend Nordic car rental. The car was really in a bad shape with a lot of broken thing and strongly vibrating under braking. The car was unsafe, tires were almost bald, and we had to clean the air filter by our self. Also, employees were not professionals. We didn't get the car we booked but a model less practical. We're just lucky enough to didn't have any real issue because I don't think is the kind of company that you can have a fair resolution. Bottom line: isn’t a scam but we are not far from it.


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2015 Dacia Duster

We had to wait more than 30 minuets in the airport for pickup. When the pickup service finally arrived the guy laughed at us because we in his opinion were to demanding?

The car had to many defaults. Windows in drivers seat was not working, doors were not closing proberly, and licens plates were not secured properly to the car with screws. We lost a licens plate while driving on dirt roads and had to pay 10.000 kr. I really thing this was unfair but has to sign and agreement because we had a plain to catch.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2016 Suzuki Vitara